Akufo-Addo asks Ghanaians to chase him away

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 Source: Bokor, Michael J. K.

By Dr. Michael J.K. Bokor

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Folks, I don't want to believe what has been attributed to the NPP's Akufo-Addo: "Everyone who comes with the language of division or tribalism is one who has no love for Ghana. Please, do not pay heed to those who come to you with such language. Chase those kinds of people away.” (See https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/Collins-Dauda-s-Islamophobic-comment-illogical-Akufo-Addo-462058).

Is this Akufo-Addo so dishonest? What is on record about his own public utterances promoting divisiveness exceeds what he is accusing Alhaji Collins Dauda of.

For the records, his highly infamous and inflammatory "Yen Akanfuo" tribal note of superiority complex and separatism still alarms. It remains a big blot on his political capabilities and will for long bounce back to haunt him as a divider of ranks and not a unifier (Can he not see from practical evidence how his orchestration of calumny against Paul Afoko and his eventual removal from the genuinely earned NPP Chair position has been interpreted to dim his light)?

Again, in reference to the "Atiwa" incident, he made jaws drop as a divisive character eaten up completely by the worm of vengeance. He is still not believed as someone who can rise above vengeance.

How about his ignoble call to war against political opponents ("All-die-be-die"?, which is one sordid blot on his credibility or love for peace?

Truth be told, let me say that in all these instances, Akufo-Addo hasn't deigned it politically wise or naturally reasonable---for the sake of fellow-feeling and peaceful co-existence of people and political entities. He hasn't yet seen the immorality of such despicable utterances.

Beyond his personal level come the equally damaging utterances by one of his sole financiers and darling politician, the imbecile called Kennedy Agyapong, who is on record as having uttered the worst illogical threats and what-not?

Take his incitement against Ewes and Gas living among Asantes, for instance. When he instigated the murder of such people, he did so, knowing very well that what he was about to set in motion would be supported by Akufo-Addo and the NPP machine, which they did.

Akufo-Addo did not and hasn't to date commented on such an utterance nor has he distanced himself from it. He has resisted all pressure on him to condemn Agyapong.

Again, when Agyapong went out of his way to impute sexual immorality against the EC Chair (Mrs. Osei) and drew rancourous public condemnation, Akufo-Addo chose not to know anything about the insult or its impact on our democracy. he hasn't commented on it nor has he condemned Agyapong as all conscionable and reasonable people and institutions have done.

When Yaw Osafo-Marfo berated Akans for not resisting the rise to power by members of the less populous or less wealthy ethinc groups, Akufo-Addo's strategy of selective amnesia blinded him. It clogged his ears and prevented him from hearing anything about it. He tacitly supported that divisive and dangerous claim by Osafo-Marfo and its implications. After all, such an utterance suits his own narrow political purposes.

We are even not talking about his running mate's ill-thought-of allegation that appointments at the Presidency under John Mahama is tilted toward non-Muslims, an utterance that flies in the face of truth and has remained in public discourse as unbecoming. Akufo-Addo didn't react to this faux pas.

Yet, he has found it politically self-serving to jump on Alhaji Dauda for throwing the ball about Muslims back into the NPP's court. What does Dr. Bawumia's claim mean that Alhaji Dauda's doesn't?

By reacting the way he has done, Akufo-Addo has confirmed the poor opinion that some of us have about him. He lacks leadership skills and is not well-cut-out for the high office that he is wasting his time and energy chasing.

A leader who reacts to only issues threatening his political ambition while condoning others endangering national unity and well-being is no leader at all. Akufo-Addo has just proved that he is that person. A leader who supports political violence against his party's opponents and even encourages same within his own party against members not seeing things eye-to-eye with him is no leader to invest with the power to rule Ghana. Akufo-Addo has proved to be that person.

Even as he reacted negatively to what Alhaji Dauda is reported as saying, he has forgotten that his own ugly traces are still evidently visible on the political terrain. Let him PURGE himself (as that "Man-of-God" has already told him. Then, he can come across as a changed man to be "tried" as Ghana's president.

Knowing him for what he is, I wonder if he can ever purge himself as such. The effect? He will lead the mass of NPP followers through thick and thin to the outskirts of the land of milk and honey; but they won't set foot there to access the goodies. The "Promised Land" (in this case, the seat of government) will be seen but not entered. Those who seek to make any difference should first come clean. Akufo-Addo hasn't; and he can't make any difference.

And as he has said, Ghanaians will chase away characters like him making the life-threatening and fear-laden utterances in pursuit of their political ambitions. He is the first target for this archery.

I shall return…

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Columnist: Bokor, Michael J. K.