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Agya Koo On A Popularity Repair Mission

Comrades l just waked up today only to be greeted with a news ace comedian by name Agya Koo in collaboration other Kumawood jokers have launched a agenda 57% for Npp in the coming December elections.

As a liberal democrat, l respect decisions made by other even though l may not share them at every point in their life especially on matters relating to political ideologies and orientations.

It's an established fact, that host of characters have declared their support for John Mahama and the ndc, celebrities like the screen god John Dumelo, music goddess Mzbel, Mr.Beautiful, Abeiku Santana and several others so to me every Kumawood joker is also entitled to support any political candidate any day provided it serves his/ her interest.

I believe in a principle of being bold to declare your political affinity than to remain a political coward who uses the tool of neutrality as a shield to propagate evil machinations against their political opponents and pull strings discreetly in favour of their parties typical example of such philandering souls is the immediate past Presbyterian moderator, who got trapped in a partisan politics, a wagon in cassock scavenging for the Npp.

Aside Agya Koo's decision to root for Npp which of course l honestly respect, there is certain fundamental issue the gentleman raised that has caught my attention.

He said since Mahama took over as president, movie producers have stopped calling him, and according to his sick logic, it's a clear indication of a stacked economy which requires Damascus intervention but this time it's not going to be Saul to Paul but Mahama to Nana.

Per his assertions the npp will win by a wider margin of 57%. Isn't is funny? I guess someone would like to sift through political archives to look for the various figures past winners recoded in terms of percentages in the last six elections and juxtapose their findings against the comedian's projection, then it will give you a clue that the faded Kumasi-joker was only advertising his political nativity and he couldn't be any more clueless than how he projected it or unless he's being driven into the political platforms to make such unfounded projections by a bigger hands as a compensation for the 50 cent medal he received at the JA Kuffour medal party some years back, the fruitless venture which washed away millions of dollars down the drain.

Considering the preponderance of silly comments he had made on both tv screens and comedy theatres,

l wanted to treat this statement as such until l heard the relevance being attached to those loose statement by their henchmen in the media.

Agya Koo is not getting a call up at this crucial moment when indeed the joking industry in Kumasi dubbed Kumawood is hit by a massive revolution of significant boast coupled with the government's commitment to support and sustain the industry after the president had publicly admitted Kumawood joke labels are his source of entertainment and had patronised them on several occasions.

If this impression put out there by the embattled comedian is anything to go by then Agya Koo is his own enemy because Kumawood actors are now in their heydays.

His intransigent attitude, gross disrespect to his producers, self aggrandisement , pride and paranoia and well as self inflated delusions of being a super hero coupled with the attitude of l'm always right and abnormal fees are the things that pushed him into obscurity.

The era he claims the business is bad, are the very same time his apprentice Kwadwo Nksnsah, Akrobeto (my favourite) Bill Asamoah and others are making fortunes. So clearly Mahama had nothing to do the Agya Koo's debacle, he is his own enemy.

In the midst of this development , a friend mailed me and asked a simple question, comrade lvan, do think Agya Koo's decision is something we should worry about, as a ruling party ? my answer was hell no...

He's only finding a way to re-launch his lost glory.

The gentlemen had always been a member of the npp, the only difference it makes now is that he's now hungry looking forward to be fed because his 50 cent medal has lost value hence no one will trade it for even a cobo.

You remember characters who received Kuffour's 50 Cent medal? He was one of them. So this is nothing new.

But the question is, is Agyakoo apopular anymore to sully JDM's victory ? That can never be answered in affirmative. This is a gentleman who has been rejected by his own people Kumawood because of his arrogance.

Like he rightly said, for the past few years he's thrown under the bus.

Surprisingly Agya Koo claims Ghana is hard live under this current ndc administration yet quiet recently he was able to carry a woman and her entire family to UK for a historical wedding ceremony, wedding feast which will undeniably remain the talk of the decade.

Looking at his current posturing, does he think life is a joke or a movie where you can mess up all properties in part 1 and recoup everything in part 2 of same movie... What a comic relief!

The candidate he's rooting for has become household name for political failure, even the most popular Musician of all time in Ghana Daddy Lumba sold Nana Addo to Ghanaians with a popular tune yet he was rejected then what more could a rejected joker from the annals of Kumasi comedy do to revamp such fractured political character...

Agya Koo could have done himself a lot of good if he had not raised those irrelevant statements of which the answers line at his doorstep or unless maybe all he said was another big theatre comedy intended to buy calm for the politically charged atmosphere or probably he was seeking to use the political platform to repair his damaged popularity.

Let's ignore him and focus on making JDM toaso agenda come true.

Akuffo Addo is an old cargo, Agyakoo is rotten joker without portfolio and the two ganging up amount to nothing but political suicide.

We refuse to be distracted ...especially at this crucial moment ...just as General Mosquito, General 1 will tell you "oooh my friend let's talk about important things and leave this Agya Koo guy alone".

Change is with us ...never allow yourself to be deceived by these evil contractors else you risk loosing political salvation John Mahama is preaching , the bible is my witness !!

Ivan Kyei Innocent/ 0207262717/0247892010/nanakyei81@gmail.com.

Columnist: Innocent, Ivan Kyei