Alan Should Be Praised For His Work At PSIs Ministry

Alan Kyeremanten

Wed, 19 May 2010 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

John Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng’s economic vision and the incredible management skills he provided under his Three years (3 ) tenure on Presidential Special Initiative (PSI) are immeasurable as Minister. Since our nation’s independence how many ministers in Ghana has ever done what Alan did in three years in PSI’s. Nobody. Alan was able to implement new industries in Ghana without adequate working capital in which many businesses cannot survive in our global working environment. But still some companies Alan helped create are still in operation.

On Thursday 13, May 2010 Akufo Addo’s sycophant Fela O Fela orchestrated some idiot to write an article on Ghanaweb whose motives and determination are to find a way for the NDC to prosecute John Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen for his incredible job he did at the Trade Ministry for his Akufo Addo’s interest. This idiot motherfucker Fela O Fela’s agenda and wish is that Alan will be convicted. That would pave way for his 70- year- old visionless Akufo Addo to win the NPP presidential nomination but that will never work. These politically smear tactics from his political opponents on Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng are absolutely obscene and total political nonsense. This is beyond character assassination and academic insult to Alan’s intelligence for creating jobs for his fellow citizens. How on earth can a person take a dysfunctional ministry and with his innovative ideas to create all these Jobs and turn the ministry around and yet be accused of failure? Only by obscuring the facts and the truth can this happen.

I have this to say to the current NDC Minister for Trade and Industry, Hanna Tetteh, who has collaborated with these Akufo Addo criminal cronies, this so-called Business Analyst who has the audacity to condemn Alan’s great work. Instead of condemning and obscuring Alan’s successes, they should rather hold themselves accountable for the 19 years of NDC disastrous economic policies that they implement and also ask themselves what did their administration leave for Ghanaians in 2000? For her to call Alan’s achievements failure? The NDC trade minister clearly explains that when she took office there were PSI projects on garment, Cassava, about 45 Oil palm factories and salt productions; she went on to say PSI on garment had training schools in Accra and Kumasi but never opened. She herself just named a few of Alan’s achievements at the PSI’s. How then can this be termed “failure”

My fellow country and woman what Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng did within three years in office, who can name a single minister since our nation’s independence who has done this in so short period of time for our nation? Never. Hanna Tetteh stated again the “PSI also had property at the multi –purpose industrial part of Tema that was given out to some garment manufacturing companies. Only one of them was in operation when we took over. Again all of this was created within three short years of Alan’s leadership. This is one practical, demonstration real life of Alan’s economic skills, skills that the nation now desperately needs to revive the national industries. This is why we must elect Alan to become the commander in chief. However, Hanna Tetteh should realize that if the government could not provide adequate funds for Alan to finance these projects, is he to be blame for that? Even in the case of American companies like General Motors (GM), Lehman Brothers financial institution, AIG, and some major banks, without government financial support they would not be in business today. So what do you want Alan to do without adequate financial assistance from the Government to support the industries? The NDC Trade Minister Hanna Tetteh should tell Ghanaians during the one and a half years that she has been in that office how many jobs she has created for Ghanaians.

As one of the nation’s top economists Kwame Mpiani currently stated that in order for the nation to succeed in creating Jobs we need a leader who is courageous and bold to take risks and create jobs even in a elections year. Alan is the man, for his three years in office what he did for the nation is there for every Ghanaian to see. It was through Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng’s efforts that Jaupong garment factory is currently in operation after being closed down for 20 years in the NDC administration. He did that all in just three short years in office. I want this idiot Fela O Fela to tell Ghanaians what has his 70-year-old man Akufo Addo has done for the Nation? When Akufo Addo was at the Attorney General’s office he used that office for womanizing. It was there he took Ursula Owusu as his gal-pal. Then as minister of foreign affairs Ministry some Ghanaian were murdered in some African countries. He couldn’t do a damn thing. What does your Akufo Addo have to show for Ghanaians and NPP delegates for them to elect him as their President? Nothing. He has no record to run on after seven years in Kufuor administration. When Alan’s was the U.S Ambassador it was through his efforts that the nation discovered the oil through Kosmos Oil Company of Austin Texas. It was Alan who first contacted the oil company. Alan’s achievements are there for every Ghanaian to see. Thank God that Alan is not a third rate economics graduate, as your Akufo Addo who has nothing to offer Ghanaians.

If Ghanaians remembered during the 2007 NPP presidential campaign this impudent Fela O Fela used the late Kwasi Arthur to haul Alan and the Attorney General, Joe Ghartey before CHRAJ and Alan was fully acquitted on all 8 counts regarding his stewardship of the PSI’s. That is a fact that cannot be obsured. Akufo Addo has established his political machine with these Akyem mafias. Their duty is to smear Akufo Addo’s political opponents and destroy them in his interest. This idiot Fela O Fela and his cronies will soon see what’s up. I have a message for them that they will live to regret at the appropriate time. You can try to bury the truth, but truth never dies. In the end it will rise up and strike those who try to betray it.

From : Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi