Akatsi North goes NPP...As NDC shares goodies for votes

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Mon, 28 Nov 2016 Source: Nuku, Erskine Dziwornu

The Executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Akatsi North Constituency of the Volta Region wish to express their gratitude to the good people of the Constituency for their show of concern and love for their flag-bearer Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and parliamentary candidate Dr Prince Sodoke Amuzu in the run-up to the December 7 polls.

It is interesting to see how chiefs, elders and residents are gleefully receiving the NPP in their towns, villages, homes, farms, markets and other platforms as we send to them our message of “Change”. Our strategies are working and we thank our people and electorate for their massive tolerance and love for the Elephant party and its good policy proposals.

Truly, our people have come to the realisation that it is only the NPP which has the men and women with the right ideas and foresight to effectively tackle the nagging issues of unemployment, falling educational and health standards, and poverty, which have been slapped on them by the sheer acts of negligence, corruption, incompetence and mismanagement of the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government.

Our people are just fed up with the continuous fabrication of lies and propaganda of the ruling NDC party on what they claim to have done within their eight years as against what they are deceiving unsuspecting people that they will do for them in the unlikely event that they retain power. Actually, the people have now come to appreciate them well and have chosen to tag them as “alakpatowo”, which loosely translates as “liars” wherever they go.

Residents of the Constituency are just waiting to meet the executives of the NDC party as well as the District Chief Executive (DCE) James Gunu and Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Nortsu-Kotoe at any major rally or public gathering to ask them where the fertilisers, cutlasses, wellington boots, good markets, jobs, MASLOC, good roads, among the other lofty things that they promised them in 2012 can be found in the area.

Instead of making judicious use of the available resources to respond to the plight of the people, they have decided to school themselves and build good houses and businesses throughout their two terms in office. No wonder they have chosen the path of having to move from one market to another, one town to another and from house to house distributing goodies, such as plastic cups, bowls, spoons, matches, soaps, bags of rice and cements, bed sheets, curtains, pillows, mosquito nets, roofing sheets and cloths, which are largely branded in NDC colours with the inscription, “JM YIDZI”.

It is nauseating to also see how the NDC’s women organisers in the area have been empowered to act as information officers, gong-gong beaters and event managers of the ongoing distribution exercise of the freebies, which happens late in the afternoon and usually targeted at areas where the NPP is having its rallies with the electorate.

The MP and DCE are also doing ‘well’ by importing youth from outside the Constituency to be trailing NPP’s campaign teams mostly with the vehicles belonging to the District Assembly, with big Public Address Systems mounted on top of them and made to play loud NDC party songs while they give unwarranted announcements, with the aim of having to destruct the attention of the people that gather to listen to us at our rallies. But all we know and trust is that we are winning this year’s elections and Akatsi North will surely contribute to the landslide victory.

We shall remain resolute and focused in our forward march to victory as we work to put our nation and Akatsi North onto a solid path of prosperity and progress, as being professed by Nana Akufo-Addo. Akatsi North is too rich a land to be left in its present state of underdevelopment, economic stagnation and decay.

In fact, we are glad to see how our people are receiving our message of change and we will make sure we deliver on every bit of promises that we make to them come December 7 when they give us the nod.

The wellington boots, cutlasses, fertilisers, pesticides, corn-mills and roads will not be sent to neighbouring towns and villages in the Republic of Togo as our people here in Ghana and in Akatsi North cry for these things, all because we want votes from Togo nationals.

An Akufo-Addo-led NPP administration shall surely deliver good economic conditions to the Ghanaian people, including the children, youth, men, women and the aged in Akatsi North. A vote each for Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr Prince Sodoke Amuzu is, therefore, never a waste of time and thumb of the electorate.

Long live Ghana and long live all of us!

Source: Erskine Dziwornu Nuku of the Akatsi North NPP Communications Directorate (V/R)

Columnist: Nuku, Erskine Dziwornu
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