All Eyes on NPP

Sat, 7 Aug 2010 Source: Agyemang, Katakyie Kwame Opoku

In fact, I couldn’t agree more to His Excellency, the former president of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufuor’s piece of advice to NPP delegates in the upcoming congress. Not only was it timely, but also the message was inspirational. “Be mindful of the good of the party and our nation when voting to elect the party’s flag-bearer on Saturday” says J.A. Kufuor. “Mpanin se, s3 Opanin dware wie a, na nsuo asa”, and therefore I shouldn’t have come out with this write-up due to the weight of wisdom in His Excellency’s simple message.

However, I deem it a privilege as an ordinary member of the Great Party and a patriotic citizen of Ghana to add my voice to the clarion call to make Saturday’s congress, a victory for NPP and democracy. Indeed, a lot has been said, done, heard, felt and seen about the NPP since the party unfortunately lost power to the National Diabolic Congress (NDC) in 2008. Notwithstanding the criticisms, accusations and counter-accusations, backbiting, the blame games, claptraps etc coming from both members of the party and our political opponents, the party leadership worked relentlessly to place the NPP at its rightful place in the body politic of Ghana - thus giving meaning to Chalotte Whitton’s assertions that, the way one deals with failure determines how the person achieves success.

The major reforms embarked upon by the party based on the 3 R’s – Reflecting, Rebuilding and Recapturing power in 2012 have yielded positive results. There has been an expansion of the party’s Electoral College from over 2000 to around 113,000. The various elections from polling station officers to the national executives have been held successfully and there is every indication that the presidential primaries would be devoid of any problems to ensure that party unity is sustained. This would definitely be our weapon which will be used to chase those crazy baldheads out of the town, come 2012 because we have the belief that where there is unity, there is always victory.

Indeed, we must be proud and commend ourselves, especially the Jake-led national executives for a good job done within the short period of time that they have been in office. However, Jake and his team must realise the level of expectation not only from the party members and sympathizers, but the entirety of the Ghanaian populace. He should be aware of the fact that killing a snake without cutting off its head is a zero job done. I hope the national officers know the circumstances under which the Mac Manu-led national executive was booted out of office in February 2010.

As a noble political party with a track record, it is imperative to ask ourselves where we were as a party; where we are now and where we want to go - as we go to the polls to elect our flag-bearer. Indeed, nobody can deny the perceived acrimony between the supporters of the two front runners of the flag-bearership race but I personally don’t see this as a threat to our sense of oneness. Is this the first time our political tradition is going to the polls to elect a flag-bearer? If the answer is NO; why then do supporters of these aspirants make disparaging remarks against each other? Where were the likes of Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe and Hon. Kofi Dwumah when nutters like Fiifi Kwetey, Tony Aidoo, Koku Anyidohu, Ablakwa, Omane Boamah, Pratt and the palm wine tapper cum truck pusher – Asiedu Nketia, were subjecting our party and its leadership to media attack? If Nyaho, Dwumah and Co. were indeed not attacking each other for the sake of being considered for ministerial appointments in the future; in case their aspirants win; then I, Katakyie, challenge them to use their linguistic intelligence to launch such scathing attacks on the above-mentioned nonentities from the NDC camp after the congress so that, come 2012, the NPP would form the next government. Gradually, it is becoming a norm that the ability of a politician to constantly malign his political opponent in the name of politics is being nurtured in Ghana, thanks to the NDC. But do have to encourage this within the NPP? If the aim of such people is for the consideration of political appointment, then should take time to examine their thoughts because I believe that people could serve the masses better in any field they find themselves than just being handed a political portfolio; provided they have the vision and willingness to do so. Such fields could be in teaching, driving, farming, politics etc but not necessarily, a minister of state.

