Akufo-Addo To Cause Mayhem If He Wins

Wed, 5 Dec 2012 Source: Tweneboah-Koduah, Nana Akua

…Creates Master Hit List

…To Sack People From Their Jobs

…To Punish Some Businessman/women

By Nana Akua Tweneboah-Koduah

Ghana indeed would be one of the most dreadful places to live for many people if something goes wrong and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo becomes the country’s next Commander-in-Chief. For your information, so many people are in danger of losing their top jobs if God forbid Akufo-Addo is declared the winner of the up-coming elections on Friday December 7, 2012. Apart from that, some top businesses have been penciled to suffer severely under a supposed Akufo-Addo’s government.

As a result, I am warning those who are currently holding top positions in the country or are doing their genuine businesses to better watch out because they have been targeted by the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

A document that I have chanced upon reveals the diabolical plan that had been drawn by the NPP to sack all top government officials they identify as leaning or having sympathy for the NDC. They have also set their target to stifle the businesses of those who are perceived of being compassionate towards the NDC.

Even though the first ballot of the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary election is yet to be cast, the NPP folks have not been sleeping. Instead of plotting their campaign strategy that would help them to go on top of the up-coming elections, they have rather burnt the midnight candle and plotted on how to cause chaotic situations in many homes around the country when they come back to power.

The hit list which is very comprehensive and explosive and has the tendency of causing misery in many homes, far supersedes the hit list that ex-president Kufour created and used in sacking all top officials including even chief directors of the various ministries when he assumed power in 2001. This time the NPP means business, therefore, Ewes, Gas, Northerners and Fantes are forewarned because they would be severely punished by Akufo-Addo if he wins power.

Some prominent government Mr. Kwadwo Twum-Boafo, CEO of Free Zone Board, Ms. Dorothy Fianko, CEO of Ghana Airport Authority and Mr. Anthony Fofie, Chief Executive of Ghana COCOBOD and the Acting Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Henry Kofi Wampah.

Businessmen who are on the hit list include Mr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, CEO of Zoomlion, Mr. Roland Agambire, CEO of RLG, Dr. Addo of Kama Industries, Tobge Efede XIV, Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State, Nii Oko Dzani, Mr. Ibrahim Mahana, ECO of Engineers and Planners and brother of President Mahama and CEO of Mr. Emmanuel Botchwey of Regimanuel and Mrs. Bertha Sogah, CEO of MASLOC.

Strangely enough Dr. Arthur Kennedy a serious NPP member showed up on the list. His crime: for writing the book that exposed the NPP after they lost the 2008 elections.

According to the document, the NPP had realized that no matter how hard they try, majority of Ewes and Gas would never pander towards them, hence their decision to get even with them by sacking people from those tribes who are currently holding top positions in government. As for the Fantes, Akufo-Addo is pissed off that they bolted the NPP in 2008 thus causing him the presidency.

And to ensure how serious the NPP is, some key members of the NPP have already been penciled for those positions, an indication of how diabolical members of the NPP are. According to the secret document, dismissal letters would even be drafted before Akufo-Addo is sworn into office, if he should win the December election.

This secret but evil plan by the NPP should give a wake-up call to all Fantes, Ewes, Northerners and Gas who are currently holding some key positions under the NDC administration. Simply put their jobs are on the line if Ghanaians make the terrible mistake of returning the looting brigade back to power. I bet you so many voices would be loudly heard in Ramah (Ga, Ewe and Fante Lands) of weeping and great mourning when the NPP comes back to power. Rachel (Those currently in top positions) would be weeping and gnashing their teeth and refuse to be comforted if the NPP wins the up-coming elections, because they would no longer be the bread winners for their families.

Businessmen and women who have shown some sympathy towards the NDC cause/s and have helped the party since it came back to power would be squeezed by the NPP according to the document. This grand standing plan is meant to consolidate the hold of some few tribes in Ghana for a long time to come.

I am therefore, warning Ghanaians to do the right thing by rejecting a divisive person like Akufo-Addo. This malevolence plan he had devised would send the country backwards than move it forward. It would divide the country as a nation and set some tribes against others. This is not what the country needs.

Ghana has come a long way and therefore needs a government or a leader who would bring the country together for the common good of all. We do not need a party or a leader who would set people and tribes against each other in order to create enmity, witch-hunting, suspicions, hatred and unnecessary tensions in the country.


Columnist: Tweneboah-Koduah, Nana Akua