Alfred Woyome: NDC’s gargantuan ‘Santrofi Anoma’

Wed, 8 Feb 2012 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

Africa has been described, variously, as a dark continent, under-develped, backward, ridden with diseases and so on. Our standard of development is said to be over one-thousand years behind that of America, Britain and the rest of these developed nations.

Over the years, various reasons have been assigned to African’s woeful underdevelopment and chronic backwardness. The so-called pan-Africanists whose only claim to fame is just a recital of incoherent and unintelligible poems, have always blamed Africa’s underdevelopment on the slave trade. The slave trade has been constantly used as smoke-screen by these unrepentant pan-Africanists who are under the illusion that being an African is all about drumming/dancing, wearing of heavy beads,multicoloured wax-prints and often spotting ‘rasta hair’, as the only reason why Africa has not developed.

The pan-Africanist nonsense

These people will tell you that all able-bodied people on the continent, who could have worked and developed the continent, were captured and shipped across the oceans to the Caribbean as slaves. We are therefore being made to believe that no able-bodied person was left untouched by those slave-raiders, and that, after slave trade had been abolished, the African continent was populated by only toddlers and physically challenged people.Therefre, if we are ridden with HIV-AIDS, famine, wars and general state of hopelessness, then the white-man must be blamed while we continue to sit aloof with our hands in-between our thighs.

Anytime some of us raise the issue of how these Europeans were able to pull themselves out of two devastating world-wars, these pan-Africanists have always come up with this “Marshall Plan”. They will tell you that a conscious effort was made by the Americans, under a strategic plan by General Marshall, to develop post-conflict Western Europe, and therefore, since Africa has not yet had the benefit of a “Marshall plan”, we are justified to continue living in abject poverty and rabid squalor.

Just last week, African leaders met at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa-Ethiopia, to shamelessly unveil a statue of the Great Osagyefo Dr.Kwame Nkrumah, the first post-colonial leader of Ghana. In addition to this statue, is a $200m edifice to serve as the headquarters of the AU.These two nice edifies were wholly designed, constructed, furnished and handed over as a gift to the whole continent of African, by just one nation called China.

Now, a very careful analysis will reveal that all the materials used in construction of this AU edifice were obtained from Africa. More ironically, through plain-faced thievery, most of these Africa comedians masquerading as presidents have personal fortunes that can build over one-thousand of this edifice the Chinese have put up for the AU.

Block-headed African leaders

Education which is clearly doing wonders for the people of the west, has not benefited Africans inspite of the fact that most of these foolish African leaders have had the opportunity to either sit in the same class-rooms with leaders of these developed nations, or studied in very famous institutions of these western nations. Yet, whatever these African leaders go to learn in these developed nations never go with them when they return to their respective African nations. These African leaders promise their people heaven, during electioneering campaign period and then turn round to steal the nation’s wealth and rather worsen the economic plight of their citizens through visionless and idea-bereft leadership style.

For example, saint Atta-Mills who is an associate professor of law with a 100year teaching experience tightly wrapped around his waiste,as his apologists would want us to believe, claimed he had to forfeit his last year’s Christmas comfort and sneak out of the country to go and negotiate for an $18m loan, with interest, but when it came to dolling out of over one-trillion cedis of Ghanaian taxpayer’s money to a plain-faced fraudster, he claimed to be completely oblivious to the whole matter.

However, in his characteristic buffoonery to throw dust into the eyes of good people of this nation, the ‘Alsatian dog’ of saint Atta-Mills, Koku ‘the bull’ Anyidoho said "the president's antenna was out and for that reason, he was able to detect the ghc41m and stopped it"(morning-show, hot-fm.3/2/12).The question then is: where was saint Atta-Mills' magnetic antenna when a much gargantuan figure of ghc58m was rather being paid to Alfred Agbesi Woyome? If saint Atta-Mills says he really stopped the payment to Alfred Woyome, on two occasions, then he must show us a documentary evidence to this effect since a president couldn't have made such a very critical intervention by just a word of mouth.

Again, Alex Aegbefia, who is a lawyer but used to be a sanitary worker in Britain, is now is deputy chief of staff of this great nation of ours. This guy has lived in Britain and he knows very well that if saint Atta-Mills was really a leader worth his salt, he would have been bold to have fired him (Segbefia), the very day he went to sit on joy-fm’s news and current affairs analysis programme, “news-file” to vociferously defend the criminal act of Alfred Woyome.

Now, can Alex Segbefia tell us if he would have still been in office to draw billions of taxpayer’s monies by way of monthly salaries, if he was a staff at the office of David Cameron, after he had gone all out to defend Alfred Woyome’s gargantuan fraud?

The genesis of Woyome fraud

Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome, who claims he did some works for the Ghana Government with his lawyers, initiated a court action against the government on the 19th of April 2010. On the 21st of April, the Attorney General who is the lawyer for the State or Government of Ghana, entered an appearance, but however did not file for defense. On the 24th of May 2010, the court gave a judgment on behalf of Alfred Woyome because the AG did not file a defense. On the same Judgment, the court ordered that GhC105 million should be paid to Mr. Woyome, and without any protest the AG accepted the ruling.

However on the 4th June 2010, the AG went to court and said to the judge that the Government and Mr. Woyome had come to a settlement of GH54 million and therefore the judge accepted that as the new judgment for the case. On the 11th of June after a week, the AG (Attorney General) went back to court and informed the court she intends filing a defense since she now had new evidence on the case; and she filed the defense on the same day. Curiously however, according to the Auditor General’s report, full payments of the three installments were paid to Mr. Woyome on the 4th of June 2010 even before fresh writs was served

The choreographed arrest of Woyome

Now, according to information available to me, saint Atta-Mills planned the EOCO investigation with the knowledge of Woyome, and also, the EOCO interim report was leaked to Woyome so he could rush to seek injunction in court. Again, Woyome was informed, well in advance, that he was going to be arrested and details as to where, when and how it was going to be done were all spelt out to him.

The mode of arrest was also planned to make it look so dramatic just to give it a clout of seriousness. This is why, even-though the spokesperson for Woyome, Kwame Tewiah, actually confirmed on all major radio stations in Ghana early Friday morning that his boss (Woyome) was at home sleeping, the security services never saw it fit to go and pick him up. They rather decided to stage-manage the arrest in the streets of Accra, and in broad-daylight, just to make it look gargantuanly dramatic.

Also, this Woyome saga has been topical for the past 3-months but Woyome continued playing his normal role as a very key member of NDC and as board chairman of NBSSI, with tacit support of saint Atta-Mills and as to why these two status were withdrawn just a few minutes before the man's stage-managed arrest, is also begging for answers.

The icing on the cake of this saint Atta-Mills-led well-choreographed arrest of Woyome was the NDC top-guns and their chronic wee-smoking imbecile supporters besieging the CID-headquarters when these very same people claim they have absolutely nothing to do with this whole gargantuan state-sanctioned thievery.

‘Santrofi anoma’

Now, putting too much pressure on Woyome is dangerous to saint Atta-Mills and his bunch of thieves since this will push Woyome to speak out. Conversely, if they set him free, the people of Ghana will be up-in-arms against them. So in effect, Woyome has now become a very GARGANTUAN 'santrofi anoma' in the hands of saint Atta-Mills and his greedy pigs. What a wicked dilemma!!!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

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Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku