African Leaders – Monkeys compared - a rejoinder

Sat, 28 Jun 2003 Source: Yeboah, Kwaku

It is very interesting to note what Steffen Schmidt has been able to chronicle as inn his article “African Leaders- Monkeys Compared” and I like to congratulate him for a job well done. It is very pathetic to see how our African leaders who come to power with all kinds of promises to the people and in the end they become so corrupt that it become so impossible to shake them. Rawlings and his atrocious gang of thieves came to power wearing “Afro Moses” sandals and whipping any one seen wearing a simple neck tie to work or any function and in the end they are now wearing designer shoes, suits and shirts let alone their neck ties.

Look at the fugitive Kwame Addo, a simple policeman later transform to become a multi millionaire over night owning all kinds of properties and doing all kinds of deals with SSNIT, what about Ohene Kena, the liar who was canned from his ministerial position and yet was living like a king with all kinds of government vehicles at his disposal.

Lets again revisit the archive books to find out how Obed Asamoah came about with the 300.0M Cedis found under his bed at the time he was the Attorney General and how come that money was not kept in the bank. Oh where was the famous Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings having her birthday parties, on the Volta. We are not even going to talk about Eddie Annan in whose house Atta Mills used to go for his morning swim and breakfast. People like Huudu Yaya the NDC General Secretary who has never held any position in his entire life to prove himself of his profession (does he even have any) now has mansions and a string of Mercedes vehicles. And where is that Dan Abodakpi, the charcoal seller now he can educate his children in very expensive schools in the United States, God will find all of you out and sort it out with you one by one.

Allow me to say a little about the AHOI BROTHERS. From Ato Ahoi to Kwamena to Kwesi all of them came wearing Afro Moses and starving like pigs and now they all wear designer apparels. See Kwesi with his drooping mustache wearing designer suits with his cowboy shoes and hat and trying to be Jimmy Cliff of good memory. As for Kwamena after using the tax payers money to set up CashPro, while Jerry Boom looks the other way, he has now become a kingpin in the cocoa buying industry taking the job that Cocoa Marketing Board was set up to do thereby denying the nation its income from dealing directly with cocoa farmers.

Oh and where did Rawlings get all that money to buy three bullet proof armor vehicles for himself if he claims to so poor when he didn’t even allow decent and hard working Ghanaians to even have two toilets in their homes. If you had worked hard to be able to buy two television sets for you home you immediately became a state enemy number one, and now he can drive in a Jaguar and live in the Ridge and have is armored vehicles as if he is going to war. How impudence that he wanted to live in Australian House had the poodle won the presidential elections, God will punish you all including you Mr. Poodle (If the cap fits wear it) and then Jerry the boom also wanted to have the Gulf Stream at his disposal for use something he even denied President Liman a legitimately elected President of the Republic. Shame unto you all. And oh to you Bo Amissah I wish you will shut up. And what about the Accounts Clerk turned barber and politician Enoch Teye Mensah, whose mansion at the outskirts of Prampram almost got his boss Jerry Boom gasping for breath the first time he saw it. Where did E.T. Mensah get all that money to build such a mansion when the guy used to live with his makola wife at abelempke and was booted out. How about Ato Quarshie, the used clothes dealer who later became the minister of Roads and Highways. He took so many kickbacks from the poor contractors so much so that he was able to buy a 250,000-pound sterling mansion outside London. All these people came in with the message of saving the poor but ended up looting the national treasury.

Look at these other African leaders, Abacha, Konan Bedie, and the President of Cameroon who built a first class hospital in France and staffed it with French doctors and nurses when there are no health posts in his own country. There are more to come. Stay tuned. Next time I will be talking about these NPP boys. Thank you Steffen for wetting my appetite. May the Good Lord shower his continued blessings on us all.

Kwaku Yeboah Washington DC

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Washington DC
Columnist: Yeboah, Kwaku