Alan Kyerematen is The Man of Vision for Ghana:

Alankyeremanten Jan2007

Fri, 16 Nov 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The Queen mother of New York, Ashanteman Association Nana Abena Manu and Miss Theresa Asare (Aunty Asi) the leader of Elimina Association have throw their support to Mr. John Alan Kwadwo Keyerematen as the man who has the vision to lead Ghana to the Promised Land.

The essence of their unconditional support to Alan is about his quiet political maturity with his experiences and his great new ideas. We have seen him move the nation’s industrial base forward to create jobs for the current and the future generations. When Mr. Kyerematen was appointed as Ghana’s Ambassador to Washington DC, he was able to use his skills as an economist and lawyer to lobby for a financial deal that has benefited many small companies to secure loans to help some entrepreneurs to create jobs for our nation’s unemployed youth. Nana Abena Manu the queen’s mother of the Ashanteman Association emphasizes that Mr. Kyerematen has practical and innovative ideas to continue to build a better industrial economy for the nation. His vision to reopen some factories that were closed by the previous administration is a case in point. The nation needs candidates who will encourage entrepreneurship, development and attitude that will bring all Ghanaians together in good spirit.

Mr. Isaac Huston, the Secretary of Elimina Association urged the National Delegates to vote unanimously for Alan in the December 22nd 2007 elections. He said Ghanaians need a political leader who is a God fearing person to lead this nation, and Alan is the man whose Christian life is immense as compared to other candidates for keeping his religious values seriously and obeying God’s principles. I cherish Alan Kyerematen as a gift from God with a great vision to lead this nation .He further stated that Alan has economic ideas to build a stronger entrepreneurship to enable Ghanaians to become self –sufficient; this is one of the characteristics of Mr. Kyerematen being hailed for reassuring signs of his leadership skills, humility, tolerance and his mental toughness. He has sufficient stamina to lead the country. We all have recognized his personal achievement as an Ambassador and Minister for Trade and Industry. We have confidence in Alan that even during his time as president if any economic uncertainties occur in his government, he will unify the entire country to deal with it. The nation needs a younger generation who is a team player and a charismatic person to lead the country. We believe when Alan’s time arrives, he will never become an impediment to the youth to take the up the torch and lead the nation.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi