Akufo Ado won’t be intimidated.

Sun, 16 Dec 2012 Source: Yawose, John

Mahama will be exposed

It is generally agreed that the 2012 Presidential elections are over. But the processes are not. That fact is well known too. If there are any issues, the courts are there to hear them in 21 days. The legal stipulation is in Articles 64 (1) and (2) of the constitution thus: The validity of the election of the President may be challenged only by a citizen of Ghana who may present a petition for the purpose to the Supreme Court within twenty-one days after the declaration of the result of the election in respect of which the petition is presented- A declaration by the Supreme Court that the election of the President is not valid shall be without prejudice to anything done by the President before the declaration.

But NDC and their attack dogs appear to be uncomfortable with NPP’s position of wanting to go to court to challenge the results. They are trying to intimidate Akufo Ado, the flagbearer of NPP to concede defeat and stop any further legal challenge. They are desperate, working to portray NPP as violent and sour losers. Gabby Otchere –Darko has already advised them against such negativities.

Now, listen to a communication team member of the ruling NDC Kakra Essamuah , that: he will support any coup d’état in the country if Akufo-Addo, presidential candidate of the opposition NPP is declared president by a court of competent jurisdiction. Listen again to the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at the Presidency, Dr. Tony Aidoo, that: the opposition New Patriotic Party is banned from Ghana’s body politics. For all their [NPP] intellectual bigotry they don’t know the law. They don’t have any democratic credentials; they are terrorists.

Further, there are attempts to force as happened in the search and destroy documents in NPP’s offices with the hope of intimidating NPP to accept the results of the Electoral Commissioner. They are also saying that the messages of congratulations from foreign leaders to John Mahama and affirmations of the general fairness of the poll by election observers have also left the NPP without many sympathizers in its protests. NDC are also saying because-- NDC have won 8 regions NPP cannot be said to be winners of the Presidential elections—and that because NDC has majority in the incoming parliament, there ie no reason that NPP should be in charge of the executive with Akufo Ado as President and that Ghana will look pathetic with such an arrangement.

NDC are just branding out such moronic views to insult the intelligence of Ghanaians and primarily to play the psychological game on NPP and particularly Akufo Ado to intimidate him to concede and stop the intended court challenge. Top dogs of NDC know that they have been presenting to the public emotional, sentimental and populist arguments as mentioned above to let NPP look bad. They know that the Supreme court will have none of that and rather will look only at the facts at hand and as presented on the legal table to make final determination on the presidential debate. NDC know that there are several examples of the court system having been used as instruments to reverse electoral verdicts — at least in Ayawaso West Wuogon and Wulensi parliamentary elections in this fourth republic. NDC know the facts. They are in possession of the Blue Sheets which have the base polling station results. NDC have done the arithmetic and they know that Mahama did not garner enough popular votes to cross the 50% mark to warrant outright victory. Hence their brutal search and destroy mission at NPP collation center at Asylum Down. Hence their brutal suppression of OMAN FM and NET2 Tv. Hence the vicious harassment of top dogs of NPP.

The knowledge that NPP challenge has a potential of exposing the rot in the just ended system has made NDC/Mahama very jittery, nervous and unstable. NPP’s legitimate legal intentions are real and NDC are suddenly not sure. The facts are hanging on John Mahama – as sword of damocles. Akufo Ado is not a hypocrite to concede defeat and later go to court like charlatanistic hypocrite John Mills did in 2004. Akufo Ado is strong and resolute. He will be true to his convictions any day. He has DEMOCRATICALLY fought 3 dictators over 40 years. He stood against the dictatorships of General Acheampong, General Akuffo and Ft. Lt Rawlings. He was firm as a democrat in all the regimes.

Akufo Ado will never be intimidated. He will act democratically and if in so doing he is labelled agitator-hitleric - so be it! So be it! So be it! but Akufo Ado will go to court if he is convinced. NDC, Mahama dirty tricks and EC horrible manifestations will be exposed. Intimidations will not help them. NDC are jumpy. NDC look nervy.

Akufo Ado will soon emerge as one of Ghana's greatest democratic heroes!! Watch Out! Watch Out the next four weeks.

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John