Alan Kyeremanteng cannot Lead a United NPP Rejoinder

Fri, 27 Mar 2009 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

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The Ghanaweb article published on Friday 20th March 2009, Alan Kyeremanteng Cannot Lead a United NPP. He says “Any one who has interest of our party at heart to understand that Alan Kyeremanteng will almost certainly not be able to unite and lead the NPP and therefore win an election for the party.” This assertion from the so-called NPP fake activist Price Ofosu Sefa, is total political nonsense. There are no current leaders from NPP who can be compared to Alan and therefore win an election for NPP to retain power in 2012. Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanteng is a men with a voice of reason, a man whose political maturity with numerous experiences to move the nation forward, a man who is not divisive but a unifier, a man whose Christian life is immense as compared to other NPP candidates who preach unity, but act out hypocrisy .

He said “ I intentionally do not want to delve into the history of the UNC and PFP split because it is too complicated and controversial as to who was the real successor to the UP/PP tradition.” During the 1979 general election between the two major political parties in Ghana the PFP and PNP Akufo Addo, Professor Adu Boahen and William Ofori Attah, decided to form their own partie. Their motive behind this was to destroy the Late Victor Owusu’s PFP party’s chances to win the elections. Ghanaians believe the PFP was the real party from the UP tradition which had 30% from the first round, PNP from the CPP tradition had 32% and UNC 18%; none of the parties win majority votes. As a result of that, two major parties herded to the second round. Akufo Addo and his uncle William Ofori Attah, urged their UNC followers to vote for (CPP) PNP. Now Akufo Addo and his UNC cronies are claiming the tradition they help to destroy in 1979 as their own, Shame on you!

In addition, after Akufo Addo’s disastrous performance in the 2008 general election, a survey was conducted across the country. Ninety- two percent of all NPP members preferred John Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng to lead the party in 2012 over Akufo Addo. As the saying always goes, if Sunday will be a Joyful day it begins on Saturday evening. If Akufo Addo is a leader who can win election in Ghana, he should not have lost election a sycophant who has no political experience would have won, due to the nation’s economic improvement by NPP administration.

Furthermore, “ It is also true that around the world most political parties typically has at least two main factions within them”. However, no leadership in such party will allow them to create division and destroy the party as Akufo Addo and his cronies have done to the UP tradition and continued to do against the present NPP. You claim that” Alan K meanwhile even resigned from our party for a time” To begin with, let me set the record straight. Alan decided to leave the party because of Akufo Addo and his NUC cronies’ harassment and their intimidation against Alan and his supporters. After he filed a complaint to the Party executive over four months, which they refused, to hear investigate why? because the NPP executive members were all Akufo Addo cronies. The NPP also refused to accept Alan’s resignation letter. Based on that decision, Alan never officially resigned from the NPP .

Moving forward, if Kofi J Boakye Danquah one of the fouding members of the UP tradition were to be a live, today he would never allow Akufo Addo to become a flagbearer of the UP tradition. Boakye Danquah would not allow Akufo Addo to create the UNC party to bring division within the UP tradition he and others sacrificed their lives to build. Boakye Danquah will not allow one ethnic group to claim the UP tradition as their gig, because he was a man who unified people; that is why he was such a great leader for UP/PP tradition. DR J.B Danquah will fully support Alan to lead the NPP unconditionally; he will know Alan was born to a leader. Henceforth, before you say any negative things about Mr. John Alan Kwawdo Kyeremanteng, go to Accra Osu, and visit him at his office you will see the humble man, a man with wisdom, and a man with impeccable character, a man who can be trusted to unify the UP/PP tradition. A man who has been recognized by Mr. Bill Gates the world richest man, for his skills in management, innovative skills and good visionary. This is what Karl Marx once said, “To build a better nation you need people who are creative, good vision and innovate”. This is what the nation and NPP needs, not a divisive candidate like Akufo Addo, and his supporters like Ofosu and others who have now realized that their political idol Akufo Addo is done, so all they wanted to do is attack Alan for unjustifiable reasons.

From; Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi