A young man earned my respect and I want to praise him

George Quaye Pundit Host of 'The Pundit', George Quaye

Thu, 28 Sep 2017 Source: Samson Agyare

In situations when people can be forgiven for losing their cool, it is doing the opposite that really earns one commendation.

I have seen people walk off TV and radio interviews because they felt disrespected

Personally, I had a similar moment of craze in 2012 on WBLS London and left the studios during a live show because I felt I was being forced to say things I didn’t want to in spite of telling the host repeatedly to change the subject.

In my case, the host Mr. Samuel Enin who died a couple of years ago was never abusive or disrespectful. He was simply pushing me to where I didn’t want to go and my reaction was to walk out. It was an immigration-related issue and my papers were not in good standing so…. you know what I mean right.

This is why a young man by name Isaac Kyei Andoh, has earned my respect for his conduct on GhOne TV program: The Pundit caught between a bias host and two other panelists-turned juries who dedicating their time on the show to attacking him, he kept his cool and didn’t utter a single abusive word against them.

He earned my respect immediately and my next action was to look for him online and honestly, it didn’t take long to know him.

At a time when people have problems keeping their emotions in check, he could have reacted and still earn praise for doing so but his calm respectful demeanor is the virtue I want to throw light on.

One panelist, in particular, was super abusive that I wondered why George Quaye didn’t make a single attempt to bring him to the path of civility or even make retract some of the things he said.

From where I sat, it was clear that the guy was being abused because he is new in the system and represented an organisation the panelists and the host didn’t really like.

He is an example to young men in this country that sometimes, the best form of defence is not reacting.

Even though presumably he wasn’t able to do the job the way he’d have hoped for: he left the show with his reputation intact and that should be enough a consolation for him.

Everyone with a fair judgement wouldn’t struggle to know that with the right approach from the organisers of the program, he’d have done far better than he did but under the circumstances, he could have done an inch more.

Organisers of the RTP Awards have got themselves a young man with the temperament to represent their awards which to me has a lot of issues to resolve and destructors to fight against.

To the managers of the Pundit Show, I leave them with my top ten of the hundreds of comments that condemned the show.

This is the verdict of the court of public opinion

Lloyd Skanty You're not being fair to the RTP rep. I strongly believe he's receiving this treatment because he is not a known media person. Halifax is behaving like the rep is some dumb kid. Bad show tonight.

Nana Ama Boachie This is absurd! Why do you allow a panelist to show such utter disrespect to this RTP rep? You guys are a bunch of bullies .....this isn't right

Nii Kwaatei Quartey Richard The pundits do yawa.....This is not professional...You bring a guest to your studio just to embarrass him...But I love the guy...So cool..This is a disgrace to the entire journalism fraternity...You guys have the same feeling and wise he answers questions in ur way..

Benin Shuaib This show vex me this night,hw many host u get sev. he's answering u the best of he's knowledge and their organisational criteria,y you de force aam.

Christian Evadzi You guys should stop the all knowing and the bullying of the gentleman...he is making some sense for God sake

Michael Kankam George Quaye and ur followers, I think u guys are confused..u don't know the difference between asking questions and expressing your opinions..just ask your questions, shut up and allow the RTP guy

give the answers he has for you

Nii Kwaatei Quartey Richard Honestly speaking if I have a $1,000,000.00 job opportunity ,the RTP rep is the right guy for the job..

Rich Kuffour So who does the questioning?? Is the host or that Sally or the bushy hair guy. They are guests just as the rtp rep

Mensimah Ntsiful The RTP guy is the hero of the night..u all blast

Agbi Albert Disrespectful is the summary of today's show. Would have walked off the show if I were the RTP rep.

Nii Kwaatei Quartey Richard GQ, you are selective...97% of all messages sent go against your panelist... This country needs more people like Mr Isaac Kyei Andoh, I read a number of his article online when I

searched him and realised his judgement of issues is consistent with his demeanor when caught in the den of lions.

To Halifax, your hair is disgusting but words worst.

We need to encourage such people instead of scheming to bring them down because they are the level headed people society needs when condition calls for madness.

Columnist: Samson Agyare