Almighty God Will Forever Deliver Me From Evil – Final Part

Sat, 10 May 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The enemies within most organizations and institutions are always WORSE than the sworn enemies of such organizations and institutions. I therefore regard the stinking sycophants, backbiters, character assassinators, political novices, stomach politicians, charlatans and latter day saints who want to destroy the President as those who are worse than the NPP members who are our political opponents trying to instigate an “Arab Spring” in the Ashanti Region and make the country ungovernable. The Regional Chairman of the NPP spoke as if NPP members are the only people suffering from economic hardships in Ghana. This was stated by Chairman Wontumi, Regional Chairman of the violent prone NPP at Obuasi on 30th March 2014. By that Speech, he is a big Liability to the NPP and not an Asset. Instead of countering such violent outbursts by NPP leaders, some stinking praise singers are all over the place stating that things are going on very well on the ground at a time thousands go to bed hungry in Ghana. Frankly speaking, my weapon of warfare is the Mighty Word of God with which I shall always defeat all my enemies no matter who they are. I know those who are for the NDC and fully support my principled position and they are in their thousands than the few evil men including a particular former MCE that are against me. I have no regrets at all about my very principled position even though some party members shy away from me-Yes, you can decide to shy away from me but for heavens sake, don’t try to put a Negative Tag on me as the former MCE for Obuasi did in 2009 and disgraced himself after dividing the NDC in Obuasi for four (4) solid years before leaving to Accra. Whenever the NDC is in opposition they give me a Positive Tag for the articles I write, but when it is in government, I get a Negative Tag. It is a fact that most politicians conduct their political affairs more with SEFISH INTERESTS rather than the NATIONAL INTEREST. Such politicians are the type who always put Negative Tags on dedicated party members with the aim of destroying them politically just as what nearly happened to me in Obuasi between March 2009- May 2012 but it failed woefully, as those products of loose thinking and barren minds fell flat on their bellies. The people in Ghana have firm hope in the NDC, but the party is doing little to retain political power in 2016 to sustain the Joy and Improvement that the people are experiencing in their lives. However, if care is not taken, selfishness, extreme greed, backbiting, vilification, individualism, isolating hardworking party members and victimization which persisted in the NPP from 2001-2008 and led to its humiliating defeat in 2008 and 2012 have reared its UGLY HEAD in the NDC since January 2009 right into the year 2012 and is still on going unabated with the lightning speed of Thunder. Surely, if you treat somebody like a dog for too long, he will bark at you. You see, it is far better to face the truth and say it as it is, no matter how painful and unpleasant than to resort to soothing falsehood in order to satisfy your selfish ends, or is it not the reason why most politicians in powerful positions always want to be worshipped like God in Ghana since the beginning of the fourth Republic in 1993?


It was Ex-Prez. Kufour who told Ghanaians that he will never sack any corrupt Minister in his government in order to destroy his party-the NPP. Taking an example from the man with blood shot eyes whenever he is very angry, I will also not mention the name of this former Member of Parliament and Minister of state in the NDC government who is no more an MP or a Minster of state. This is a Minister who told several people that he was not comfortable with the articles I have been writing to the media when I heared it through reliable sources, I reacted swiftly without mentioning his name that all those who hate my articles must either remove their eyes from them by deciding not to read it or ban all Journalists or the media in Ghana, by legislation. If only they can do so, before I will stop writing articles. As a former MP, He was insensitive to the plight of the electorate in the Eastern Region, a cadre from the Eastern Region once invited me to that Region and I spent a week in that Constituency and the Minister’s attention was drawn to it by me about the grievances of the electorate but he called my bluff among several concerned groups from his Region. The general elections were conducted and he had the shock of his life when he lost the seat to the violent prone NPP and further went on to lose his appointment as a Cabinet Minister on top. This former MP and Minster never believed that the Negative Tag he put on me even though I have never worked with him in any institution will not be heard by me I visited his office when he was a Cabinet Minister 6 times and he never gave me a single Ghana cedi, even though he was fully aware that I have no job to earn a living whatsoever. Now, immediately he lost the seat as an MP and also a Cabinet Minister, he wanted me to team up with him and put his grievances across to the government and party headquarters. Well, I have been saying over and over again that chains of degrees does not make one a good politician at all. I told him point blank to simply organize a Press Conference in his capacity as a former MP and Minister of state and put his views across to the party and government without my imput at all. He once told me that he has one wife but upon becoming a Minister of state and an MP, he now have six wives and each wife have a self contained house and a 4 x4 vehicle to match, was it a self confession that he now love the articles I write or a set up? If it was a self confession, he has succeeded in eating back his own words that he hate my articles and if it was a set up too, them he had failed woefully and even though he had now pretends to love me and enjoy the articles I have been writing, I always stay clear of him because he have something up his sleeves since he was a very greedy Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament and all greedy people are worse than Armed Robbers. I had the opportunity to remind him that hundreds of Cadres died in the cause of the June 4 and the 31st December Revolutions. Their widows and orphans were left behind and neither the PNDC nor the NDC governments ever compensated them or took care of them. Therefore, if he could marry five women including his wedded wife and supplied all the 5 wives with self-contained modern houses plus 4x4 brand new vehicles with drivers to match, and left his first wife whom he had seven adult children to her fate without even a bicycle, it was ungodly. At least, he should have bought two 4x4 vehicles for his two adult sons so that they could give their mother a ride to funerals and other social gatherings. Do you know what? He became infuriated with me and I left him with the contempt he deserved I and refused to pick any phone calls from him until he paid me a visit in Obuasi to apologies for his ungentlemanly behavior towards me in Accra. At the NDC party headquarters one fine morning in January, 2014. As a former cadre, I told him point blank that if the yardstick of June Four were to be used to measure his life style and several politicians across the political divide, they would be the first corrupt cowards to cross the nearest Togo and Ivory Coast borders into self imposed exiles for looting the nation’s coffers. This time, he rather told me without anger that I was being rather to harsh on him. Frankly speaking, C.D.R’s projected Nonentities to FAME and dressed known Crooks in Saintly Garbs who now turn round to reward Cadres with disrespect, insults and contempt by even looking down upon them with scorn. CDR’s have become cannon fodder for all sorts of characters to feed on. No cadre worth his/her salt must allow such things to happen to them this time round. These ungrateful persons must not be allowed to insult and look down upon us even though we remain poor in the midst of plenty as described above in this article. That former Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister told me that he is now un-employed and does not think he will ever be given appointment again. I saw that he wanted me to give him a cheek since he was exposing his ignorance. What about me being jobless since 2009 to date? It was God who created Heaven and Earth and not man, so when you believe and trust in God, no person or group of persons, I mean NOTHING AT ALL CAN DESTROY YOU. Simply because He is always behind you forever unless you go back on his word. My Enemies Shall Not Prevail. Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done “Jaabie Iwaii? Aluta Continua?


Clement Sangaparee

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement