Ackah Returns To Create Division And Confusion

Sat, 15 Aug 2009 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

After Leaving The NDC To Seek Greener Pastures Abroad In 2007, Ackah Returns To Create Division And Confusion In The Party At Obuasi After The NDC In 2009

Since the violent overthrow of the late Dr, Kwame Nkrumah on the 24th Feb. 1966 by General Kotoka and Brigadier Afrifa the execution of 14 Ghanaian civil servants at the Black Star square in that very month, I have seen the rise and fall of several governments both civilian and military.

Meanwhile what was the offence committed by those 14 executed Ghanaians? Answer. Their offence was that they worked for the success of Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government.

I am hereby informing readers that it was members of the dreaded tribal grouping called the National Liberationliberation Movement (NLM) with “MatemehoMetemeho” as its local name were the very people who became military officers and were commanding troops who organized that bloody coup in 1966 and shamefully named it the National Liberation Council (NLC) which liberated nobody but members of that tribal grouping alone.

From the fall of the great CPP, where I was arrested and put in so called protective custody as a former young pioneer cadre, over a month, I would have sued Brigadier, or their so called “Okatakyie” Afrifa if he were to be alive today to retrieve my khaki cowboy hat, my scarf in national colours, my Khaki shirt and shorts as well as my black pair of shoes and white shocks which were all seized and were never given back to me after my release from custody by those vengeful and hate filled “liberators”.

Therefore from Dr. Nkrumah to Rawlings 3 months old June 4 era through the PNDC and NDC I and 2 with President Mills now in power I have noted and seen the nationalism, sincerity, patriotism of most Ghanaians more especially during the CPP and PNDC eras because corruption ceased to exist in Ghana between 1982 and 1989 and if it existed at all, it was 1%.

I have also seen and worked with backbiters, false informants, plain stooges, sycophants, stomach politicians, opportunists, okro mouths, fifth columnists in our political development all these years.

One such stomach politician and a greedy stooge is one Mr. John Ackah an NDC constituency organizer who ran out of the country in the heat of the general elections in Ghana, stayed in Italy for one year until the elections were over and when the NDC won, he rushed back ONLY TO HIJACK the very party he DID NOT VOTE into power because he neither voted for Professor Mills nor the former parliamentary candidate now the MCE for Obuasi. When I advised him to stop what he was doing, Ackah shot back and warned me that I should be careful with him because he is an Nzema man I replied him that l am also a Dagau, so I will never stop advising him. Are people of Nzema extraction tigers or lions? No they are normal human beings.

This character created confusion and the party was divided before he left the shores of Ghana and the party paid the price by losing the parliamentary elections in December 2008. After returning to Obuasi, the NDC is again divided because of his provocative and arrogant behavior resulting to the organizing of secret meetings at the constituency chairman’s house for over 2 good months, planning to be retained in office because, they suffered to bring the party to power, according to them.

ACCOUNTABILITY AND THE BRANCH ELECTIONS. An amount of 25 million old cedis were given to the Obuasi Constituency chairman for the organization of the branch elections but they kept it is to themselves until the Regional Chairman of NDC revealed it to the remaining executive members, while John Ackah states that he has launched a WAR in the branch elections. I mean war on whom or against whom? What is the motive for war, is he an NDC man or a wolf in sheep skin aided by his constituency chairman? This is the line up of the characters playing politics with peoples lives in the constituency (i) Francis Coffie –constituency chairman who claims he always go to the MCE’s office for instructions on what to do daily. While Mr. Ackah says he will always visit the office of the MCE in the morning, afternoon and evening and that anybody who fails to go to the office of the MCE does not like him. Are these political novices crazy or what? Don’t they know that the MCE represents the government and must be given some breathing space while we organize all the branches in order to build a veryvey strong party? They would NOT listen because they claims to know everything on earth but continues to fool around.


I have been saying it over and over again that anybody who belong to the NDC and does not support the June 4 Uprising in 1979 and what it stood for is not a true NDC member. Again anybody who HATES cadres of the 31st December revolution still serving the party in various positions across the country is NOT repeat NOT a true NDC member because these cadres cannot establish the Assemblies as well as the great NDC as a political party only for you to come and join and enjoy and then turn round to hate the cadres.


Led by Mr. Francis Coffie, the Obuasi constituency chairman I have become the target of that secret illegal group that meets in the chairman’s house day and night which they describe as their executive meeting-They are John Ackah, the man who never voted for the NDC and left for Italy, Georgina Baffoe, constituency women dis-organiser, Memunatu Ahmed, deputy woman organizer, Mr. Abdulai Dawda- Treasurer, Zenabu sumaila, deputy Youth Organiser, Danso Abeam, deputy propaganda secretary, John Amissah-executive member, Daniel Forjo- Secretary, Umar Farouk-deputy secretary and Abdulai Seidu respectively.