Noble delegates, my appeal to you is this; vote according to your conscience and vote for the person whom majority of Ghanaians believe could make our party stronger and transform the economy of Ghana. In this way, the many disadvantaged in the society could have the opportunity to enjoy good drinking water, uninterrupted energy supply, free and quality education, better road network, easy access to free healthcare, ample job opportunities, decent accommodation, among others. My brothers and sisters, time is not on our side. You are aware that a significant number of the party’s sympathizers has suffered for far too long under P/NDC misrule. People have lost their property for being sympathetic to the cause of the NPP. Others have sustained various degrees of injuries and maimed to life. Some have been humiliated verbally and physically. Many have even lost their precious lives for the sake of the NPP. Plenty of people have had heart attacks when the NPP lost power in 2008.

However, I assure you on behalf of the followers of the NPP that, we are not perturbed at all. We believe in fighting a good cause and thus the need to make some sacrifice along the way. After all, Obama asserts that we need to make some sacrifices in order to protect our values if only we believe in them. Jesus Christ had to die to save mankind. Barima Tweneboa Kodua of Kumawu sacrificed his life for the sake of Asantes likewise Yaa Asantewa – the queen mother of Ejisu. Dr. J.B. Danquah, the Doyen of Ghana politics had to die sadly in prison for the sake of UP tradition. Chief Dombo shoved his presidential ambition all in the name of the UP tradition. It is significant to note that throughout the history of this great tradition, generations laboured for successive ones to share glory. It’s our generation’s turn. Let us not be daunted by the enormousness of the task of staging a comeback to power; for there are many within the “Osono Family” who have the wisdom, the love of the party and the spirit of service and energy that could be tapped to save Mother Ghana from total collapse under this useless NDC government.

There are countless unsung heroes who continue to defend the NPP at all times regardless of any form of abuse they receive from the NDC thugs. These patriotic citizens might neither be registered members nor direct beneficiaries of political appointments but they believe in a just cause. They believe that it is only the NPP that could lead Ghana to the path of economic freedom based on the party’s philosophy and the expertise at its disposal. Hence, they are prepared to die for the sake of the party. Some of us are not household names in the NPP and probably our piece of advice might be taken with a pinch of salt. However, we are motivated by Nelson Mandela’s assertion that; “it is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory or when nice things occur. You take the lead when there is danger, and then people will appreciate your leadership”. The NPP is in danger because the party is undeservedly in opposition. That is why we want to be in the frontline. Is it not sad to see a big party like the NPP with all the men and women of great quality be in the opposition? Is it not shameful that the UP tradition failed to win political independence for Gold Coasters, having conceived the idea and started the struggle of liberating our people from the colonist? Is it not pathetic that we could not sustain power in 2008 after Kufuor-led NPP had performed marvellously well in the management of the economy of Ghana? Is it not painful that we could not use the oil revenue to improve the lot of Ghanaians, having discovered oil in commercial quantities? Is it not disheartening to see that Ghana retrogress under ‘Chimpazian’ administration, when our intellectual abilities and expertise are lying idle? This therefore calls for all hands on deck if we want Ghana to move forward in the right direction.

The August 7 congress should be used as a litmus test not only for the national executives to consolidate the gains we have achieved so far, but also our ability to come out as a more united party to rally behind whoever is chosen to wrestle power from these monsters. However, our ability to achieve this noble aim, to a very large extent, depends on how we stand united after the August 7 congress. The greatest threat to winning power, as well as the most formidable enemy of it, as we all know, is a supported cause against it.

I strongly believe in my alma mater's (Wesley College) motto of “Quod Bonum Est Tenete” meaning “Hold Fast That Which is Good”. The NPP is too good for some us to the extent that not only are we holding it fast, but also we will forever live, drink, eat, clothe, sleep and die with it because the party represents the soul of all patriotic Ghanaians. And as a man cannot live without his soul, so shall some of us find it difficult to live without the existence of the NPP. A good message, they say, is like a mini-skirt so short but covers all important parts.

Kukrudu! Kukrudu!! Kukrudu!!!

God bless Ghana! God bless the NPP!! God bless Kufuor!!!

Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang, Hull.UK

katakyienpp@yaoo.co.uk 07944309859

Member, Media & Publicity Group – NPP-UK

“Vision, coupled with persistency, results in true success”

Columnist: Agyemang, Katakyie Kwame Opoku