Akufo-Addo’s government not handling Western Togoland issue properly in the national interest

Sat, 11 May 2019 Source: Kofi Kakraba Pratt (Alhaji Kokrap)

Folks, this is a short one. This is a passing comment rather than an analysis of the legality or otherwise of the claim by HSGH or pros and cons of the argument. That will come later. This is just about the handling of the crisis and the possible implications of a spark.

Why arrest the leadership and transport them to Accra? It is creating an “us and the “atmosphere and culture already. Why try the arrested leadership in a court in Accra? Don’t we have police stations, courts and prisons where they were arrested? Where are all the highly paid so-called security experts and advisors? Why has the government of Ghana sent uniformed armed policemen into the region instead of intelligence led plain clothes national security operatives? Do they not know that they are actually pouring fuel on the fire by setting the police up as a high visibility targets? What sort of politicians do we have in Ghana?

This is very dangerous and unnecessary escalation. I expect the president to be in Southern Volta working his way up this weekend. The Vice President in Northern Volta working his way down, with Ministers and National security chiefs in-between. They should be seen in photos with every chief, church, mosque, traditional festival, funeral, naming ceremony, weddings, school assembly hall, anything.

They should move all prominent Ewes as well as all past presidents and public figures including church and mosques leaders in the country to the region. They must even meet members of the HSGF group if possible. This is time for charm offensive.

There must be a media blitz of all national activities and programs and contributions both to and from the Volta Region on national developments. Where are the past military chiefs of the various armed forces from our dear region? Where are all our eminent chiefs from Ashanti, Esikafo, Dormaa Ahenkoro, Bole , Worawora and Salaga? This is a national crisis and affects the total security and unity of our total people.

If we leave it too late, it will take just one person with an AK 47, to stop one Aflao bound bus on Dabala road, demanding the visa of non Voltarrians on the bus and shooting even a non Voltarian dog or cat to ignite a spark that will take minimum 50 years to resolve and at least five hundred thousand lives. It will also slow the almost already non existent development in our country.

While at it, can those who in 2015 went round shouting and claiming that all Voltarians who vote for the NDC are not bona fide Ghanaians please swallow their pride and apologise profusely and with great regrets?

This is not time for relaxing in Accra while creating more confrontation. This is the time for charm offensive.

This is the time to use all media houses, Newspapers, Radio, TVs and social media in all Regions to unite us as one family.

This is not the time to close radio and television stations. Wake up!!!!

We are doomed to have the leaders we have without brains.

Ghana deserves better!!

United we stand, divided we fall

Columnist: Kofi Kakraba Pratt (Alhaji Kokrap)