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Amissah Arthur is not a Featherweight or Paperweight in politics.

He’s not on loan like others, a man of the people, and ideologically, a true progressive

By Maxwell Okamafo Addo

H E John Dramani Mahama following his endorsement as the 2016 Presidential Candidate of the ruling NDC, shows a demonstration of democracy in action, especially the NDC party members who have demonstrated their commitment to democracy by participating in a transparent process and campaigning vigorously across the country.

Statement By H E John Dramani Mahama following his endorsement as the 2016 Presidential Candidate Of The Ruling NDC. President Mahama expressed thanks to Kwesi Amissah Arthur who he described as a hard working Vice President who has not only been a wonderful assistant but also a good counselor and a friend.

And I think that should give us some sense into the president's view into Vice President's aptitude for the top job. currently there is no one in Ghanaian politics today who has a better understanding of exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign" than Kwesi Amissah –Arthur.

Pairing of two strong personalities who went for 2012 would certainly give the Nana – Bawumia ticket a run for their money at the polls.' you can't fault the duos sincerity and love for the country. “This will be the fourth time Nana Addo will be contesting in the presidential elections.

“President Maham’s re-election will guarantee unity and stability for Ghanaians. His second term will also deliver prosperity to Ghanaians.

Choosing Amissah –Arthur again to assist President Mahama to this great task of securing Ghana's future would help .Because he’s a man of unimpeachable integrity, an excellent professional, a man of faith, a devoted family man and a role model to our fellow countrymen and women.

The vice-presidential candidate is a friend of the less privileged, compassionate and zealous in service, a man of uncommon humility, a loyal, dependable and selfless patriot.

The choice before Ghanaians in the coming election is simple: A choice between going forward or going backwards; between the new ways and the old ways; between freedom and repression; between a record of visible achievements and beneficial reforms – and desperate power-seekers with empty promises’.”

“On each of the three previous occasions, Nana Addo has failed to articulate a vision for the future that was acceptable to Ghanaians. On each occasion, his brand of politics was rejected across Ghana.

“We are convinced that the National democratic congress (NDC ) remains the only truly national political party in Ghana, a platform on which all Ghanaians can pursue their legitimate aspirations.

“We also believe that despite the distractions, in the face of severe provocation John Mahama and Amissah –Arthur has allowed political maturity to prevail and has a genuine record of accomplishments on which to run and deserves a second term.

The duo can provide the needed leadership to turn this country around. I have no doubt that they will continue to work with dedicated and qualified Ghanaians to protect our citizens, improve our economy, create jobs, improve education, reform governance and fight corruption.

Kwesi Amissah Arthur joined PNDC and a member of this party since 1992. And is a friend of the less privileged, compassionate and zealous in service

A man whose pedigree - nationally, sub-regionally, regionally and globally attests to the fact that the NDC is a repository of high quality leadership materials like Amissah -Arthur.A consummate politician, a compelling personality and is not a Featherweight or Paperweight in politics.

He’s a master tactical politician who will add value to the ticket and is someone who can rally the people, and attract votes, particularly in his own area, and then nationwide.

The NDC have come a long way. With a mission to see to it that poverty will be eradicated in Ghana; until every child has access to quality and free education, until Ghanaian girls and women are genuinely empowered; until all Ghanaians are truly equal under the law, until all of us live a meaningful life within an inclusive community.

Many names have been thrown up over the weeks and months: Yes, Mahama's running mate is big deal, and something that requires tact and political savvy and Amissah -Arthur is someone that adds a lot of value to the ticket, and enhances the sheer magnetism that Mahama represents, particularly in certain parts of the country. 'There is an Akuapim saying that says that he who shakes the stump of a big tree is merely shaking himself.

“There can be no other Vice President that can lead that common sense revolution .Kwesi Amissah Arthur’s uprightness and fierce commitment to good governance is well known. It will be a privilege to work with him again. He comes to this assignment with lots of hope and a resolve to be a part of this movement to continue to help the country Ghana back to its lost glory.

5 reasons why President Mahama will maintain Amissah Arthur as running mate

Here are five reasons why the president will deem it in his own interest to retain Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur as his running mate.

1. Loyalty and trust in any relationship is the underlying element in predicting its success.

Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur – affectionately called P.K. by many – has a harmonious working relationship with President John Mahama and they have both shown a divine bond of friendship and understanding between themselves.

When it comes to choosing a great mate, whether in politics or business, the essentials extend well beyond charisma, connections and political leverage. The fundamental elements are trust, loyalty and complementary skills and qualities.

2. Vice Presidential picks should always share the substantive President’s values and vision.

Vice President kwesi Amissah-Arthur has proven himself a humble leader who has exhibited that his humility is knows no bounds.

What the people of Ghana are looking for is a humble selfless, truly confident intelligent, non-corrupt God-fearing Vice President who is working and focused. His strong record on ethics and government integrity cannot be questioned in Ghana.

President John Mahama and his current vice won the 2012 presidential elections and have so far enjoyed a robust relationship.

A father, public servant, and party man, Kwesi Amissah Arthur has an impeccable, unimpeachable conscience – a clear vision of what the future should look like for the Mahama administration.

3. His humility and meekness

The greatest among his amiable qualities is his humbleness and meekness. This man is indeed a mentor of all who wish to attain greatness.

Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur has proven to Ghanaians that politics can be played without rivalry and enmity. This he has proven by responding to critics of the government by educating them on issues.

4. High economic and financial acumen

As an individual who held the post of deputy finance secretary/minister for ten years and being in charge of the central bank during one of the longest period of stability for our currency since independence, it baffles political level-heads why people would want to undermine his political experience.

He is acutely conscious of the historicity of his emergence as Ghana’s No. 2. He knows that he is here as the Vice President for all Ghanaians. He knows that he is a representative of all common persons, especially the less privileged in society. He has proven himself a worthy and loyal vice to Mahama.

5.Other political reasons According to political analysts, picking nomination forms for President Mahama shows a pattern of trust and loyalty between the two because the choice of a running mate is an election is strategy.

The personality, background, affiliations and political clout of the aspirants are considered before the candidate is chosen.

Analysts also believe that in a political climate like Ghana, parties will consider the nationality, education and career, religion and political antecedents of the running mate. These, they say, are factors that will get more votes for the presidential candidate, all of which the Veep Kwesi Amissah Arthur has.

Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, has a deep sense of appreciation and will to serve his fatherland well especially knowing the enormous responsibility of the office of the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and is not unaware of the challenges posed by the dictates of that office and shall surmount such challenges.

In spite of unforeseen challenges, which this administration has had to contend with, President Mahama and his Vice are doing their utmost best to positively transform Ghana.

Columnist: Addo, Maxwell Okamafo

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