All Cadres Were Regarded As “Fools”

Wed, 18 Jul 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Since January 1982 And Are Still Regarded As Such Today 2012

When the 31st December revolution was launched by Jerry John Rawlings in 1981, he asked all ordinary Ghanaians to stick their necks out to counted as PDC’s and WDC’s to defend that extreme bloody revolution. Yes, it was very bloody, because no genuine revolution the world over can be launched with WHITE GLOVES at all. It happened in France where their King was beheaded. It happened in Britain, it happened in America which was divided and that nation went through a very bloody civil war for their Independence from Britain before they became the United States of America. (U.S.A.) It happened in the then Union of Soviets Socialists Republics before the Cold War ended in 1990. It happened in Germany where that country was divided into two un-equal parts – The German Democratic Republic, East Germany which was POOR and West Germany which was RICH before the famous Berlin Wall was finally broken. It happened in Cuba and it is still there. It happened in North Korea and it is till there. It happened in Ethiopia, Yugoslavia, Nicaragua, Libya which lasted for 42years leading to the slaughter of their Great Leader who died as a Martyr. Why was it so? The combined Military Powers of France, Britain, Italy and the United States declared a FALSE NO FLY ZONE in Libya while those countries had the right to fly in the airspace of Libya – they finally killed him, and displayed his dead body in a fridge for the Public to view it, with the inscription “Gadaffi The Mad Dog”. That stupid inscription was no news because if some FOUR WESTERN MAD DOGS joined hands to slaughter an “African Mad Dog” – it means that Gadaffi was a Hero and a Matyr because the four Western Mad Dogs were really cowards since none of these countries Military Might could defeat Brother Gadaffi on a fair battle field. They slaughtered him for OIL and nothing else, the rest is now history. Bloody revolutions took place in China, Algeria, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, the “Mau-Mau” in Kenya – the list is endless. In Ghana under Jerry John Rawlings, all those who could not stick their necks out to be counted as P.D.C.’s and W.D.C.’s in January 1982 are the very people eating with both hands and feet today. They are so blinded with political power that they regard the remaining surviving cadres including his writer as chaff – cadres are rather great assets to the ruling NDC government and NOT liabilities. The cadres in the NDC party today 2012, remained LOYAL to Jerry John Rawlings from 1982 – 2000, NOT BECAUSE OF MONEY but because of our commitment and desire to make Ghana a free state where the country’s resources would be shared equally since thousands of people died through under development, extreme corruption, embezzlements, injustices, etc. RAWLINGS DID NOT TRAIN CADRES WITH MONEY, he rather trained s to be prepared to stand up and question Authority and speak the truth and go hungry rather than to tell lies in order to get food from our former corrupt leaders who were ruling us. Unfortunately, we were asked to take the revolution while they (government appointees) took the money. How sad.

The C.D.R.’s projected nonentities to fame and dressed known crooks with saintly garbs, in the name of national reconciliation – BUT TODAY, 2012, some few govt. appointees and party executives in the NDC and some kids in the print and electronic media now see the cadres as caricatures – they lie bad.


After working under this couple for the past 19 good years, this is what I have to describe them.

1. Former President Rawlings has now changed some of his tactics a bit, why? He is now very unpredictable, why? He stated that he and his wife are not interested in the Presidency – but supported his wife to contest the sitting President of Ghana who he imposed on the NDC by FORCE in 1996. This means that he has gone back on his words for the very first time since I worked under him. At 65years in June today, Rawlings still talks in a revolutionary language which should not be so, and because of that, some appointees in the ruling NDC government and the party leadership now see him as the SWORD OF DAMOCLES hanging over their heads with a thin thread. In fact, so many people in and outside the NDC are saying that if his frosty relations with Mills had taken place during the pre-cold war era, Prez – Mills would have been removed within a twinkle of an eye by Rawlings and I fully share the view of those Ghanaians, because Rawlings is very bitter, but the remaining surviving cadres are extremely bitter and more angry than him because we fully supported him for 19years and left with EMPTY HANDS. The relatives of all cadres regarded cadres as FOOLS and still regard cadres as such – why is it so? All cadres must also support Prez. Mills to win the 2012 elections because it was the Rawlingses who imposed him on us. It will be recalled that in 1984, a cadre died in the Ashanti Region, during the PNDC era, but instead of keeping his body in a morque in order to prepare adequately for his funeral, his relatives quickly removed his body from the hospital bed, bathed it and were preparing to go and hurriedly burry him because he was a cadre who had no pesewa before he died.– His relatives were furious that he was supporting a “a foolish government of the PNDC” and was penniless. It was Honourable Bempong Marfo – a former Regional Organizing Assistant of the C.D.R.’s who intervened, raised some money and our dead cadre was returned to the morgue and later given a decent burial. Dear reader, have you seen the inhuman and disrespectful way that these poor cadres were treated even by their families in yester years? To Comrade Rawlings, if your children defacate on your laps, you have to take a rag and clean your laps, you don’t have to cut off your laps. Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing at all since in my opinion, NDC without Rawlings, is NOT WORTH DYING FOR at all. What are some people talking about?


She is not a difficult woman, she virtually knows all the hamlets, cottages and villages in Ghana more than Rawlings or any Ghanaian President since 1957. Her husband is second to her; she is very simple and generous just like her husband. She is not difficult or selfish, she is sympathetic and approachable and above all, she is very BOLD and extremely FEARLESS. She is very honest on top, but had she not contested the sitting President. Nana Akuffo Addo of the NPP who could not beat the NDC one touch in 2008/2009 would have now beaten President Mills one touch in 2012, because the NDC party was dying slowly at the branches – This is a fact, I have no regrets at all for saying that. Now, is it true that she was not given an office when she became the first National Vice Chairman?

2. Is it true that the NDC govt. has directed all the Banks in Ghana not to grant loans to the 31st December Women’s Movement? Is it true that whenever the National Executive convene their meetings – they always postpone the meetings when she attend such meetings? Is it true that, some hawks in the NDC have taken her to court for not paying rent in her offices at Ridge, which is the headquarters of the 31st December Women’s Movement? We wait for the answers from the NDC leadership. In my opinion, the party leadership should revoke the suspension of Kofi Adams, re-instate Brogya Genfi who was sacked from his job at the Regional Co-ordinating Council in Kumasi for supporting Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and finally – the President should treat Dr. Kwabena Agyei’s letter dated 10th Jan. 2012 with the seriousness it deserves because the grounds are still not well organized at all. To Nana Konadu, you are the Great Mother of the NDC and the Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana today whether you like it or not, but that is your title. If your children soil your clothes as a Great Mother, you wash them, you don’t burn the clothes. The Rawlingses are Living Legends – We must preserve them BUT THEY MUST NOT LEAVE MILLS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD ECAUSE THEY IMPOSED HIM ON THE NDC BY FORCE IN 1996 – MAY GOD BLESS THEM. STILL, WE NO GO SIT DOWN.

is that clear? I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii Aluta Continua!





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement