An Appeal For Presidential Reversal Of Decision

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 Source: Tuokuu, Francis Xavier


We the supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Bolgatanga municipality wish to appeal to the president of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Professor John Evans Atta Mills to reconsider his decision to dismiss the Municipal Chief Executive of the area Hon. Epsona Ayamga and rather maintain the hard working live supporter of the party or offer him a vital position either within or outside the region.

Having taking a critical analysis of the political situation in the municipality, we have come to realize that the Municipal Chief Executive suffered what we believe is the highest form of ungratefulness emanating from his close associates who for their parochial interests have persistently fabricated stories aimed at relieving the MCE of his envious portfolio.

We would wish to categorically outline some of the major developmental activities embarked on by Hon. Ayamga Epsona and the schemes that have been orchestrated by his opponents in his bit to uplift the status of the municipality. Below are some of his remarkable achievements that have kept the NDC party alive throughout our hard times till the present day.

First and foremost, it is a fact known in the region that Epsona is one of the few strong financiers of the party. He took care of all expenditures incurred by the party during funerals, rallies and grassroots organizational activities. NDC supporters also enjoyed free medical care in his private clinic since 1992 until now.

Apart from that, within his first two years in office, the municipality has seen a sporadic springing up of development in all sectors of mankind. The issue of schools under tree is a thing of the past as many basic schools have been built under his administration.

On the health sector, the assembly under his able administration has build a number of chips compounds, clinics and nutrition centres in the highly deprived indigenous communities bringing smiles in the face of the rural folks who pledged to give unflinching support to ensure that the NDC remains in power come 2012 general elections.

To give a facelift to the regional capital where he is the host Municipal Chief Executive, we are proud to mention that the municipality has witnessed one of the most visionary Chief Executives with in-depth knowledge about the needs of the area. As a result, strategic demolition exercise has been embarked on to give way for modernization of the town. Work on some of these plans has begun as efforts were continued to realize the complete plan in the long run.

Some major problems that faced us in the past were rampant accidents and armed robbery as a result of the absence of street lights and traffic regulation lights. Hon. Ayamga Epsona in his unrelenting efforts have successfully installed traffic lights at all vantage points and extended street lights to both the entire town and its out sketch thereby drastically reducing the accident and crime rate that used to occur.

Furthermore, the up-grading of destroyed roads throughout the municipality coupled with the construction of new ones not only brought relief to the citizens but have made them to realize that the NDC government has them at heart hence their decision to bark the party at all time. Do we therefore wish to have a tyrant who will not go down low with the people just to end up destroying the party? We think a second reflection on the matter will not only please the people of Bolgatanga but salvage the party from total collapse bearing in mind the level of displeasure caused to the people due to his dismissal.

Turning our mind to the fanatic critics of the MCE, we would want to create the awareness of His Excellency President Mills that there exist within the party hierarchy in the region some greedy characters, politically immature personalities, treacherous liars and money-driven elements who for their selfish reasons have become unnecessary obstacles to the progress of the MCE and the party in general.

Somewhere in 2010, a group of cadres unsuccessfully coiled lies to tarnish the image of Mr. