Alex Segbefia Crawls out of the Woodwork

Wed, 19 Jun 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

After a long silence, having retreated into compulsory hibernation on the death of the late President Evans Atta Mills, Alex Segbefia, a conniver and a thief, is now coming out of the woodwork. As he emerges from his lair, as unintelligent as he has always been, the first filthy statement from his oversized mouth is to suggest to the Supreme Court to throw out Election 2012 case pending before it. His controversial argument has been, if the pink sheets fall short of 11, 842 as allegedly supplied to the court by the NPP after KPMG has counted the share of Justice Atuguba's, then the petitioners have no case. Subsequently, the Supreme Court should not entertain what he considers as a bogus petition by the NPP seeking to invalidate or overturn Election 2012 results in favour of Nana Akufo Addo.

I will not waste time taking this thief to the cleaners. Alex Segbefia claims to be a lawyer in London. This is never true. He was a clerk at his wife's Law Practice Firm. Furthermore, he is the one who employed his Togolese colleague, Carl Wilson, to fraudulently confiscate luxury cars imported into the country by some Ghanaian car importers and by those residing abroad. Alex Segbefia and Car Wilson shared the cars among NDC stalwarts, sold some under inexplicable auction sales conditions etc.

I am writing this article to make a few things clear to Alex Segbefia and his corrupt NDC brigade. Firstly, the pink sheets were delivered to the Supreme Court registrar who issued a receipt attesting to the quantity received. It is the registrar who served the documents on the respondents, each of the nine judges sitting on the case and kept a share for the court. Have the counsels for the respondents bothered to find out from the Court registrar why they did not receive a total of 11, 842 or so pink sheets as asserted by the petitioners? If they had, what was the response from the registrar? Has he confirmed he did or did not, receive the quantity as alleged by the petitioners or he failed to release the right quantity to them?

The respondents should cease exhibiting their ignorance, mischievous dillydallying tactics which are on camera being watched by the whole world. The world is seeing how stupid some Ghanaian lawyers, be they on the bar or the bench, excuse my French, can be at times. All the three Lead Counsels for the respondents have connived to sing in unison, "we have not received 11,842 pink sheets each as claimed by the petitioners". When asked how many each of them received, they come up with different figures and would not provide or indicate the copies that they have received. How stupid can they be! They had better compare the hardcopies in their possession to those indicated on the softcopy (CD-ROM) then tell us which they have not. They are intentionally lying just to delay the case or reduce the potential danger posed to President Mahama in the event of collating the irregularities to see how it affected the election 2012 results and subsequent declaration of the winner.

Alex Segbefia, as crook and thief as he is, has joined in to defend the nonsense being bandied in court by the counsels for the respondents. Even in the event of the pink sheets not coming up to, or exceeding, 11,842 copies, how can he suggest that the case must be thrown out for lack of credibility based on the number of pink sheets that is in contention? The petitioners are not in court about the number of pink sheets but about how statutory violations were committed during election 2012 as attested by the pink sheets.

Secondly, how could the counsels for the respondents prove that NPP did smuggle additional boxes into the Court's strong room that is under Close Circuit Television (CCTV) coverage to make up for the shortfall in the number of pink sheets? Has the court bothered to review the cameras to ascertain the veracity of the preposterous allegations being made by the respondents? I wonder how some people can behave so naive in this period of technological advancement. Review the CCTV footage to find out if indeed some people did smuggle in extra boxes as claimed by the NDC crooks. I am amazed by the level of stupidity in daily exhibition by the NDC.

All the NDC crooks are coming out in their numbers baying for the blood of the petitioners. They know their days are numbered; quickly coming to an end. They will be held to account for their stewardship to Ghana. No wonder therefore that Alex Segbefia, a dubious character that aided Carl Wilson to steal cars from the country's harbours and Alfred Agbesi Woyome to defraud Ghana of GHC51.2 Million has joined the fray. They think they will escape punishment when Mahama comes out victorious. They wish!

No matter what the respondents do, whether with or without the help of Justice Atuguba, openly biased judge, they will be found guilty in line with the revelation made to Kofi Basoah by God. Alex Segbefia will surely account for his part played in the obnoxious criminal activities carried out by Car Wilson and Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

I had better write about my planned topic for the day, leave out this Alex Segbefia's case until the right time to deal with him. This one on Alex Segbefia is just a quick rebuttal to his views expressed in a publication on Ghanaweb under the General News of Sunday, 16 June 2013 entitled, "Throw out NPP's case if… - Segbefia"

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson