Akufo Addo claimed Ownership Of NPP In Ashanti Region

Thu, 28 Jan 2010 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Akufo Addo’s propensity for self-aggrandizement bubbled up yet again during his weekend tripe to the Ashanti Region. Akufo Addo is a disgrace to the UP/NPP tradition and his inclination to exacerbate the division within the NPP for his stupid political interest surfaced in the Ashanti region. Akufo Addo the- 70 years- old man who does not possesses any common sense, has unequivocally declared his political hatred towards Mr. Amankwah, the NPP chairman of Ashanti Region, the NPP strong hold and also showing hatred towards the next potential NPP National Chairman Mr Stephen Ntim. Akufo Addo has the audacity to say that he cannot work together with either the Ashanti Regional Chairman Mr Amankwah or Stephen Ntim if they triumph their various positions.

To begin with, who in his right mind will ask you Akufo Addo, to lead this NPP organization for the 2012 general elections? Remembered respect is not a gift; one has to earn it. Nobody is asking you to lead this organization so shut up and move on with your 70 –year-old miserable life. The NPP cannot continue to allow Akufo Addo his track record from 1979 of creating division within the UP tradition against (PFP) and through his 2007 dubious nomination selection at the University of Ghana to carry on these hatred attitude within this institution. What authority does Akufo Addo’s have within NPP to determine who can he work and who he cannot work with. Is the NPP his grand father’s franchise in order for him to decide who he wants to work with? This is totally politically nonsense.

Nananum, Ladies and gentleman the outburst of Akufo Addo choosing his mafia political ambition over patriotism by creating division against some important personalities within the NPP organization shows all of us what this Akufo Addo stands for. The collective interest of the party’s unification is not his priority but his personal interest of becoming the president of Ghana, which will never happen. Akufo Addo is very divisive and politically vindictive against those he cannot stand. This has been the political style he has been using to destroy this great organization, which many of our ancestors shed their precious blood to establish. The question is how in the world can this Akufo Addo can come out and go around the country and campaign against Stephen Ntim, someone with whom he cannot work. What does this Akufo Addo take the people of Brong Ahafo for? Let me tell this knucklehead Akufo Addo about what he dosen’ t know about the Ashanti’s. They are proud to be an Ashanti. The Ashanti’s do not care about the heavy bribery you are paying; the Ashanti’s care more about loyalty than money. However, the Central Region is not an Ashanti region, where you were able to buy your way with 2008 the NPP campaign money in your possession. I will promise you this. Whether you and your mafia gangsters like it or not Mr. Amankwah will be retained his position as the next NPP chairman in the Ashanti region and there is nothing you and your criminal cronies can do about it.

However, out of 39 constituencies in the Ashanti region those 15 constituency chairmen and executives who came to meet this Akufo Addo would have known that this Akufo Addo and his uncle William Ofori Attah were the ones who brought Victor Owusu (PFP) down in the 19 79 general elections. They will never waste their time on him. If this Akufo Addo has any class, he will not socialize with Amoako Tuffour, a loser, who lacks the political and moral credibility to perform and succeed in any political campaign he has managed. Given Amoako Tuffour’s track record on managing the Vice Prez Aliu’s poor primary campaign’s nobody in the Ashanti region respects this Akufo Addo’s carpet bagger Amoako Tuffours who has no future. Akufo Addo the 70 –year- old man is not the NPP leader based on the party’s constitutions. Only the chairman has the power to decide who gets what. If Akufo Addo had the firepower to go to Kumasi and declare that he cannot work with Stephan Ntim, the son of Brong Ahafo and the current Ashanti regional NPP chairman is a disgrace to this organization for some party members to support his criminal agenda. Why cannot Akufo Addo use the same firepower and go to the public domain to defend himself from the cocaine charges that have been hanging around his neck since 2008. I promise this Akufo Addo that soon people from the Ashanti Region and Brong Ahafo who are not familiar with his divisive and subversive political methods since 1979 will soon knows who he is.

From : Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York ).

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi