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A prophet resurrects a dead person in Ghana?

PROPHET NIGEL TONIGHT Prophet Nigel is said to have "raised a certified dead man in his 40s back to life".

Thu, 5 Apr 2018 Source: Rockson Adofo

Ghana is actually becoming a nation of jokers with the non-stop nonsensical prophecies of doom by our so-called prophets. The said prophets have become partisan on top of being crooks who are exploiting the ignorance of Ghanaians to enrich themselves. I don’t blame them but the equally useless media houses and presenters that give them the slots to spew their nonsenses.

There are many dead persons in the nation’s morgues. How many of them have these fake prophets playing God have brought back to life? Truly, for lack of knowledge, my people perish as said by God in the bible. A certain prophet by name Nigel Gaisie claims to have resurrected someone from death by performing some miracle of directing the supposedly dead man’s wife to throw some water into the air to bring back the person’s soul into his body to become alive.

However, according to the man, despite the fact that his body was getting colder from the toe upwards, meaning the heart was not beating properly to cause circulation of blood through the veins of the body to every part needing oxygenated blood, the prophet took him for dead. Could it not be that he was having cardiac arrest that caused his problem?

Did the man not say the doctors tried to resuscitate him and just as they gave up the hope a certain nurse tried once more and his heart started beating to bring him back to life? Did the doctors not use the resuscitation methods of two breaths and thirty compressions or Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to get his heart started to function to pump blood to the various parts of his body?

I wonder why medical credits are given to these modern day Ghanaian quack prophets of all sorts. Had the nurse not continued to give him the last trial, would he not have died? Is the prophet telling me it was him and his miracle that compelled the nurse to give the man that last chance? The nurse out of instinct might have decided to try furthermore with the resuscitation procedure. It was that desire to try a bit more that saved the man but not any spiritual intervention by the prophet.

How I wish all Ghanaians could be trained in First Aid courses to better understand things to cease giving undue credits to these prophets who arrogate to themselves credits that should go to doctors and sciences or to God.

If the prophet can resurrect dead people, then I challenge him to proceed to the morgues in the country where corpses are piling up on daily basis to bring all, or most of them, back to life.

Jesus Christ never publicised his miracles but even advised some people that he healed not to go out proclaiming him as their healer. Nonetheless, today’s pastors and prophets go far and beyond to take credits for themselves when they are able to use the name of Jesus to do something. Even here, they just lie. Most, or all of them, are unable to do anything. In the case of this man claimed to have been resurrected by the prophet, the man was not fully certified dead clinically or else, the nurse would not have given that last trial that brought him back to life.

Ghanaians, please let us grow up. Let us get knowledge to extricate ourselves from the many lies being orchestrated by our partisan prophets whose stomach are always going before them.

Have Ghanaians not had enough of these doom-saying prophets? Instead of preaching salvation, they keep predicting doom and have become political lottery predictors – former President Mahama will win election 2020, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo will be re-elected, they keep challenging themselves. They cannot prophesy how Ghana will come out of its shithole status.

To counter the Prophet’s claim, let Ghanaians read what happened to a Tottenham Hotspur footballer who was certified dead for over an hour but was brought back to life by doctors. “'In effect, he was dead': Doctors who saved cardiac arrest footballer Fabrice Muamba tell how they worked on him for more than an hour and shocked him 15 times to get his heart beating”

Read the full story via the underlying web link; if it had happened in Ghana, one of these numerous false prophets would have taken credit for it.


If Ghanaians will be politically savvy to bear with President Nana Akufo-Addo and understand his good intentions which he is putting them into practice, and the NPP will not be as corrupt and clueless as the NDC, there is no way that former President Mahama can come back to win election 2020. I will challenge Prophet Nigel Gaisie on this. He should wait for my memoire which will be sensational, educative and guide Ghanaians to shed their ignorance. They should not always allow themselves to be used as political football by our corrupt politicians. They will no longer be fooled by few Ghana Cedis to buy their votes but on issues that will bring them prosperity in the long run.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo