Alan can never become President of Ghana

Sun, 24 Aug 2014 Source: Kusi, Duncan

I am deeply regret to write this for the world to read but I have no option since the situation continues to exist.

It is very clear that Mr Alan Kyerematen who is populary called "Alan cash" is striving to be elected as a flagbearer of NPP in order to win the sympathy of Ghanaians to elect him to become a president in our dear country Ghana.

Because of this ambition Alan has been trying different strategies through his people in the party to get him elected.

Some of the strategies adopted by his men and women to win the minds of the party as well as Ghanaians are to write unecessary articles against his rival Nana Addo so that Nana would be unpopular.

others are promoting Mr Alan through his achievements and credentials.

But Ghanaians continue to remember that when NPP went on primaries to elect the flagbearer to lead the party, Alan was defeated by Nana Addo and after that Alan decided to break away from NPP.

Many prominent people contacted him to rescind from that decision and eventually he returned to NPP.

Now NPP is getting ready to elect another flagbearer to lead the party and Mr Alan knows for sure that he can not beat Nana Addo and as a result of that he is trying all means to stop Nana Addo from contesting the flagbearership election.

1. The question is, why Mr Alan is so ambitious to become a president of Ghana?

2. Why Mr Alan has developed hatred against Nana Addo?

3. So is Mr Alan very sure that after if he defeats Nana Addo in primaries, the rest of Ghanaians; especially NPP sympathizers would vote for him to become the President?

4. If Mr Alan believes he can win public sympathy where is his prove?

My only advise to Mr Alan is that he is not popular in Ghana politics so it is better for him to withdraw his presidential ambition because people know Nana Addo more than him. If Mr Alan wants to know the facts on the ground, he should go to public gatherings especially; markets, schools and colleges, funeral grounds and other festivities to hear what the people are saying.

Even if Mr Alan wins the primaries it is unlikely to win the presidential elections because many people would not go and vote for him, due to his attitudes towards Nana Addo. Bob Marley said "who the cap fit let him wear it"

Mr Alan is just wasting his resources if he is not minding to destroy NPP.

From now to the end of his, life Mr Alan can never become a president of Ghana.

A word to the wise is enough.

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan