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Aliu Mahama

Aliu: NPP's best bet

The need to get a better man and a winnable candidate to lead NPP to victory 2008 is becoming more eminent as the race for the party’s flagbearership enters its last round. A good choice at the 22nd December Legon Congress for the NPP will secure a 3rd successive historical victory for the Danquah – Busia – Dombo tradition.

The Ghanaian political arena has shown over the years that elections have been won by floating voters. The floating voter is somebody who does not support or hold strong allegiance to a particular party. Unlike a core party supporter, the floating voter put his cross on the ballot paper for a candidate devoid of any political colour with a proven track record as well as having a clean sheet.

Additionally, what the Ghanaian floating voter looks for before casting his vote for a presidential candidate, is the ability of the candidate to unite or re – unite the nation after the elections. Somebody who does not segregate in terms of religion, tribe or along party lines but will bring all Ghanaians on board in the interest of the country. A Presidential material who respects humanity and also with a very good moral standing; whose character can serve as an example for the rest of the country to follow. My dear delegates, there is no doubt that the only ‘chemistry’ to bring on board these floating voters to ensure victory 2008 for NPP is H. E. Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama.

The NPP and NDC have always maintained their core support base, who will vote for their respective parties in any general elections. Research has shown that traditional party supporters do not necessary vote for personality on the day of elections but for party colours. The same cannot be said for the floating voter who will only vote for a candidate who stands for unity without any vindictiveness and with the much needed experience to run the presidency.

The Vice President since 2001 has demonstrated that he has the engine and all that it takes to manage this country as a President. He has performed extremely well which has won him the heart of many Ghanaians, especially floating voters including those who do not believe in the philosophy of the Danquah – Busia tradition. Most Ghanaians believe that Alhaji Aliu Mahama is the back borne of the massive success choked so far by President Kufuor since the President would have come back from his numerous trips abroad to improve the lot of Ghanaians to start all over again, if Aliu had not cover his back as Acting President judiciously.

Aliu Mahama will also go into history as the only Vice President to have run full two – term successively. Ghanaians have never heard of a single friction between Aliu Mahama and President Kufuor even when it is so clear that the President is supporting another candidate than the natural support for a Vice President who has continuously proven to be a performer. This is a mark of respect for individual rights without any vindictiveness and this is what the country needs to move forward in freedom. As a Vice President, he has affected a huge number of lives positively. Aliu Mahama has indeed become a magnet already attracting floating voters as well as a household name.

The demeanour and the current excellent output of Alhaji Aliu Mahama as the vice President make him the most attractive aspirant to the floating voter. The positive results yielding popularity of Aliu which comes without a stench will make it easy for NPP to market him.

My dear NPP delegates, I want to remind you of The Daily Dispatch’s Tuesday Edition on the 11th of December, 2007 with a right hand corner caption, “If Elections Were Held In July 2007. The statistics by the widely accepted pre – election pollster Mr. Ben Ephson, the Managing Editor of The Daily Dispatch showed that the NPP would have gotten 48.9% and the NDC 40.6% whiles 5% are undecided. Other statistics have also shown that there are about 15% – 18% floating voter population among the eligible Ghanaian voter population.

My brothers and sisters, whichever way you look at it, it is so glaring that without attracting the floating voter population to the NPP camp, come 2008, the NPP cannot win the election. I need not remind you that the only aspirant that has the magnet to add the floating voter percentage to the core NPP percentage to secure victory 2008 is the Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama. Vote Aliu, vote easy and smooth transition of power from Kufuor to Aliu for the NPP.

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Columnist: Ansah, Emmanuel Kofi