Alan’s 69K Jobs For The Boys: Rejoinder

Thu, 1 Jul 2010 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Assertions in the Ghanaweb article published on Friday 25th March 2010, “Alan’s 69k jobs for the boys” made by this Lunatic nonentity Alhaji Iddrisu Musah Superrior, a carpetbagger, are total political nonsense. If this odoriferous impudent thinks he can hide behind this 70 –year- old man drug addict Akufo Addo and call a stupid press conference to lie, harass and intimidate Alan John Kwadwo Kerematen in the media and got off scott free, he is more than welcome to my world.

My question to Iddrisu Musah Superrior in this: since 2007, Kofi Wayo has declared in the public domain that your political hero Akufo Addo uses drugs; why can’t you use the stupid time you are now using to smear Alan Camp in the media to advise your 70 –year- old womanizer, the violent and arrogant Akufo Addo, to go to the media and defend his himself from his drug addiction charges.

This so-called Musah Superrior says, “ Alan’s camp is circulating a strategic document designed for vote buying and also promising the delegates some positions,” Let’s take it step by step. For your lack of information Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremateng has no money to buy votes from the delegates. Unlike your Akufo Addo who has millions of NPP dollars from the NPP’s campaign money at in possession where he is using the party’s money to buy votes from both the MPS and some delegates. After your 70-year-old man Akufo Addo lost the 2008 general elections, he has refused to return the remainder of NPP campaign money in which he is still using these funds to bribe some MP’s and some delegates to vote for him. There is great enthusiasm among the NPP delegates on Alan’s promising campaign message, which they all believe that in order for the party to win 2012 general election there is a need for a new face like Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen who is well liked among the Ghanaian populace.

However, if this sycophant Musah Superior thinks Alan’s camp will stand by unconcerned for some idiot like himself to talk nonsense as they did in 2007 NPP presidential campaign against Alan, this too will not happen. I will promise all of them to bring it on. They will see a true New Yorker attitude. This election is not like 2007 at Legon where con artists like this Musah Superior, Peter Mac Manu, his criminal counterpart Lord Commey, Akufo Addo and Francis Poku adopted their con-tactics against Alan. We are ready to mach them word for word and boot for boot because these criminals who are following this 70- year- old man Akufo Addo such as Musah, who is a sneak and a liar, cannot insult Alan for his drug addict Akufo Addo.

Alan’s Approval rating among the delegates has increased while this lunatic Musah’s political hero Akufo Addo’s approval rating has plummeted. The NPP delegates believe that Alan has strong leadership qualities, which are needed for the party not a third rate economics graduate Akufo Addo. Akufo Addo now believes there are several troubling signs for him and his camp, which shows him a way to retirement. Alan is unifier. He will not expel any NPP member from the other camps who wish to join his campaign team after August 7th 2010 NPP delegates elections. As a result of this the impudent needs to shut up now because Alan have a right to implement any necessary strategy which he deems necessary will serve his interest to win the NPP delegates elections. Why are you not talking about your 70 –year- old man Akufo Addo who has finished training his criminal’s boys, whom he is now trying to send to the various constituencies across the country to steal the August 7th NPP elections for him. But Alan’s camp is vigilant. Now we will match them one for one. If Alhaji Iddrisu Musah Superrior and his criminal cronies don’t desist from such dubious actions they will see what’s up.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi