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Amissah-Arthur heading economic management team with wisdom

Economic Surgeon - K Amissah-Arthur heading government’s economic management team with courage, vision, wisdom and ability

By Maxwell Okamafo Adoo

He’s someone with a mastery of public administration and the intricate art of balancing policy priorities and political intrigues and the economic situations in the country is superb.

Society sets certain standards by which people are measured by and it is the conviction of every Ghanaian that if the nation cannot bequeath anything to Ghanaians at all, it must at least bequeath to them, a leader with a high sense of morality, uprightness and humility.

Amissah-Arthur's dedication to work shows how he is complementing the efforts of President Mahama. The nation needs straightforward leaders like Kwesi Amissah-Arthur who heads government’s economic management team with courage, vision, wisdom and ability.

Currently with the NDC manifesto launch, I believe puts to an end to the impression created by the Bawumai tactics of portraying to the world that Ghana’s Economy is in an intensive care unit of an economic hospital. The No 2 man has ’been able to prove integrity is earned and not conferred.

Vice President Amissah-Arthur is quietly but actively complementing the efforts of the President to provide the needed pivot and respect for the nation's forward march. Under him and his team .Govt deserves commendation for its indefatigable effort to bring the economy on an even kneel.

In Ghana, the Vice President is the Number Two man and he is assumed to be the next most powerful government official after the President – in theory and in practice.

As such, Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur has been able to prove himself as a humble leader who has exhibited that his humility knows no beyond bounds. What the people of Ghana are looking for is a humble selfless, truly confident intelligent, non-corrupt, God-fearing Vice President who is working and focused.

A man well recognized for his many achievements and immense contributions to the polity, communal liberalism, growth, and general welfare of the people of Ghana. Beyond these, he is a humble man, dearly loved and respected.

He is a teacher, technocrat, a democrat, a man of transparent honesty and humility; a perfect gentleman, a loving husband and an unshakable believer in unity.

He’s someone who interacts and consults with the media extensively constantly in order to acquaint himself with issues concerning the country instead of being a talkative, as some people would want him to be.

Every nation's leadership looks for the kind of men it needs to drive policies. Some succeed and deliver on policy objectives without making noise, makes sure that the machinery of governance moves in the right direction, in order not to lose focus.

A leader succeeds in selecting the right team that buys into his visions, programmes and achieves his objectives.

Amissah-Arthur has been loyal to the party over the years and has also conducted his office peaceably - that is why the President reciprocating his efforts in government.

Already former President Rawlings and President John Dramani Mahama keep on registering their trust and confidence in Vice President Kwesi Bekoe Amisssah-Arthur with special thanks for his huge role in a lot of activities with truthfulness.

Ghana’s Vice President has continuously called on Ghanaians to be patient and keep faith with the Government to enable it bring about the desired permanent change in the country.

He’s someone who builds trust, courts alliances, build consensus and holds trust and keeps track of national issues.

Amissah-Arthur is a stickler to timelines for the presidency; ministries, departments and agencies to enable them work in line with government’s objectives, and meet with the expectation of the ruling party and the public.

Mr Amissah Arthur has demonstrated how beneficial it could be to have a trusted ally in moving policies forward. As chief supervisor of government operations, he knows the goings-on in government’s many deals with development partners locally and internationally.

He understands the goings-on at the ministries and departments and agencies, the politics in-between government programmes and opposition's behavior towards them. He is the right-hand man of the President, his chief strategist, he knows better how to fault or gauge issues of friction between the executive and the legislature. When he speaks, it is only facts.

Kwesi Amissah Arthur is a quiet and vibrant man whose depth of knowledge is arresting. He is a man who understands Ghana’s current economic conditions as much as the President does.

Hate him or love him, Vice President Kwesi Amissah -Arthur has proved himself as a selfless leader and not a ruler.

In Ghana today, he interacts with everyone he comes across with and shares ideas with them as a communication man with rapt attention, especially to the ordinary Ghanaian.

Many at times, the Vice President has portrayed himself as a down-to-earth man despite being the 2nd most powerful man in Ghana.

Like his Predecessors, he has completely redefined the Presidency and changed the perception of people towards it. He takes time to interact and opens up for anyone irrespective of gender, age, religious and ethnic inclination, a move that has earned him respect across Ghana, Africa and the world.

As a man of many surprises, he’s always blending with locals and offers himself to be among them.

His gestures earn him respect across the country with people from all over the world taking on social media to express their moving emotions, love and desire for Kwesi Amissah –Arthur because of his sense of humility.

He compliments the efforts of President John Dramani Mahama with the focus of the 2016 campaign of the ruling government is to change lives and transform Ghana since his government has achieved their Better Ghana and Advancing Ghana promises made in 2008 and 2012 respectively.

He explained that, under the stewardship, of Mahama they are taking Ghana to a new level because they are changing lives and transforming Ghana come 2016.

Like the leader of Ghana, President John Dramani Mahama unlike most world leaders their social life not different from the average Ghanaian. Getting into the most powerful positions in Ghana has not changed his lifestyle. He goes out to public places to interact with people, walks in normal attires, associates with people of all classes, especially children and takes photos with anyone.

Those who know Vice President Kwesi Amissah –Arthur affirm he always was, as he is now- nothing having changed of him

I have always said the country Ghana was in tandem with the commanding dogmas of international finance and business, under the safe hands of the chief pilot, the intellectually equipped and experienced economic surgeon Kwesi Amissah-Arthur Vice President of the republic of Ghana and, former Governor of the Bank Of Ghana and a major player in international finance circles – currently the Running mate to President John Mahama I describe him ‘Father of Modern Economics’.

Their behavior is similar to their political tricks since 1992 when they accused the NDC government then,” he said.

Mr Amissah-Arthur said “I can appreciate the dilemma of the opposition” because they cannot stand achievements of government.

Announcing the titled of NDC’s 2016 manifesto, Mr Amissah-Arthur said the word change should not be seen as a reserve of the opposition arguing they have believed in the word more than any party in the country.

“Our manifesto this year is titled Changing Lives, Transforming Ghana,” he said to a cheering crowd.

He said it is based on their social democratic believes in developing Ghana's human resource. Mr Arthur said lives have been transformed and infrastructure expanded under the near four years of Mr Mahama.

Mr Amissah Arthur at the function showed that there was a demonstration of democracy in action, especially the NDC party members who have demonstrated their commitment to democracy by participating in a transparent process and campaigning vigorously across the country.

Currently the two strong personalities who went for 2012 would certainly give the Nana – Bawumia ticket a run for their money at the polls.' you can't fault the duos sincerity and love for the country.

Vice President Amissah Arthur has always stated that “President Mahama’s re-election will guarantee unity and stability for Ghanaians. His second term will also deliver prosperity to Ghanaians.

The choice before Ghanaians in the coming election is simple: A choice between going forward and going backwards; between the new ways and the old ways; between freedom and repression; between a record of visible achievements and beneficial reforms – and desperate power-seekers with empty promises’.”

He’s convinced that the National democratic congress (NDC ) remains the only truly national political party in Ghana, a platform on which all Ghanaians can pursue their legitimate aspirations.

Columnist: Adoo, Maxwell Okamafo