Ambition Above Patriotism

Thu, 27 Sep 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Akufo Addo is an individual who I believe can lead the nation to the Promised Land. But unfortunately he has put his personal ambition above the national interest of Ghana.

The former Foreign Minister, Nana Akufo Addo has his own personal ambition, which is above the national interest. As a member of the UP tradition I believe the UP’S have the best ability to govern and build a better infrastructure in Ghana for the next generations. Recently, I was in Ghana carrying out my own personal investigation pertaining to the NPP presidential aspirants I realize that Akufo Addo is not the right person to lead the country to achieve its economic stability and social unity. This aforementioned individual is very temperamental and too divisive to confront issues that are at stake for the nation. He doesn’t respect those he deems less fortunate than him; his behavior at Koforidua NPP conference is a case in point he wants to become the next Ghanaian president. Then again as a foreign minister who does not represent himself, but the nation. Akufo Addo showed his true colors at all Africans Leaders economic conference that was held in Burkinafaso last year; when all the African presidents locked themselves in a room and left their foreign minister behind for almost six hours; Akufo Addo became very angry for being excluded which was visible from the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) reporter’s camera. What many of us saw for ourselves of Akufo Addo that day was not only ugly, but pathetic for the nation. This behavior is what Ghanaians don’t need at a time when the nation is trying to move forward.

Akufo Addo was attorney general for his first NPP appointment, but he could not do a damn thing to prosecute criminals from the previous administration. As an attorney general is your duty to protect the national interest of the nation but not to protect personal friends who had stolen billions of dollars from the nation’s treasury. Most shocking of all is that Akufo Addo had a serious personal relationship with KoJo Tsikata and Jerry Rawlings but he always makes statements in public as if he could do anything to these people if he becomes the next president. Through my investigation I have come to learn that it was Akufo Addo who influenced general Akufo,of (SMC) his family members to overthrow General I K Acheampong’s Union government. There is nothing good that comes out of coup de’tat People get killed. The nation is thrown backwards, human rights are abused. As a result of what he deems as his accomplishments, he later formed the (UNC) Party with his uncle Ofori Attah to destroy the (PFP) chances of winning the 1979 elections. As a UP tradition member and spokes person for Ghanaians who do not have any political voice; any individual who had encouraged government-overthrow –atmosphere is not fit to run for any office in the country. What he did is tantamount to treason. When I went to the Ashanti region, I realized that the majority of the NPP supporters were in favor of Akufo Addo’s camp because his campaign managers were saying Kufuor could not do any thing for the entire region. He is the only candidate who could change the region for them if the delegates vote for him. This statement has resulted in huge support for Akufo Addo through out the region: but this is a political balderdash talk, look at Akufo Addo’s constituency at Abuakwa South. He has done nothing for 16 years as a parliamentarian. I visited the area and also interviewed some residence from his hometown where many are angry with him for neglecting his constituency. Even his own spokesperson who is also his editor for the Statesmen newspaper Okyere Darko appears on Fox radio station in Kumasi could not answer these questions when people were asking about his achievements in his constituency. This individual believes that the fact that his father was a former president it is now his turn to be the next president with his egocentric behavior. I urge every Ghanaian to visit his hotel at Accra that was left behind for him by his father has abandoned by Akufo Addo, a person who could not take care of his inherited property, how can he take care of a nation like Ghana.?

From; Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi