Akufo-Addo is doing well but the country's judiciary system needs improvement


Mon, 6 Apr 2020 Source: Joel Savage

I am really glad over the way the Ghanaian leader, Nana Akufo Addo, has handled the situation of the coronavirus in the country, despite previously criticizing him for refusing to evacuate some Ghanaian students stranded in China, during the outbreak of the disease which hasn't yet subsided.

Decades after African countries liberated themselves from under the yoke of colonialism, the leaders continue to disappoint the people by involvement in deep corruption scandals with impunity. Every Ghanaian leader that actually promises to fight corruption fails. This has been with the Akufo Addo regime as well.

However, in regard to handling state affairs, Akfufo Addo who actually seems to lack the knowledge of effective leadership has suddenly impressed many Ghanaians over the daily management of affairs in the country and above all the way he quickly handled the coronavirus situation in the country to avoid the spread.

Even though at the moment, Ghana has registered 214 cases and 5 deaths, it's clear and obvious that the quick strict preventive measures of the government have helped to lower the rate of people that could possibly contract the invincible disease.

One of such preventive measures instituted by the government is

is emergency Operations Centre, which has been activated to send alerts to all regions to Public Health Emergency Management Committees, to initiate preparedness activities and enhance surveillance for respiratory diseases.

The corruptible judiciary system which undermines Akufo Addo's government

The effective performance of the judiciary in Africa has been one of the biggest problems the judiciary system faces for ages. The problem still exists in Africa today. Ghana's judiciary is wholly corrupt and ineffective, giving the opportunity to elites to break the law with impunity.

It only becomes headlines when high government officials are involved in corruption scandals but after some time, it becomes a piece of dead news because nobody is punished or goes to jail for the crime they commit.

It seems the Ghana judiciary system was purposely established in the country to take care of goat and chicken thieves. This unprofessional act is what is actually undermining the current Ghanaian government and from every angle, he seems he is satisfied with it seems he has no solutions to make it better.

Corruption reigns everywhere in Ghana, including land issues. Chiefs in possession of lands in the country continue to resell to more than one buyer with impunity because they believe in the weak judiciary system. I believe Nana can change things but how determined to do that?

An important thing Nana Akufo Addo must understand is the role the judiciary system plays in the improvement of a country's economy, therefore, no matter how effective he becomes if the judiciary system is not effective, his effectiveness will materialize in a very slow pace.

Columnist: Joel Savage