President Mahama And Ndc Agitating For Sectarian War

Tue, 19 Jan 2016 Source: Sarpong, Justice

President Mahama in a state of hebetude took a unilateral decision to accept suspected terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay to settle in Ghana that has riled the masses into frenzy calling the President to send these terrorists back to their 'owners', United States of America. Sorry folks, these terrorists discounted coupons of residency at Guantanamo Bay have expired. It is now the responsibility of President Mahama to send them back to Yemen. We can fuel his Presidential jet to fly them there so that the peace we have in Ghana is not compromised.

Until the Christian Council, the Catholic Bishops Conference, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church and other civil societies also joined the general public in registering their disapproval, the President in his usual YENTIE OBIAA attitude has refused to address the issue with the hope that this too will blow over like the other corrupt allegations against this administration. After realizing that this is going to be different, the President hurriedly arranged a Press Conference trying to allay the fears of the Public but that too failed so the President decided to use his ace in the hole as usual, bang the heads of the people together. In this case, all the tribes seems to be singing the same hymn so it has resorted to pit Christians against Moslems and this is even low for this administration that is bent to perpetuate itself to power due it its fear of another administration probing the over fifty(50) corruption scandals against this government.

It is really sad power has corrupted this administration into drunken stupor it is willing to set the country on fire rather than lose an election by now turning to the Moslem community to counter the various Christian organizations that have allied against his corrupt riddled administration. Why am I saying this? The President sent a delegation to the respected ninety(90) year old National Imam to support its sophomoric decision in accepting the two Yemeni Terrorists to Ghana to counter the Christian community opposition against that shallow personal decision. How can this clueless President take such a decision without the knowledge of the Chief Security head of Ghana, The Minister of Interior knowledge?

The Minister of Interior, Mr Woyongo and Foreign Minister, Hannah Tetteh seem to have had minimal knowledge of this fiasco. Either President Mahama has no clue that he should have involved others in taking such a crucial decision or that we have a dictator in the making.

With Christian groups calling for the return of the suspects (detained by the United States of America at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba) to where they came from, government had turned its attention to Muslim groups, with a high-powered team visiting the over 90-year-old National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, at his New Fadama residence in Accra. The purpose of this visit was to counter the Christian organizations and it seems the government at the moment has succeeded in making this a sectarian issue.

It is a shame that Mahama who calls himself a Christian has turned an issue that had no Religious tone into a Christian against a Moslem issue.

Hanna Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, who led the delegation to the Imam house succeeded in wooing Sheikh Sharubutu and his team to accept the two Guantanamo Bay detainees linked to Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda terrorist group.The Foreign Minister had earlier, in a radio interview, said the suspected terrorists were only 'foot-soldiers' of Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda. What Mrs Hannah Tetteh is not aware is that, it is the foot soldiers of the terrorists group that carries out the bombings, they kill for a living, that is reality and that is what they do. They carry backpacks and commit mass murder by suicide bombing, they intentionally kill people, Madam. According to various social news portals;

"Mrs Hanna Tetteh, in the company of General Joseph Henry Smith, Ghana's Ambassador to the US, and Melinda Tabler-Stone, Chargé d'Affaires of the US Embassy in Accra, met with the Chief Imam along with other Muslim clerics at the Chief Imam's residence to deliberate on the matters arising from the arrival of the two Gitmo detainees currently in the country. It appeared Ms Tetteh had come to persuade the Chief Imam and the clerics to identify with government's decision, as Christian groups had rubbished the deal to house the suspects in Ghana."

If this is not a deliberate attempt to pit Christians against Moslems by this administration, then I don't know what it is. Immediately after this meeting, the spokesperson for the National Chief Imam, Sheik Aremeyaw Shaibu lambasted the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) for their stiff position against the housing of two Guantanamo ex-detainees in Ghana. He described the council as "Xenophobic"- and questioned the Christianity in them.

"Speaking on NEAT FM's morning show dubbed Ghana Montie, Sheik Aremeyaw Shaibu said he sides with the president on the position he has taken relating to this matter.

The impression is being created that...they are of a certain brand. But they have not been accused...the president has been clear and succinct on this matter, and yet we've this kind of reaction...and that is what pains my heart....They're human beings; they've a right to life...they've a right to human dignity, they need a place to put their lives together...i agree with the president on the position he has taken, he indicated.He pointed out that the Islamic fraternity is well pleased that the two ex-detainees are in Ghana reiterating that they are not terrorists as claimed."

Really, Sheik Aremeyaw Shaibu? Do you know what you are talking about? Even Mrs Hannah Teteh has admitted they are terrorists only that they are just foot soldiers and you are telling us they are not? How did they end up in Guatanamo Bay if they are not terrorists? These people were not picked on the streets of Afghanistan or Iraq. These people were arrested at terrorists camps. One of the two was at the same terrorists camp where three of the terrorists of the 9-11 attack on New York were trained.Those who were picked by mistake were released to their countries and compensated. One such people was paid one million dollars so if these two were innocent, how much compensation did they receive? Sheik, you are claiming these terrorists have the right to life and human dignity, right? What about the rights and human dignity of those people they they kill, like the over 300 people killed recently in Paris, France and the 3000 killed in USA in September 11,2001? Oh, sorry, those people were not terrorists so they don't have rights to live, I guess.

How come Yemen refused to accept them after Yemen had accepted 12 other Yemenis from Guantanamo Bay?

If these People are harmless, how come we can't find a home for them in one of the fifty states in USA? What about USA protectorates of Costa Rica or Malta? These two terrorists are not stateless, they are from Yemen and should be sent there. I do agree with USA government not to settle any of these terrorists anywhere in USA soil after what their brothers did in New York killing more than 3000 people and causing the loss of billions of dollars to the economy.

We can be compassionate to the two Yemenis by giving them cases of bottle of water on their way to Yemen through the dessert to quench their taste.

Some people are saying the Bible teaches us to love one another so we should extend that courtesy to these Yemenis who kill for a living. No problem, since we are on the compassionate train, let's release all Prisoners in Ghana including murderers, rapists and armed robbers.

Now that we have been afflicted with the compassion bug, how many of you compassionate apostles are willing to accept rapists some of whom are incestuous rapists into your homes to live with your beautiful wives and daughters, any of you? Raise your hand if you want to be compassionate enough to house some of the murderers and armed robbers, hypocrites.

I want to be compassionate enough to contribute towards the purchase of airline tickets for them to go back to Yemen to join their families, that is as far my compassion will go, no more. I don't want these people living anywhere close to my family or that of anybody in Ghana, period.

Justice Sarpong,


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice