A response to Gameboy for his unwarranted attack on Sammy Anim Addo

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Sat, 27 Oct 2018 Source: Iddi Muhayu-Deen

I have read with great shock and considerable disdain some unprovoked comments coming from Emmanuel Tagoe (The Game Boy) the newly crowned WBO Africa Light Heavyweight Champion, as published on Ghanaweb, where he launched some scaling attacks on the respected CEO of Baby Jet Promotions, Samuel Anim-Addo, whom he referred to as his former manager. Emmanuel Tagoe was reported to have used some uncomplimentary words and direct verbal attacks on the CEO of Baby Jet promotions, describing him as a “selfish hypocrite” among other very unprintable aspersions.

As somebody, who has keenly followed the exploits of Samuel Anim-Addo, whom I have known for many years, from his days as a student leader and in particular as SRC President of GIMPA and also followed his award winning enterprises at Gyan Investment Ghana Ltd, I am extremely taken aback at the manner he [Anim-Addo] has been described by the boxer, Emmanuel Tagoe. I therefore wish to proffer this response and thus give a personal testimony affirming the unblemished reputation and proven integrity of Samuel Anim Addo, which he has amply demonstrated in all his dealings over time.

Emmanuel Tagoe should be told that no amount of mischief and vicious campaign to tarnish the good image of the hardworking Samuel Anim-Addo will find favour with the good people of this country and beyond. In all his life, as a student leader, as a consummate manager, as a director and as an entrepreneur, there has not been a single allegation of impropriety or self-centeredness leveled against him. Samuel Anim-Addo has, at all times, committed himself to upholding the tenet of professionalism, diligence, hard work, respect for all and indeed the very underpinning principle governing any discipline he’s engaged in.

It is not by chance, that, under his distinguished watch and able stewardship as the CEO of Gyan Investment Ghana Ltd, the company has become such a big player and a monumental business conglomerate with subsidiaries in almost every sector of the country including boxing promotions, real estate development, showbiz, event organization and management, transportation, hostel management, oil and gas, manufacturing businesses among several others.

Beyond these, Samuel Anim-Addo has also championed all the charity projects undertaken by Asamoah Gyan, the all-time finest footballer cum philanthropist, in the country, some of which include, the Wenchi Water System, donations to Korle-Bu Teaching Hostel maternity ward, donations to Cardio Centre, Kumasi Children’s Home, Ridge Hospital, Mamprobi Polyclinic, Water system project for Hohoe St Francis School, donations to Blind Association, payment of school fees for some brilliant but needy students from Basic Education to Masters Level, payment of National Health Insurance subscriptions for people, the Accra Academy Astro Turf project and many others.

Certainly, this glamorous feat, achieved by Samuel Anim-Addo, is not one that could have been achieved by a selfish hypocrite and somebody interested in his stomach while destroying the career of others, as Emmanuel Tagoe wants Ghanaians to believe. He [Game Boy Tagoe] should be told that you don’t pay back good with evil; you also do not bite the hand that has fed you over time and projected you to stardom. Such culture is not only un-Ghanaian but also un-African and smacks of bad faith.

Tagoe should know that if his career is not flourishing as expected, then he should NOT look beyond himself. The arrogance and recklessness with which he speaks and addresses people, is certainly the cause of his woes. No sportsman in this world has been successful with such indiscipline tendencies we see from Emmanuel Tagoe, every now and then. For God’s sake, why would a boxer even think that his promoter/manager necessarily has to get his endorsement before signing another boxer.

And because your manager hasn’t done that [assuming without admitting it was the case], should that give you the visa to go to town accusing him of being a selfish hypocrite, money-lover and somebody interested in ruining your career? Such poverty of a logic!!Is that how you want to pay him for all the massive investment he’s done in your career? Of course, it is not surprising that, followers of Ghana boxing have descended heavily on you for such recklessness and desperate attempt to dent the good image of Samuel Anim-Addo, who commands a lot of respect in the industry.

You [Emmanuel Tagoe] are also on record to have lambasted almost everybody in the boxing industry including the celebrated Azumah Nelson, Ike Quartey and Joshua Clottey, all of whom are former World Champions. You have also taken on the current President of the Ghana Boxing Association (GBA), Peter Zwennes. I certainly would not be surprised if your next target is Asamoah Gyan himself and perhaps, his brother, Baffour Gyan. Why would you think that everybody in this World is against you? I guess you are an extraordinary human being. Congratulations Mr. Super Man.

Well, it is also instructive that the elder brother of Asamoah Gyan, Baffour Gyan, whom you essentially referenced in your unfortunate outburst particularly against Samuel Anim-Addo, has expressed great shock at your reckless behavior and went on to unequivocally affirm Sammuel Anim Addo’s professionalism and proven integrity in the scheme of things. So, my brother Tagoe, you have been left alone in your absurdity and once again, my advice to you is that, if you are really looking for the cause of your “woes”, then look no further beyond yourself. I wish you well.

Assalamu alaik

Iddi Muhayu-Deen An ardent follower of Boxing #ForGodAndCountry

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Source: Iddi Muhayu-Deen