Agotime Senior High School in turmoil

Agotime SHS Agotime SHS

Thu, 6 Aug 2020 Source: David Dotse Adzolah

It is a desire of every worker to work in a conducive and safe environment, but same cannot be said of some educational institutions like AGOTIME SHS, in the Agotime Ziope district of the Volta region.

This school used to be a lovely and united institution until change of management in the last two year since then staff members do not have voice to express their opinion on any issue happening in the school not even to expressed their view on the schools WhatsApp platform because when you do you well be tagged as being disrespectful by the headmistress and you have no choice than to apologise and thereafter remind just reader of post on the Staff WhatsApp platform.

These happenings have killed self-initiative spirits of various staff members and this has affected a lot of activities in the school. Prior to the coming into office of the current management headed by the Headmistress, Ms Mabel Essegbey the school has glorious achievement in the field of sports, Music and Culture, Cadet Competitions, but same cannot be said now.

Agotime SHS Staff members sit in shifts because of inadequate furniture which is a disincentive for teacher to sit comfortable to mark exercises and even do effective research.

The school is also unsafe place especially during the night as there are a lot of dark places on the campus and even the dormitories are without proper lightening thus exposing the children to all sort of danger and management look unconcerned all in the name of no money.

The headmistress has nothing to show as a legacy when she leaves the school next year except injustice and threats of teachers. If Agotime SHS is to make a headway as before the Chiefs and old students should get involved and the tyrannical type of management headed by the headmistress and her clueless assistance headmaster Raymond Salakpi must be checked.

Columnist: David Dotse Adzolah