'Aboa bi beka wo a ... ' Enemy within

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Tue, 10 Nov 2015 Source: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

When a 'distorter' who spent almost two decades distorting the motherland and all her attributes wanted to use this saying, he ended up with 'Aboa bi beka wo a, na ofira ntoma' (literary, an insect which bites you must be wearing a cloth).

The correct saying without distortion is 'Aboa bi beka wo a na ofiri wo ntoma mu' (an insect will bite you ONLY from within your cloth; Your closest acquaintance is your worst adversary). That is to say, your destroyer is right next to you. He is more knowledgeable about your vulnerability than anyone else.

That is my response to anyone who thinks ‘drawing defeat from the jaws of victory.’ I believe the time, space, effort, energy and everything else spent in advancing that assertion could better have been utilised in proposing what would fetch the victory and not defeat chasing.

Over and over, I have had to ask myself who cares about the state and fate of the motherland. All seem to be alright in the shade such that no matter who handles the motherland purse, they will still draw from it legitimately or from thieving camaraderie connections.

I over heard some saying '?man no mu ay? den aa ma woreku wo nua koraa a ?mfa wo ho' (Living conditions are so unbearable that you care not even when you have to kill a sibling to survive). Indeed, parents can now even sever and sell their own child’s head to survive. Look everywhere around you. Everything is in disarray, not working, collapsing or has collapsed. I can’t understand how much people have chopped and are still chopping that they would not pause a minute to think about the destiny of the motherland.

Someone, a motherland demolisher, with a dishonest band of marauding thieves has been on the rampage for the better part of the last seven years on motherland destruction mission. Why crumb-seeking compatriots, who are not supposed to be part of the thievery want to support it beats my imagination.

But while we are at it, wondering the carefree attitudes toward the motherland’s wellbeing, it is also important that Woretu akura fo no na woreka bi akyer? m?m?ne (As you condemn or sanction the perpetrator, you caution the victim to beware of contribution towards the aggressor’s aggression).

It’s all over that some ?sono elements have sold themselves into Konongo kaya who will do nothing to help the party while they make sure the party is helped by no one else. They have adopted an unconscionable position of destroying everyone else and everything else that have the potential to liberate the motherland from the congress corruption, greed, graft and thievery which is eating up and constantly threatening the very existence of the motherland.

The patriots without patriotism surprise me most as betrayers who could not muster the Judas courage of committing Harakiri after been exposed for taking bribe. I expected they would depart quietly to enjoy their bribe money, especially if they couldn’t follow the Judas example of, with honour, throwing the bribed price away and die rather than live to enjoy it; as their reaction to their being publicly exposed.

How the ?sono people did not see it coming, that they were providing corrupt congress with the corruptible by choosing a bribe prone anchor team is surprising; although in politics anything can happen.

More threatening is the deep disaffection of many with the candidate’s impenetrable wall of exploiting corrupt hangers on. If anything will kill the campaign, it is those who see the campaign as time to rake money motherland lovers chip into the campaign into their pockets. Candidate, beware of that because it is more dangerous than any congress act of bribing some of your trusted people to betray you.

Come November 2016, in a year’s time, it will certainly not be ‘chaos versus incompetence.’ One week, they say, is a long time in politics; one year is much, much more longer time. So come 2016, it will be a combination of thievery in corruption with cannot know, understand or do anything versus a visionary with capacity to change the motherland for the better.

Majority of my compatriots are worried and are in a very high state of anxiety over what is obviously the storm within the ?sono ranks before the calm. They want the calm hastened. But those who know will tell you one year is a long time in politics. If they can only weather the storm quickly and revive their campaign, they would calm the nerves of the suffering who look up to them for a 2016 redemption from congress enslavement.

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh