Akomea and the lying wailers of communicators

Wed, 2 Dec 2015 Source: Point of Law

By: Point of Law

They have wailed about Chairman Afoko's work in reconditioning the ramshackle party he inherited from Jake O. Lamptey. We all know why. They no longer have unfettered access to the party's resources which they freely appropriated to themselves in the past. But because party members are delighted with the shoddy work they are doing as wailers of an opposition party.

They have wailed at just about anything, even about Chairman Afoko’s necessary and important constituency empowerment policy that should have been instrumental to the improvement of party’s image and relations with the electorate at the base. How can anyone moan about positive strides of a leader aimed at strategically repositioning his party and people at the grassroots map of relevance? As no one took them seriously, they shifted their attention on his businesses and knitting a web of unfounded mischievous allegations around him. The claims are that he is fronting for people they never named, as if it was a crime to be trusted for one’s professional service? Their allegations are that Afoko is resourcing the constituencies which were abandoned before he took up the mantle of leadership. But that's where the truth ends and the fabrications began.

While it's true that Chairman Afoko has promised to rebrand all 275 constituency offices and furnished same for these constituencies which were abandoned and neglected through lack of funds under previous administrators, there is no iota of truth that such funds are being diverted and were not properly disbursed and accounted for. That the Chairman has a long standing friendship with President Kuffour does not give anyone the impetus or authority to fabricate libelous lies against him. This is a ploy to force the Chairman to severe relationships he has cultivated over the years and this is a cruel reminder of how NPP abandoned Ghanaians subjecting them to the most horrific era of neglect in her history governance. It's common knowledge that Afoko does not trust in a parallel campaign structure as suggested by the flagbearer. Those at campaign team are often immune to audit and accountability. This is another ploy to arm-twist Afoko into maintaining the status quo, a known ATM of the NPP, contrary to his ‘New Plan for Power’ catchphrase. Ghanaians are aware that constituted teams of party establishments played a great deal of role in running aground our party systems, through sharp practices that enriched only the leadership and helped in entrenching poverty across the grassroots. It's therefore a relief for Ghanaians that those who delivered mediocre services will soon be replaced by change proponents who understand the vision of, and can key into the zero tolerance stance on corruption. Consequently, we expect the Chairman and his team to bravely take the bull by the horn and sanitize the party, including the campaign team. This scathing attack on the Chairman is clearly passing through the back door to cast aspersions on the anti-corruption war of Afoko’s administration. It is unacceptable! Akomea and his lying wailers have been trying every known illegitimate trick in the book to smear the good image Paul Afoko, to no avail. As it has not worked with the impeachment, the ploy is to attack the Chairman and his businesses physically by constantly linking his worth to the ruling government. The Chairman is being maliciously attacked because of the rot he is unearthing as a National Chairman. They also know how the office of the Chairman was used to bleed the party under past Chairmen. They do not reckon that it's now different under Paul Afoko. This Akomea’s habit of heaping unsubstantiated lies on those at the forefront of fighting the decay in our party is absurd to say the least and nauseating to put it succinctly. It's a game of, "If you won't cover for us, we would mount a false propaganda against you." This is nothing but pure blackmail! Ghanaians will not stand for it because blackmail is a crime. This is a new NPP. Ghanaians are wiser and they know the truth as information is readily and easily available today. Ghanaians would want the NPP that failed them to back off so the government of Chairman Afoko can effectively redirect the focus of the party. This wave of blackmail cannot hinder the work of recovering the stolen loot in the possession of those we entrusted with our party's common wealth. It’s sad that they are the same ones who are shamelessly, using funds stolen from poor members to cast non-sticking aspersions on those we have elected over them, to bring sanity back into our party. The Chairman is a busy man trying to do a difficult job by serving NPP in the best way that profit can accrue to all Ghanaians, particularly those abandoned in the throes of abject poverty. He is supporting the anti-corruption war of the Flagbearer and will not succumb to blackmail from any quarter and particularly not from NPP's paid Wailing Wailers. Those who are out of government and who are using the loot they stole from all of us must know that neither Chairman Afoko nor the General Secretary, is after any one. They only need to fear the consequences of their actions and inactions while in office. Everyone must reap what they have sown. If you have sown wild oats, there's no need expecting to reap wild apple. Mounting a smear campaign will not diminish the war against corruption nor intimidate those at the fore front of this fight for the life and soul of NPP. Ghanaians know those who are fighting for them. They also do not appreciate those who maliciously fight those who are working hard to please them. Our Chairman and his team are working in the interest of all Ghanaians. We as Ghanaians must throw our weight behind the efforts being made by Chairman Afoko and his team of credible men and women. They are working hard to clean the mess left by their predecessors. The task of recovering our party from the strangle hold of a few to a party that belongs to all, cannot be thwarted.

Columnist: Point of Law