Opinions Fri, 21 Jul 2017

Ahomka-Lindsay's apology was needless!

Excuse me - all you who wish I do not speak. Well on this particular issue, my thoughts have been provoked beyond self-restraint.

I don’t know Ahomka Lindsay from anywhere. I am not even sure if that is the correct spelling of his name. All i know is that he is a Deputy minister of state for something-something - I don’t really care about that.

All I care about right now is what he stated recently in a widely publicised speech and the subsequent rancorous reaction from the public, promoted and spearheaded by the "Presstitute" political media.

What did the man say so wrongly that generated the entire brouhaha in public space? That the African diaspora must first and foremost desist from ''whining’’ on their return to the motherland, if they ever intend to successfully pursue the Ghanaian business, political and social integration and reintegration on their return home?

What else?? that, the African diaspora must desist from looking and talking down on the local Ghanaian situation if ever they intend to successfully integrate and reintegrate into the Ghanaian society??

Using himself as an example to demonstrate how very possible it is to return home from the African diaspora and successfully reintegrate and make useful the acquired skills from the diaspora, the Deputy minister spoke passionately and sternly with all the seriousness that is attached to the issue - He gave our brothers and sisters a straight talk.

Now: what is the accusation against the Deputy minister, for which reason he had to meekly apologise?

That he was arrogant?? he was disrespectful?? he was harsh??

Oh please? Who are those saying this?? Are these the diaspora Africans/Ghanaians? Do they get respect, kindness, pampering, praises etc from the people who serve them naked racism in the West?? Oh please, we are not confused - not even for a second.

But there are those who are confused about who constitute the African/Ghanaian diaspora of our society; These are our brothers and sisters who live in the West, and were either born in the West by accident of their ancestors having been taken away from Africa to the West through the Trans-Atlantic slave trade or by plan of those who were born and raised in Africa/Ghana and have chosen to travel and live in the West with their families etc.

The African in the diaspora is simply the African who was not born in Africa, or who was born in Africa but lives in the West. And every black man is an African. Indeed, ''everyone is from Africa’’ or so someone says.

Some of our African diaspora brothers and sisters know their history. And because of that, at some point, when they are unable to no longer endure the social, economic and political injustices of the West against non - Western peoples, and no longer able to fight it, they make a decision to return to the motherland - back home.

Many attempt this daunting return journey without much success because they meet a CULTURAL SHOCK that many are unable to survive here. Ultimately, they return to the same Western ‘’shitstem'' that they run away from in the first place - simply because they choose to complain about the problems at home instead of taking advantage of the opportunities available.

For a clear example. It is not uncommon to hear - and i have many African diaspora friends from the Caribbean to the US of A to the United Kingdom etc. - them say ‘’oh nothing works in Ghana. You can’t even manage your public toilets. Everybody is corrupt etc’’.

Oh Really?? well it’s true but we are surviving it. It is working for many. And you just came back home to the motherland to come and ‘’Whine’’ about what does not work?? Can’t you simply ‘’whine'' from the West??

Look, for your information, the Chinese, and the Americanos, and the Germans, Dutch, the Lebanese, Indians, even the Russians and Brits are all here, doing all the businesses, controlling our economy and our politics, even our media - They are not ‘’whining’’. They are not going back to their respective countries on the excuse that things are not working in Ghana. They are exploiting the opportunities. Didn’t these guys learn anything from the Westerners?? At least, they are coming from the West!!

Why on earth will people be offended just because the Deputy minister, who himself is a returnee from the diaspora, spoke plain TRUTH?

When you have returnees from the diaspora looking and talking down on every other citizen except their fellow returnees, what results do you expect from their return??

Sometimes, it is as if the returnees just want to transposition their experience of injustice and racism in the West on the local people they encounter at home. For a clearer example; They were paid poorly in the West for their several years of servitude so they pay poorly, any employees they hire in their businesses back in Ghana.

Or they were treated with disdain in the West throughout their stay there so they badly treat their employees back in Ghana to equalise. They were talked down upon for several years in the West and so they talk down upon all the local people they meet in the mother land - It makes them feel better than the local man/woman.

In the end, only a few African diasporans are truly able to return home, understand how our society works, gradually and tactically reintegrates and function normally without feeling isolated, or the need to return to the West.

The dep. minister sought to tell our diasporan brothers and sisters that everyone can come up with excuses for failure to return home and successfully reintegrate but the real problem is with the minds and attitudes of those who return home and woefully fail.

He{the Deputy minister] did it because he didn’t complain, he just decided to accept the new conditions at home and successfully employed the skills he acquired in the West to business and politics - and he succeeded.

All of you brothers and sisters in the African diaspora who do know your history, and desire to repatriate back home to the motherland, you’ve got to learn from the HARD TRUTH of the Deputy Minister and STOP WHINING!

And to the ‘’Presstitute'' media, stop promoting mass ignorance and causing people to be punished for speaking the truth.

Did’t they say in journalism school that our duty as journalists is to the public and our obligation to the truth??

The Deputy Minister’s apology was needless albeit politically expedient!!!

Columnist: Amenga-Etego SaCut