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Akufo-Addo Vs. Ken Agyapong

Wed, 4 Jul 2012 Source: Jackson, Margaret

…….. Who Do You Believe?

By Margaret Jackson

July 1, 2012

The infamous battle cry rattled by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, NPP’s Presidential Candidate, to his followers was, “All Die Be Die”. And he has not relented on it, but keeps trumpeting it in spite of the heavy loads of condemnation. What it meant is that this year’s elections must be won by the NPP at all cost and through every possible means.

But not too long ago, Akufo-Addo’s rallying call received a major jolt. Somebody counted it or at best dismissed it. It was defied by no other person than Kennedy Agyapong, NPP’s Assin North Member of Parliament and the party’s most warlike and divisive personality. Agyapong bluntly stated that, the NPP as a party is not worth dying for. This is similar to the tale of the fish emerging from the deep waters to announce the demise of the crocodile.

Ken Agyapong, who sacrifices parliamentary proceedings to stay on Radio and Television stations at the least opportunity to do stomach politicking aimed at bringing down the NDC, accused the NPP leadership of allowing some individuals within the party of taking control of the NPP and using it to promote their selfish and personal interest.

Ken Agyapong who was ticked off by the statement issued by the NPP disassociating itself from his declaration of war on radio in which he called on Ashantis to attack and kill Ewes and Gas stated that whatever he did was in the interest of the NPP. In fact Agyapong added that he spoke the minds of the NPP. I hope Ghanaians have taken note.

The MP did not hide his pent-up feelings towards the NPP when he blamed Gabby Asare Ochere-Darko and Mrs. Oboshie Sai-Coffie of issuing the statement disassociating the party from what he Agyapong said.

The bombshell released by Agyapong clearly took the NPP by surprise, which immediately sent panic waves across the NPP and also sent the wrong signals to the party’s opponents. Just look at the speed with which Nana Akomea, the Kenkey Politician, who also doubles as the NPPs Communication Director, came out to condemn Agyapong and stated that he is an ungrateful person.

Why should Agyapong not be considered ungrateful? If you are Agyapong and has called for the annihilation of Ewes and Gas and the NPP folks do not see any political backlash on this statement, and have come out in droves to support you and you later accuse them why should they not brand you as an ungrateful person.

Did Ghanaians take note when Akomea stated that the NPP has supported Agyapong all the way through during his arrest and prosecution and that he and the NPPs Chair, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey and other leading party members have shown SOLIDARITY to Agyapong? Solidarity to someone who has called for the killings of Ewes and Gas whose votes the NPP very much need to coast to victory? Wonders will continue to happen.

It is an open secret that the NPP is hell bent on winning the up-coming elections which is why they are throwing dust from all angles just to make them stick and weaken the NDC before the first votes are cast. But it is equally important to state that all is not well within the NPP as they have swept so many dirty issues under the carpet just to deceive voters into believing that they are a well knitted party.

Now with the NPP hell bent on coming back to power, who do Ghanaians believe? Do you believe Akufo-Addo who wants his supporters to go the extra mile by putting their lives on the line just for him to become the next president of the country, or do you go with Ken Agyapong, NPPs hatchet-man-in-chief, who claims that the NPP after all is not worth dying for?

The NPP membership especially the party’s core leadership believes only in three things: MONEY, POWER and GLORY (MPG). That is all what they believe in therefore, just like what Agyapong said; the party is not worth dying for. The NPP as a party does not believe in sharing the national cake for the overall benefit of Ghanaians. That is why most of the projects they embarked on did not see fruition and that even the ones they completed have doses of question marks hanging on them. The MPG Group believes in the top-down theory or policy whereby money is concentrated in the hands of few powerful individuals with the rest of the people heavily depended on them.

Such a party has nothing good to offer Ghanaians. If what the NPP did in the 8 years that they were in power is any yardstick, Ghanaians should brace themselves for the worse if they mistakenly vote for them in December.

Coming events they say cast their shadow, which is why God in His own Good Time has let the cat out of the bag, by letting Agyapong tell Ghanaians more about the NPP. If Agyapong who has been the chief warrior of the NPP and has been on the ropes for the party for all this time, today emerges and rubbishes the NPP as a party not worth dying for, this indeed should be a wake-up call to Ghanaians who are thinking of bringing these looting gangsters back to power.

The NPP has nothing better to offer Ghanaians. They love money more than human beings and they believe money is and can buy everything. They detest human beings who they consider just as numbers and means to their power and glory. Just engage any NPP member in a conversation and the first thing you will hear is money, money and money. But if you are dealing with a group whose cardinal trade in life is nothing but money, then be warned.



Columnist: Jackson, Margaret