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A word to the desperately unwise

My nation Ghana is on the threshold of another landmark success story, one that demonstrates to the rest of the world that Ghana is indeed firmly rooted in its belief that democracy, is indeed the best form of governance for any nation; rich, poor, developing and developed alike. The fact that the good people of Ghana look on with happiness to the 7th day of December when they shall have the opportunity to cast their ballot to determine who presides over the next four years of the nation’s affairs is testimony to this strong belief in democracy.

Yet, I am also aware that there are the gremlins and shenanigans, the cretins from the pits of the past who abhor the freedom and progress that our country has made over the past sixteen years. This group, minority though they are, have chosen to go the untoward way, a way that is frowned upon by the vast majority of Ghanaians. Their sole interest in this election is to create the kind of atmosphere, environment, and tensions that lead to an unraveling of the very state that fostered their growth and sustenance over the years. Theirs is to engender chaos, anarchy and disorder, leading up to the institutionalization of fear and hatred as the operating principles of the new Ghana we all aim to build. It is to forewarn this group that I am risking the luxury of the stability and tranquility I presently enjoy to put this within the public domain.

Firstly, it naturally behooves all well-meaning Ghanaians to protect the integrity of our nation and our democracy, especially because we as Ghanaians, pride ourselves in achieving several ‘firsts’, so that we shall send a clear signal to the rest of Africa and indeed the developing world, that it is possible to change governments without engaging in any of those acrimonious acts that undermine the stability of states. Secondly, the natural inclination of anybody who has served Ghana within the security apparatus is to remain faithful to his or her calling, one that places an onus on the operative to promote Ghana first, before any other interest or preference; at least I learnt that under Captain (Rtd) Kojo Tsikata, Kofi Bentum Quantson and briefly, Kofi Totobi Quakyi, Yaw Donkor and Annor-Kumi. Ultimately, it is the natural tendency to prepare the future for generations yet unborn that drives many a Ghanaian to resist any entity, group or individual whose preference is to create chaos and anarchy and thereafter profit from same. This is why people stage counter-coups, demonstrate against dictatorial governments or embark on sit-downs when injustice threatens the very existence of our people.

It is the above and many more that pushes me to send these clear warnings to those who have arrogated to themselves, the right to undertake the following:

frighten the people of Ghana into voting a certain way frustrate the Electoral Commission and its functionaries into towing a certain line during the casting of ballots on the 7th of December set of high-grade fireworks and ammunition after the casting of ballots in places like Odododiodoo, Bawku Central, Asutifi South, Obuasi and Kpone-Katamanso to mention just a few abuse our media freedom (and use especially Joy FM) to put into the public domain, panic messages and false distress signals so as to generate pandemonium and insecurity use returnee ex-military and special forces as a second tier security apparatus to challenge the mandated security agents where parties they are opposed to are likely to lose maim and molest bona fide Ghanaians in the very early hours of December 7 so as to prevent people from even joining the queues to vote deliberately waste the time of other voters so as to ensure that strongholds of different parties suffer even if there is a high turn out of their supporters unleash those innocent people being trained at that gymnasium at the end of the Accra-Tema motorway for “special operations” in designated constutuencies

When the security of a country is threatened by those who want the country to come to a standstill, those of us who think that Ghana is bigger than and all of us also take immediate measures to checkmate the proponents of doom and gloom. Whether it is the stashing of arms and ammunition in those places in Community 18 and 20 or the training of insurgents in Amedzofe, Katamanso Forest and Obuasi, or clandestine meetings in Mataheko, Sogakope, Tesano and Tamale, or the transporting of hardware in diesel tankers to the various regions around the country, let it be known that we are watching and waiting to do what we were trained to do: protect this country on all fronts “even to the peril of our lives”. Let those who have planned to distribute arms in the Ashanti region 8 clear days to the elections know that we are not fooled; let those who think the Brong Ahafo region is porous enough to facilitate the pouring in of insurgents beware for they who plan to hunt would themselves become the hunted. Let those sleeper-cell types who are being lured with promises of better opportunities “this time round” know, that Ghana has moved on and that there shall be no “this time around” ever again in Ghana.

All of us are standing up to be counted: we shall go to the polls, vote and wait for the declaration of results. For those who want to prevent us from exercising our civic responsibility, well, we shall make sure they become a faint memory in Ghana’s political and electoral history. The men and boys are back in town to do just what Ghanaians want: guarantee peace, security and stability as our constitution mandates us to do. Notice is accordingly served.

Stanislav Kofi Adzitornu

Tallinn, Estonia

Columnist: Adzitornu, Kofi

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