Akufo Addo’s top 20 arrogant appointees: Electronic & social media activists response - Part 2

Sat, 14 Sep 2019 Source: Raymond Kumah/Razak Asante

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The recent publication by some “Ghost” groups namely; “United Patriots and Freedom Network claiming to have conducted some form of research and subsequently coming up with some list of respected and hardworking persons purported to be the most arrogant and selfish are nothing but some ghost individuals whose agenda are calculated lies seeking to destroy the image and reputations of those gentlemen involved.

ESMA made it a point after that publication to investigate their claim, responses that came in only strengthened our conviction that these “ghost” groups were just indulging in character assassination

Our interactions and inquiries established some significant outcome of some individuals which we will share for the benefit of all

George Andah – Deputy Minister – Communications

Hon. George Andah is one true definition of a grassroots man, he has always availed himself to his constituents and as a Deputy Minister receives visitors with a good heart. Interestingly, for a busy person as he is, he has always been on hand to receive calls and return same in an event he was unable to pick them.

The most refreshing thing is that even during his corporate days he had a policy to be very receptive to everyone and be swift in his response to their plight.

It is no surprise that as a fully-fledged politician as he is now, his good human relations are continuously manifesting in all his endeavours

We believe strongly, those things said about Hon. George Andah are palpable falsehood and calculated attempt to cause disaffection for him and mar his hard-earned reputation

Hon. Kwesi Amoako Atta – (MP) Minister Roads and Highway

Hon. Amoako Atta is one person whose accessibility has been widely spoken about and appreciated by a lot of people across the political divide, his responsiveness and attentiveness to people as a Minister and MP has widely been attested to, Hon. Sam George even recently gave a glowing account of his encounters with him. It is not common for an opposition member to speak in such manner about his opponent.

Grassroot persons have as well given some very positive account about him so the assertion of he being arrogant and unresponsive to people’s plight is unfounded and are only being peddled by his detractors.

Hon. Eugene Antwi – Deputy Minister Works and Housing

Hon. Eugene Antwi has been exemplary and very diligent with his work and his encounters with people has yielded positive outcomes as some people attested to.

He meets you with smiles and departs with smiles and always on hand to assist in anyway he can. A summed up Testimonies shared by people

Hon. Hackman Owusu Agyemang – Board Chair Cocobod

To portray Hon. Hackman as arrogant and Selfish is the most ridiculous of all, all the years in his political life not on one occasion has these descriptions ever been attributed to him so to hear this now indicates clearly the agenda set to tag him negatively.

With his position as Chairman National Council of Elders, Hon. Hackman Owusu-Agyemang is in constant touch with party people at all times and has never fallen short of addressing the needs of grassroots people.

It is our strong believe the agenda of these faceless groups are mischievous and maliciously crafted to destroy those individuals mentioned and must, therefore, be treated with the contempt it deserves.


Raymond Kumah(Okyeman)



Razak Asante



Columnist: Raymond Kumah/Razak Asante
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