Adakabre Strangles Pastor Love

Fri, 28 Oct 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

I listened to an interview conducted by ace presenter, Adakabre Frimpong Manso with Pastor Love and his, Christiana Love. The motive of the interview was not readily known. But Adakabre in his introductory remarks asserted that maybe the interview could end up putting the broken pieces in the marriage together, but if you ask me, I will say he was only looking for a justifiable reason to discuss what ought to have been an indoor matter. There is no any reason which will qualify an attempt to provoke the couple on air to dig out old bones of each other in public. I am not sure Adakabre will like his marital troubles to be discussed in public so his decision to conduct that interview to me was ill-advised or evil intended to strangle an already suffering couple and especially the pastor who is being divorced by the wife.

Pastors and Police to me are the most vulnerable servants in our society. They are the people many will hardly trust no matter how frank they will intend to be. When any misdeed concerning these two people is raised, the rate at which people condemn and judge them is unbelievable. It is this attitude which is very common with many Ghanains that popped up when Adakabre conducted that unfair interview.

If you will return to the interview with this link: Christiana love and his husband spew the beans on Adomfm. You will be astonished if you balance the questions Adakabre threw to the Pastor and those he directed towards the gospel singer. Apart from the clear evidence that Adakabre was not allowing Pastor Love to speak his mind freely as he did to Christiana Love, he also asked the Pastor many leading questions some of them repeated on several occasions apparently wanting the pastor to give him a particular answer. Also whenever the Pastor wanted to explain anything, Adakabre pestered him with more questions disrupting whatever he had in mind to say. It was more evident towards the end of the interview which led to a seemingly troubled pastor Love to hang the phone as he was never given the chance to talk his feelings. Adakabre showed the worst form of partiality. It was obvious that he had prejudged the Pastor and wanted to win more sympathies for the gospel singer who was heard dramatising throughout the interview with a voice that sounded like that of one crying to one seriously making accusations.

It was an interview where the host by his mere salute to the two people showed his bias attitude in the matter to every discerning listener. He was down to earth with Christiana Love in the way he addressed her, called her, praised her and sympathised with her. It was as though it was established that all that Pastor Love was saying was a lie and everything Christiana Love had said was a founded truth. Since when I started listening to Adakabre, it was the day I was most disappointed in him. He allowed the woman to do all the dramatisation on earth while depriving the man of even the chance to defend himself. It was as though pastor Love is the one who is dumping the woman. I will personally not want to go into the issues because I am convinced discussing them in the public will only further worsen the already bad situation. Nonetheless those already in the public domain have some clouds above them I will have liked Adakabre to thouroughly massage, but stangely his interest was to find the faults of the pastor instead of looking for a way to solve the problem.

Christiana Love is the one who is divorcing the man. For which particular reason? Becausefrom her own statement and that of the pastor all the issues she raised were all older than five years? Let's assume she had kept all those things in her heart and was now acting, is that what the Bible teaches? I don't know the bible much but I remember it says; "don't allow the sun to set on your anger." If the woman is claiming the man has raped their house girl, her own blood sister and many others, is she right for covering those crimes? For almost ten years they have been together and she knows people his husband may have great respect for so if she really wanted to keep the relationship working why did she not let any of them sit in this case? Lastly, is it right for her to stay outside the country and send back dowry drinks through her family to the man when they could have sat down and do it in more formal way? Is divorce the best solution? Does dowry returned collapse a court marriage? The woman never mentioned anywhere in the interview that he had sought any help to solve these numerous problems in her marriage, why?

Again, Is it true that the wife of Nana Yaw the businessman claimed to be her new found love has called pastor Love? Mama Love said she has known Nana Yaw for four months now but have nothing to do with him, why will Adakabre believe that, if he could not believe anything the man said? If Adakabre was looking for the truth couldn't he have called that woman and the other people mentioned in the course of the interview?

For how long has the wife been away from the pastor and is it with his consent? Christiana Love on the interview claimed she was not pregnant and the pastor is saying he is aware the wife is. Who is telling us the truth? Could it be that the pregnancy has been aborted like the one which occurred after the armed robbers rape as we were told. Or the Pastor is just spoiling the woman's reputation?

If Adakabre decided to discuss the issue in public these are issues I will want him to have critically looked into. Fairly giving both parties the upportunity to defend themselves. As I told you I personally have no interest in going into the issues because that step cannot join the breakages together. I raised them to let my readers understand that if it was the truth Adakabre was looking for, he could have found it easily with these questions above. But all said and done I condemn the idea of even speaking to the couples on air. To me he did not only press down the pastor but has in one way or the other helped in burying the almost dead marriage.

To me it was wrong for the husband in the first place to have made it public that he was not responsible for the four months old pregnancy. It is equally wrong that the woman could out of the blue send dowries back to the man without exausting any resolution mechanism. It was also wrong that Adakabre provoked the couple into debating and accusing each other on air on a marital matter. It was really bad that Adakabre was inclined to one side during the interview instead of standing in the middle. What God has put together ................................

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame