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Akuaba President Obama

Bro. Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo

Glory to God in the highest. Let the peoples of Ghana and the United States of America praise the Lord!

The Most High God has raised high the banner of the human races, human dignity and human aspirations for freedom, liberty and justice. The coming of President Obama is a celebration of Divine Liberation, Liberty and Hope for the human race.

Africa has been held in chains by Satan and wicked man, by sin, blood and violence, by war, political instability and poor economic performance, by backwardness, poverty and social desolation.

By divine intervention and the workings of the law of divine judgement and justice, political emancipation has not only opened the door of liberation, righteousness and justice in affairs of nations. It has also brought hope of economic and social progress and above all the rise and advancement of human dignity and enjoyment of the fullness of life, liberty, progress and hope by all men, all peoples and all races.

The Divine plan for the world in this regard was that which the angels declared heralding the birth and mission of Jesus Christ – PEACE ON EARTH and GOODWILL TOWARDS MAN (Luke 2: 14). The vision and mission of Jesus Christ is a world reconciled with God and ushered into a state of peace and goodwill, righteousness and justice, and human co-operation in the promotion of the common good of nations and the human race in the world. Christ has come to save the world from sin in all its forms and from all its consequences so there be life and peace, liberty and hope, and joy in the world.

Prior to the angelic herald, David, the prophet-psalmist-king raised the curtain of unity, peace, prosperity, love, prayer and the seeking of the good of nations in the worship, knowledge, laws and honour of God the Creator (Psalm 122). It is with this in view that we say with joy AKUABA, PRESIDENT OBAMA.

Ghana represents the human race held in chains by sin and Satan, man and idolatory, and the plight of peoples and nations, the black African in particular held in bondage by human wickedness, reproach, oppression and enslavement and also disease, backwardness and poverty.

Ghana is the star of African emancipation and people ushered on the path of freedom, liberty and human dignity, economic and social progress.

President Obama on the other hand represents the liberated blackman rising on the wings of political and social progress of heights of human dignity and glory. THE BLACKMAN CAN DO IT GIVEN THE CHANCE.

President Obama in Ghana signifies not merely a unique and historic event but is a SPIRITUAL, POLITICAL and SOCIAL STATEMENT of human liberty and progress. The BLACKMAN has arisen from the ashes of darkness and death, degradation and oppression, discrimination, segregation and exclusion.

AKUABA Onuabarima Obama! Welcome, woman of glory, Michelle! The gates of Ghana are open wide unto you. Enter with gladness, joy and hope. Enjoy the sun, sample the food and of course, take a few dance steps. Have a good time, ye folks of the old tree, the human race.

Our prayer and hope is that your agenda will have sufficient space for peace and goodwill in the world, the RISING PROSPECTS, ADVANCEMENTS, and HOPE of black and oppressed peoples in general and African nations in particular. It is our prayer that the inevitable pursuit of American interests and super power agenda in the geo-political economy, will go into the background so that true and effectual human co-operation for peace on earth and the common good of the human race will have a chance in Africa’s affairs and human co-operation in general.

That is to say, we do not expect Obama the beneficiary of Divine grace and the cries of the blood and sweat of African peoples throughout ages on African soil, the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe to do no more than advance the traditional American geo-politics and economic agenda for the perpetuation of the old order of reproach, exploitation and oppression, unrighteousness, injustice and wickedness and the promotion of the world order of combined capitalist-socialist robbery, wealth and power concentration.

In that regard, may I humbly declare as an apostle-prophet of Jesus Christ and the Father that GHANA SHALL NO MORE FALL PREY TO THE OLD EXPLOITATIVE and OPPRESSIVE WORLD ORDER championed by America and Europe, and the new aspiring imperialists of the East. God the Creator is the God, Keeper and Hope of Ghana. Him alone will Ghana trust, worship and serve. Amen!!!

For this reason, please be informed that Ghana, liberated, redeemed, star nation and people of God will not and cannot allow her gates to be the entry point/ entry port for continued robbery, exploitation, oppression and imperialist control of Africa, her peoples, wealth and treasures.

The Ghana flag will from now fly side by side the American flag anywhere in the world as foreign nations working together in the pursuit and promotion of peace and goodwill on earth, liberty and good of nations and peoples of the world. The days of the carrot of economic dependence and stick of political appendage is an abuse of power, and insult to God and human dignity.

God bless America! God bless Ghana! Glory be to God in the Highest! Amen and Amen!!!

June 25, 2009 immanuelenoch@yahoo.com/enochimmanuel09@yahoo.com

Columnist: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel A.