A note to the pediatric unit of Holy Family Hospital, Nkawkaw.

Sat, 13 Feb 2016 Source: Bombande, Emmanuel

Hey,hey,sore,sore na gye ko pra.Meaning, wake up,take the broom & go & sweep.To my surprise, I saw a fully grown woman forcing a broom into my hands.

Folks,this drama took place at the pediatric unit of Nkawkaw Holy Family Hospital where my boy had been on admission in the name of "cerebral malaria".Apparently, my wife had left the shores of the country for Japan as usual.In the light of this, I had no room for choice than to be with my boy throughout his stay at the facility.

For fear of preferential treatment, if you like selective treatment, I could not register my displeasure like I'm today. My preliminary investigations reveal that,the sweeping of the compound by frustrated patient's relatives has become a daily ritual.A ritual that is always undertaken in the early hours of every blessed morning. My checks indicates that,this who idea was initiated by the ward-aid,-a ward-aid who is on the pay-role of the government. Certainly, that is barbaric & inhumane.

I am compelled by my conscience to take the matter to a platform like this because of the level of inhumanity & apathy exhibited by the authorities. Yes,-the authorities of the hospital may pretend not to know but whether they like or someone is looking at their "anus" & from where I sit,their anal sphincters are wide opened & can no longer hold the anal contents.

I challenge the authorities of the Nkawkaw holy family to look into the matter & put a spontaneous full stop to this indigenous behaviour or else,my next step will be Al-jazeera

Bombande Emmanuel.

Columnist: Bombande, Emmanuel