‘Aftershock Of Supreme Court Ruling: A Word Of Advice To Ghanaians.

Mon, 22 Dec 2014 Source: Asamoah, Amofah A.

When an earthquake occurs, in most cases there is an aftershock. Aftershocks usually occur within the next two days after the main earthquake but have also been recorded to happen for years. Sometimes the magnitude of the aftershock may be larger than the magnitude of the main shock. If that happens the aftershock is re-designated as the main shock and original shock is re-designated as the foreshock. We are told that “aftershocks are formed as the crust around the displaced fault plane adjusts to the effects of the main shock”. (See “Aftershock”, From Wikipedia/The Free Encyclopedia, online).

People are always warned to expect an aftershock after the main earthquake. We may draw significance from or allude to the Supreme Court ruling. On August 29, 2013 Ghanaians especially NPP and NDC affiliates prepared for the main shock from the Supreme Court ruling. There were feelings of anxiety and uneasiness before the verdict was pronounced. Whether the verdict went in your favor or not, we all prepared for and received a shock. We trained our minds to receive the verdict, adjust to the verdict, and move on as a people. Thanks to the Almighty God for His great intervention, and all who contributed in various ways; with your prayers and support peace has prevailed.

Once again Ghanaians have demonstrated that we are peace loving people. Indeed we stand tall as a “beacon of democracy in Africa and a shining star of democracy in this post-modern world.” (See The Supreme Court Ruling: a word of advice to Ghanaians, Amofah A. Asamoah Ghana web, August 29, 2013). But we must remember that usually there is an aftershock after the main shock. In the process of adjusting to the verdict of the Supreme Court, we may experience an aftershock just as the earth crust around the displaced fault plain adjust to the effects of the main shock thereby causing an aftershock after the main earthquake. On the issue about the ruling the aftershock will not come from the Supreme Court but from how Ghanaians adjust to the ruling of the Supreme Court.

Ghanaians are now experiencing the adjustment phase or aftershock after the ruling. The aftershock may exhibit itself in various forms: to cast doubts on the verdict, question the integrity of the justices, insults, and blame game, what did we do wrong, what could we have done differently, animosity, conceiving and planning evil as a means to personal vindication for justice, over confidence, arrogance, insensitive to those hurting, the list goes on…? Whatever the verdict, we must accept that the Supreme Court has spoken. Let us leave everything to God. He is the final arbiter of justice. The Bible reminds us that “He is the Rock; His work is perfect; for all His ways are justice, A God of truth and without injustice; Righteous and upright is He.” (See Deuteronomy 32:4).

Thank God there is peace in Ghana and the cloud that surrounded the Presidency for eight months is cleared; and that is the most important thing. As the nation experience the adjustment phase or the aftershock we should not allow the disappointments, anger, frustrations, pains, celebrations, and jubilation to lead us into anything that will likely offend others and consequently cloud or hijack the peace and stability that we enjoy as a nation. Beware of the aftershock and take cover. Don’t expose yourself and others to danger. We can discuss the verdict in the various tabloids, airwaves, and other social media sites, but we shouldn’t be personal or provocative. Let us get back to the business of the nation as we focus or deal with the pressing needs of Ghanaians to achieve a rapid socio-economic transformation for all.

We thank Nana Akufo-Addo for his message of peace in his conceding speech and his efforts to rally the party members to choose peace and accept the verdict. We also thank the president for his message of peace and his efforts to unite all Ghanaians.

Let us resolve as Ghanaians that if we survived the main shock of the verdict, we will survive the aftershock or the adjustment phase as well.

God bless our homeland Ghana, and God bless the people of Ghana!

Dr. Amofah A. Asamoah

New Jersey

Columnist: Asamoah, Amofah A.