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Alan Kyeremantang

Alan Kyeremantang: Ghana's Hope

My fellow countryman the day of decision is at hand. The New Patriotic Party (NPP) delegate’s decision made on December 22nd 2007 will impact the future of our motherland for generations to come. These delegates have the hegemonic powers to determine whether the fate and fortunes of our children, grandchildren and future generations of Ghanaians will be bright or dismal.
Securing a solid nation so that our future generations are able enjoy the fruits of our labor begins today with the decisions that these NPP delegates will make on the 22 December. We must choose the right candidate who has the wisdom, experience in management and economic Knowledge to lead the country. It is incumbent on us to get rid of the corruption and tribalism once and for all. The realization of these hopeful aspirations can only be achieved with your support for John Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen; let’s bond together to put this man and his vision at the helm of our country’s affairs. Alan Kyerematen is a man of impeccable character who has repeatedly proven himself to be a loyal patriotic, who can be trusted to rid our country of all the malpractices and stagnation. Only this road leads to a bright future for all Ghanaians regardless of one ethnicity.
Among all of candidates, Alan is the only one who has the great passion to transform the lives of the under class in obscure places including those around the urban areas into productive optimistic participant in our society. Alan’s ability to create solid job opportunities and help others to support themselves and their families vision gives him the practical financially. As spokes person for the common people I have realize that Alan has all the qualification not only to handle the duties of the nation, but to build a better economy for years to come. As I have said before, the bureaucracy in politics means waiting on the line until it reaches your turn. 2009 is the turn of the humble and tolerant man John Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten to be our nation’s servant who will serve our nation better than all of the previous leaders who has ever served before. Recently, Anti- Alan forces have therefore hitched their poisonous political wagon to negative campaigning smear Tactics out of their frustration. Their mission is to sink Alan Kyeremateng’s presidential candidacy by destroying his reputation. They are making loud false noises about his campaign finance even though they are hypocritically spending more money than Alan. This has reminded me of Hillary Clinton’s vicious negative attacks on the Barack Obama kindergarten story for the American Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. Alan is a very hard working man whose efforts will transform despair to hope for the nation and its citizens. Among all the candidates his economic policies and performance are far better than the rest. This has distinguished him from his opponents who have no vision for the continuation of the solid economic foundation the nation has built for the last five years. Something special that many Ghanaians are not aware of is that Mr. Kyeremanteng drows his values from his religious faith. Let us all give praise and honor to God on December 22nd. We will look at that day as the moment the Lord has chosen to nominate John Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanteng as the NPP Presidential candidate. Alan’s hope is our hope for all Ghanaians May Our Lord bless you and our motherland.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)
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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi