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Africawatch, Kweku Baako and Paul Afoko

Thu, 12 May 2016 Source: Arthur K

I have followed the exchanges between Kweku Baako and the Afoko team since the magazine published it's interview with the NPP Chair.

After reviewing the entire interview, I am surprised that the seasoned Kweku Baako has chosen to engage Afoko only on the Serbians and their alleged training of NPP members. While I have no degree in communication, it appears that Paul raised other issues that should concern Nana, Kweku and other members of his team more than the Serbian training. These other issues go to the credibility and temperament of Nana Addo rather than Paul Afoko.

First, Paul alleges that Nana Addo was present at the illegal meeting that illegally authorized Blay and Abankwah to reactivate the dormant NPP account from which unjustified expenditures were later made. This issue goes directly to Nana Addo's anti-corruption and integrity credentials. While the Mahama/NDC regime is vulnerable on corruption, those who seek equity must have clean hands. Nana must be absolved of this charge to be credible on the corruption/integrity front.

Second, Paul alleges that there was a series of interventions aimed at reconciliation, the last of which was by the Asantehene. It is important for party supporters and even floating voters to know, first of what efforts the NPP flag-bearer put into uniting his party and whether he disrespected the Asantehene in his conduct. This goes to the flag-bearer ' s credibility as a uniter. Obviously, if voters doubt the ability of the flag-bearer to unite his party, it would be hard to persuade the country that he can unite us as President.

Third, Paul alleged that right from before his election, there was a conspiracy to nullify his mandate. We need to know that the foremost attorney of his generation is, in fact, a constitutionalist, who will follow our constitution if elected.

In my judgement, these issues that go to the credibility of Nana are the most important.

Finally, I thank Africawatch, Paul Afoko and Kweku Baako for the on-going effort to shed light on this unfortunate saga. God bless you all.

Columnist: Arthur K