After the Burial of Mills, what next will Ghanaians do?

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

After the burial of the late President Mills, the nation moves on as though nothing has happened. Death always brings in its trail bereavement. Bereavement disappears soon after the interment of the dead. The case of the late President Mills is not going to be any different. It will follow the same normal pattern as ordained by God to assist families put behind them bitter pains suffered on the death of loved ones. As the morning dew dissipates with the rising Sun, so will the bereavement of Ghanaians over the death of President Mills soon disappear.

Sensible Ghanaians are, and will, raise pertinent questions about when, how and why he died. As usual, those that are scared that the revelation of the truth surrounding his death will harm their parochial-minded aspirations or political fortunes will try to resist any attempt to uncover the truth. The harder they resist, the more difficult it becomes for them, as many are the Ghanaians that become suspicious. Many within the NDC government and party as well as their sympathisers are working assiduously to prevent any attempt to investigate the causes of the death of the late President Mills. One may ask, why are the NDC and their sycophants obstructing any attempts to establish the cause and the circumstances leading to what has become as President Mills' mysterious sudden death.

Anyway, he is now history and life needs to move on. He was indeed an altruist but not a great Statesman as those over-sympathising with his abrupt death are trying to portray. Are the NDC after sympathy votes from Ghanaians to win the election December 7, 2012 to continue with the perpetration of the ongoing political rot and corruption?

We are all gearing up for clean electioneering campaign based on issues but not on any absurd propaganda or sympathy that will not better our present or future standard of living.

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Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson