After President Mills’ Death, What Next, NDC?

Sun, 2 Sep 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The Late President J.E.A. Mills who suddenly died on the 24th July, 2012 was the first President in Ghana’s 55 years post independence history to have died peacefully in Office. Therefore, Ghana’s high profile death has now settled after almost three weeks of intensive mourning for a Great Man of Peace. Soon after his tragic death, his deputy, the then Vice President John Darimani Mahama was sworn into Office as the President of Ghana and also confirmed as the NDC flag bearer and Leader of the Party. This became necessary because constitutionally, by virtue of him being the second – in – command, he automatically stepped up the rung to become the President of Ghana after the sudden death of his BOSS popularly called “Asomdweehene”.


After being sworn into office as the President of Ghana, His Excellency John Darimani Mahama have chosen one of the best intellectual cadres who were in the trenches with cadres including this writer during the PNDC era to date 2012. For the benefit of those who does not know the new vice- president, let me use this medium to inform you above this great patriot.

1. He was the Special Assistant to the longest serving PNDC Secretary for finance and economic planning – Dr. Kwesi Botchwey from July 1983- January 1986 in the heat of the 31st December revolution.

2. He was later appointed as a Deputy Secretary for finance by Jerry Rawlings.

3. When Ghana returned to constitutional rule in 1992, he was again appointed as Deputy Minister of Finance, therefore Vice President Amissah Arthur has been with the NDC since1992 and have contributed his quota immensely to the well being of the great Akatamanso Party. He is an old guard and not, repeat not a latter day Saint in the NDC at all. Now that the old guard has changed completely, the NDC has totally altered the political dynamics in Ghana. Why? It is because the opposition parties led by the NPP, which is the biggest among them were presented with a BIG PROBLEM because their key destruction point was to discredit the leadership capabilities of the late President J. E. A. Mills who was heavily criticized and even described by the NPP flag bearer as Professor “Do Little”. However, the NPP flag bearer quickly suspended his political campaign completely and rushed down to Accra after hearing the tragic death of President Mills. All of a sudden, nobody in Ghana said anything BAD against the departed President. So all Ghanaians including Nana Akuffo Addo, the NPP flag bearer knew that the late President was an honest patriot and a good man all along and yet they were condemning him left and right, front and back and went to the extent of describing him as Professor “Do Little” – just because of dirty Ghana politics – isn’t it? Or was it a general sympathy and a fake solidarity exhibited by Ghanaians as well as the NPP during the three week funeral rites of the late President Mills, or was it just a normal cultural response to misfortune where thousands of crocodile tears were shed by the political opponents of the NDC- I beg to ask? Look here, nobody must blame me for saying all the above facts. During the second phase of his Greater Accra regional tour dubbed “Restoring Hope” Nana Akuffo Addo, the NPP flag bearer accused the NDC government of messing up the economy, and has refused to pay money to contractors, a situation that had calumniated in hardship and ever increasing high cost of living. However, Nana Akuffo Addo was the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice and later Minister for Foreign Affairs under Ex- President Kufuor’s administration from 2001- 2008 and most ministers of the NPP used their political power with pride, arrogance and impunity to abrogate several foreign and local contracts with the then NPP government as well as those of the NDC administration led by Jerry Rawlings 1992- 2000 and our Nation Ghana is now awash with billions of dollars that have to be paid as judgment debts to foreign and local contractors. Therefore, through the inefficiencies of the erstwhile NPP administration, traders, businessmen as well as industrialists struggle to raise funds in order to generate the needed employment opportunities for the youth in Ghana. So what is Nana Akoffo Addo talking about now? He must blame himself and his tribal grouping, the NPP for making the country broke, since they looted the National Treasury and stole all the Incriminating Files and Documents to their various homes with impunities after leaving office in 2009 – nobody must blame the NDC because the Better Ghana Agenda now led by President John Mahama and Comrade Amissah Arthur is on course and Nana Akuffo Addo will be retired from politics at all cost in 2012 whether he cries “All die be die” or not. John Mahama is my man just as his boss the late Prof. Mills was my man. We must all campaign day and night for a total victory.


I will use this opportunity to advise the National leadership of the NDC not to impose any unknown NDC parliamentary candidate on the newly created constituencies in the country more particularly in the Ashanti Region, where some illiterate money bags have sworn to capture and contest as Parliamentary Candidates, otherwise they will be repeating what happened to the NDC in the year 2000 under President Rawlings’ administration. A word to the wise is enough. So after President Mills death, what next NDC? Answer. We have to walk the talk and work harder than ever in unity or we perish. Is that clear? I am done Aluta Continua! Jaambie Iwaii.


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front



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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement