Cudjoe Must Desist from 'Paid-for' Assignments

Wed, 26 Mar 2014 Source: Quayson, Felix

Friends of Kofi-Buah Ghana/USA

Opportunistic Franklin Cudjoe Must Desist from 'Paid-for' Assignments to Attack Individual's integrity

Our attention have drawn to a recent purported comments attributed to Mr Franklin Cudjoe, President of IMANI Ghana both on Citi Fm's current affairs Programme aired last Saturday and that of Monday 24th March edition of the Chronicle newspaper respectively, where he openly attacked the personal integrity of Hon Emmanuel Armah Kof-Buah, Minister in charge of Energy and Petroleum that he can do better as postmaster rather than solving the energy problems.

We the Members of Friends of Buah- Ghana & USA wish to state emphatically that his argument on both platforms were indeed unwarranted and unattainable. His comments has brought nothing, but has caused a gross lost of respect for IMANI which was recently mentioned as the fourth rated Think Tank in Africa. We members of Friends of Buah - Ghana&USA condemn the personal attack against Hon. Kofi-Buah by Mr. Cudjoe for making mockery on his integrity. Citing Hon. Kofi-Buah for doing best as a 'Postmaster' which was given a bold banner headline in some sections of the media is a clear ploy to denigrate his hard won achievements which Mr. Cudjoe can never get half of it if given a decade. In fact his comments is an exhibition of lack of intellectual ideas and would urge him to come again.

Mr. Cudjoe who once upon a time had to resigned his position from the government’s Committee on the Sustainability of the Single Spine Pay Policy (SSPP) without thinking of the nation at large but rather justified his inefficiency and lack of 'balls' to stand pressure and criticisms to save himself from taking up national task to the interest of all. We want to ask Mr. Cudjoe did he resign because he lacked the boldness or did that to satisfy his paymasters?.

Mr Franklin Cudjoe, before mounting on any platform to speak on energy issues must be mindful of being accurate and objective in dealing with the issue at hand as well as proffer lasting solutions to curb the problem instead of resorting to unnecessary personal attacks.

It is however shameful that Mr. Cudjoe throughout his advocacies have offered nothing but vague ideas and suggestions.

From Mr. Franklin Cudjoe's analysis on both platform against our comrade who happens to be an illustrious son of the western region, we believe was written for him to be delivered on some mafias behalf since he is not known for such ugly and indecent behaviour of attacking other integrity by calling them names. Calling Hon Buah a postmaster is indeed a primitive and childish comments by Mr. Cudjoe.

Again he was misled by his paymasters since he is ignorant about the current trend of the energy issues in the country due to his laziness to verify his facts regarding the progress and status of the Gas Infrastructure Project at Atuabo in the Western Region before making those misguided statements. We are calling on the IMANI boss to desist from his 'paid-for' campaign to paint a disdainful image against our own.

Furthermore, We want to ask Mr. Franklin these few questions: 1. What has been his main role to the improve the current energy crises? 2. Whose interest is he advocating for the removal of the energy minister? 3. When was the last time he visited Atuabo to see for himself the true state of the Gas plant?

4. How many of the youth has he personally helped from his area to better their lives in the last 2 years, we want to know if not then he should shut up! We would therefore advise him to know the length and breadth of his 'paid-for' consultancy services for we know that he is capable of loosely availing himself for being hired for such dirty works since we will not allow him to use it against our own this time.

He should be careful and learn to address issues dispassionately rather than engaging in taking monies from some selfish individuals who are using all manner of strategies to ensure that the good work of Hon Emmanuel Armah Buah is brought to an end prematurely.

We finally call on Ghanaians to treat Mr Franklin IMNNI Cudjoe's comments as a pitch of salt since he is under the influence of his paymaster and not meant for national interest.

Thank you… Long live Nzemaland Long live Ghana

Signed: Felix Quayson (Spokesperson, Friends of Kofi-Buah Ghana/USA)


Columnist: Quayson, Felix