After telling all of them point blank that the branch elections must be highly contested by all interested party members in the constituency and that the elections must be free and fair and transparent they all resorted to the fabrication of lies against me, day and night meetings with smear campaigns to match with John Ackah telling party members that former cadres in the C.D.R were wicked, secret letter writers and on 23rd of July 2009, John Ackah told a well attended party meeting that the cadres were seriously organizing themselves to ensure that President Mills will only serve one 4 year term, so that we replace him with Dr. Spio Garbrah which is false and I am going public so that Mr. Ackah, the great confusionist will come out to substantiate his baseless allegations against the cadre corps of which I am the municipal organizer. I have since informed the Obuasi MCE about this serious allegation on August, 3rd 2009 in his office: Before then, the cadres were locked out by the deputy constituency secretary Umar Farouk on the orders of John Ackah and I had to inform the honourable MCE who ordered him to go and open the door to the constituency office for the cadres to hold their general meeting on July 17th 2009 which he did. Those who can remove or sack me from the NDC are NOT yet born at all.

Actually, some of us cannot sit down and allow these nasty state of affairs to go on in the party. I am seriously assembling my missiles to fight back and crash themthen if they plan to conduct any “sakawa” or “waga drill branch elections in the Obuasi Constituency. Very soon, 2012 general elections would be knocking at our doors and we have to battle it out with the vicious and vengeful members of the BLUE ELEPHANT. They have exposed their ignorance for a long time, so let me educate them a little bit on the definition of the word cadre


The word CADRE means all those who were card bearing members of the June 4 movement, PD.C’s and later C. D. R.S , all former tribunal staff, PNDC District and Regional Secretaries, work place and community C. D. R.’s as well as all security agenciwsagendas C.D.R’s former PNDC members as well as members of the 31st December women’s Movement in Ghana . some of these cadres were ministers of state during the NDC era under Rawlings and some are still ministers of state under President Mills- namely Hon. Mr. Nyamekye Marfo, Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, Joseph Yielekyere, MP- minister of local govt. Johnson Asiedu Nketia, General Secretary NDC, Dr. Kwabena Agyei-National chairman-NDC, Yaw Boateng Gyan, deputy National Organizer, Hon. Ofosu Ampofo-Eastern Regional minister, Alhaji Huudu Yahaya, Mr. Akrasi Sarpong Dr. Sam Garba, Mr. Goosie TannohTannah, Hon. E. T. Mensah MP, Alhaji Pangaabu –MP, Hon. Dan AbodakpiAbodkpi former MP, Hon Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, deputy minister local govt. Hon. Ama BenyiwahBeneiwah Doe-fomer MP National women organizer now Central Regional Minister W.O1 Salifu Former Western Regional OrganisingOrganiser assistant, Mr. George Agyekum Former Tribunal Chairman, Otu Essel Former Tribunal Chairman, Dr. Tony Aidoo, former Deputy Minister of defense, Dr. Ayirebi Acquah Former Minister and Alex Bimpong Marfo FormerFomer Ashanti Regional Organizer of the CDR’s among several others still going strong and playing various roles in the party.

In the Ashanti Region, we have comrade Daniel Ohene Agyekum, the dynamic Regional NDC Chairman, cadre. Mr. Doe Tamakloe –cadre, Alhaji Bula Materi Secretary and deputy secretary respectfully , Alhaji Sanni Jnr. Ashanti Regional deputy Organizer of the party in Kumasi is also a cadre, the Regional Youth Organiser-Mr. Yaw Obimpeh is also a cadre, so Mr. John Ackah you have stirred the hornets nest by Uniting with your greedy constituency chairman to target me and try to destroy me in order to achieve your ambition through your mischievous agenda.

How dare you? Are you people better or even qualified ,more than the above named men and women who made the NDC what it is today and you are throwing your weights about like pregnant frogs and holding secret meetings day and night?

Since when did the NDC become a secret political party or a one man show? Did you people actually listen to Ex-President Kuffour’s statement to his party members recently at an NPP meeting some few weeks ago and you are still misbehaving? Can you pass through the back door to be your retained in a office as you are moving heaven and earth to remain even though your popularity have waned? Stop attacking cadres because you can not destroy them. Therefore who isus a common constituency organizer of the NDC like John Ackah in Obuasi to insult the intelligence of the cadre corps? He he must substantiate those wild allegations against the cadres or go hang forever.


Clement Sangaparee ALuta Continua

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement