Akuffo must be arrested immediately!

Wed, 7 Mar 2012 Source: Boateng, Chris Gyamfi

Akuffo is a dangerous and shameless pervert: He must be arrested immediately!

William Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s image and morals have sunk further into their lowest ebb following a revelation on a youtube video depicting the 2008 defeated NPP presidential candidate groping and fondling the breast of a married GBC female staff (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9NE9Wp_PuQ). By this singular act, the man has shown that he is morally inept as argon! This caricature of a presidential wannabe’s sexual escaped and exploitations had been in the public domain for a while, setting tongues wagging and enquiring minds asking if Ghana would be safe in the unlikely scenario of electing this shameless pervert and a womanizer to be president of our dear nation. It’s widely posited that William Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s hanky-panky and philandering led to the break-up of Ursula Owusu’s marriage and the man is reported having sex in his cars as well as in his office. Quite nauseating, disgusting and irresponsible on the part of this mischievous man who wants to kill to lead our beloved nation.

Obviously, Akuffo Addo capitalized on his high profile position in society to take undue advantage of this poor and helpless woman. Like the proverbial docile Ghanaian women, this woman didn’t seize the opportunity to give Akuffo Addo some dirty slaps in the face and kick his groins for him to learn a lesson not to venture near someone’s wife again. Even though he has embarrassed the women before the comity of humans, I don’t think all is not lost for I would want to urge the woman’s husband to hunt for Akuffo Addo and pump some bullets into his balls and then file sexual harassment charges against this opportunist. One wonders what at all is it with Akuffo Addo and women’s anatomical and sensitive body parts? He is either talking about women’s bottoms, or having sex and misusing zongo women or he is groping and fondling the breasts of married women. Was he sexually abused as a child or he was simply raised up in a dysfunctional home? The fact must not be lost on us that the former US president Bill Clinton started his unbridled sexual exploits in this same manner culminating in his impeachment and subsequent disgrace in 1999. But do we have to wait for Akuffo Addo to take us through this agonizing slope? There is no gainsaying that it would be prudent to stop this pervert in his tracks before he turns the seat of government to a brothel house and the time to stop him is by voting massively against him in the forthcoming election. What at all does Akuffo Addo want from Ghanaians? Please, Mr. Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, for Christ’s go, go, go and leave Ghanaians alone! Interestingly, Akuffo Addo and his loyalists have codenamed him “yenim no firi tete”, meaning he has been on the block from time immemorial and like I’ve previously noted, non-NPP Ghanaians don’t know him for any worthy accomplishments he’s chalked for Ghanaians as a whole except for organizing and leading violent and deadly demonstrations as a means of blackmailing and destabilizing governments as one of his followers mentioned to me recently. In fact, Akuffo Addo is not noted for any tangible achievements but we surely know his track record as a shameless womanizer as indicated by the Wikileaks cables as well as his mega failures for the eight years that he served as Attorney General and Minister of Justice when his NPP was in power. For the reasons assigned below, we can say that we don’t know the man from “tete” but we certainly do know that he was a sore loser for eight years and therefore does not and should not be given the mandate to rule our peace-loving and beautiful Ghana where we are striving hard to shrug off the “Cocaine Coast” that the country was christened with when he was the A-G and Foreign Minister. Now, I would like Akuffo Addo and his loyalists to address the sixteen (16) points catalogued below if the man wants to be taken seriously: 1. Akuffo Addo was a leading member of NPP and practically the presidential candidate when tons of cocaine got missing from the police headquarters under CCTV. Did Nana Akuffo Addo make any comments on such a glaring negligence, if not an act of criminal conspiracy? Or did he make any concerted efforts to apprehend the culprits? What did he know about this daylight robbery as A-G?

2. Benjilo was a hardened drug dealer in the 1990s. That drug criminal was arrested, tried and duly jailed by a court of competent jurisdiction and his drug-funded property in Accra confiscated. During the eight years of NPP rule, part of which Nana Addo served as Attorney-General, Benjilo's property was de-confiscated. Did Akuffo Addo know that drug-dealing was a crime when he championed the de-confiscation of Benjilo's property?

3. Why did Akufo-Addo, as Attorney General, oversee the de-confiscation of frozen assets of Raymond Amankwah, a reputed global Cocaine Baron? And how did Raymond Amankwaa come in possession of Ghana Diplomatic passport (s) and roamed the world until he was napped in Brazil in 2007?

4. Did he not know that by literally presiding over that act, a terrible example was set and cocaine barons all over the globe were sent a signal that the NPP government of Ghana was in bed with drug peddling and that the government had no problem with the trafficking of narcotic drugs?

5. Did the fact that Raymond Amankwah was a relative of Akufo-Addo in anyway influence that decision?

7. Was Raymond Amankwah until his arrest in Brazil, not associated with Akufo-Addo's 2008 campaign?

8. Was Akufo-Addo not the Attorney General in the year 2001, when the state prosecution of Frank Benneh was suddenly discontinued, with the latter appearing on a campaign platform at Kasoa with the former?

9. Why did he so mysteriously stop a case that NDC's Deputy Attorney General, Martin Amidu prosecuted so relentlessly until NPP took over the reins of office?

10. Does Akufo-Addo know that the discontinuation of that famous case was another strong signal of his own lack of political commitment to fight the drug menace and the indication of the weakness of NPP's resolve to deal with the canker? Or doesn’t he realize that by that single act, Akuffo Addo implicated himself and gave the signal that he was in bed with drug dealers?

11. What about the three NPP Dzorwulu branch executives who were busted with narcotics at Kotoka in February 2002 when Akufo-Addo was AG?

12. Is it not interesting that under his tenure as AG, all those three arrested NPP drug queens just vanished into thin air? Their dockets also just magically disappeared like a phantom?

13. What did Nana Addo do about that case to send a strong and clear message to Ghana and the world that his government abhorred drug trafficking and that he was dead set to punish anyone, regardless of proximity to the ruling class, who dares engage in the dangerous narcotic trafficking?

14. Was Akufo-Addo not a prominent member of parliament who was pushing hard for a law (described by Ghanaians as Amoateng Bill) to be passed that will essentially allow Ghanaian drug offenders, languishing in foreign jails to be sent back to Ghana to complete their term? 15. Does Nana Akufo-Addo still believe in the Amoateng Bill? Does he think that it will be useful to bring back to Ghana, top NPP drug financiers like Eric Amoateng and Raymond Amankwah?

16. Why does Nana Addo think that the accusation of drug addiction has never been leveled against any other leader or potential leader of his party like K.A Busia, Victor Owusu, Adu Boahen, J.A. Kufuor or Alan Kyeremateng but only him? Is it just a sheer coincidence?

Akuffo Addo must be told blinking of an eye that due to his inactions and actions, his ineptitude as well as the lackadaisical and aloofness on his part when it comes to contraband drugs, and his sexual exploitations and lack of respect for women, most Ghanaians think that he is not fit, nay, he is not qualified to be leading this nation which wants to rid itself of organized crime, violent crime and crime of all shades and forms and immorality. He will therefore be jettisoned come December 2012.

I’m Koo Boateng and I approve of the message I’ve written above.

Chris Gyamfi Boateng, Northeast Philadelphia, USA.

Columnist: Boateng, Chris Gyamfi