"Aagbe Wo" Demo scares government

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Mon, 3 Nov 2014 Source: AFAG

Fellow Ghanaians, the inevitable anticipation of the masses has prevailed. Government as always, dreading the force and numbers behind AFAG's protests has roped in once more, the Ghana Police Service, as it's obstructive tool towards our pursuit.

AFAG will like to assure government that, they can use all means available to frustrate AFAG. But, they cannot postpone the will of the masses who share in AFAG's belief that, the NDC government, led by President John Mahama is not truthful, lacks transparency, corruption saddled, crassly incompetent, and unaccountable.

Countrymen, AFAG met with the security heads at the office of the regional police commander to agree on our intended date. We fixed the date noting very well the schedule of the police in the month of November. It is strange therefore to have the police beating retreat on our agreed date. The police acted in bad faith by going to court to secure an order to restrain AFAG from holding the "Aagbe Wo" demo on the 6th of November. AFAG will meet the police on Monday the 3rd of November to reschedule a new date as directed by the court.

Fellow Ghanaians, AFAG will not accept any date further than one week after the 6th of November. Failure for the police to comprehend our position, AFAG will seek our preferred date at the court. We ask the police service to stand aside, and not step on the path of the peoples will.

The Police service must resist the various orders from above. We urge them as fellow Ghanaians to strongly consider the hopeless situation of the Ghanaian, except for the NDC members and their appointees. The police must bear with the truth and see right in AFAG cause to fight against enormous corruption, hardship and poor services that have plagued this country under the NDC government.

It is Obvious that, government is afraid of AFAG's mass protests, and worse off, how mass action last week delivered freedom to the good people of Burkina Faso.

AFAG is not asking for a regime change through mass protest. We are only pressing forward for Ghanaians, a good deal. The president has a social contract to better our lots, and not to supervise mass hardship and poor services due to systemic corruption under his NDC government.

God bless our homeland Ghana and help us resist oppressors rule!!


Columnist: AFAG