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The role of disruptive technologies in businesses and industries

Henry Ford said “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said, faster horses”. Same can be said about the inception of disruptive technologies within the business/industrial landscape.

Disruptive technologies significantly alter the way businesses or industries operate.

Potentially economically disruptive technologies such as mobile internet, next-generation genomics, automation of knowledge work, energy storage, the internet of things, 3D printing, cloud technology, force companies to alter the way they approach businesses or risk losing market share or becoming irrelevant.

Other economically disruptive technologies include advanced materials and robotics, advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery, autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles as well as renewable energy.

Some disruptive technologies come through applying new analytical methods to data that the industry has already been recording for years.

Disruptive technologies enable the industry to persevere economically, and continue safely.

We must first understand and master the disruptive transformations. Technology represents new ways of doing things and once mastered, creates lasting change, which businesses and cultures do not ‘unlearn’

About the Tomorrow’s Leaders Symposium (TLS)

The Tomorrow’s Leaders Symposium is an annual event organized by the World Petroleum Council which targets young professionals working in the oil and gas industry to discuss the future of downstream and downstream landscape transformation together with renowned experts from leading oil and gas companies, consultancy firms and universities.

Columnist: Riverson Oppong

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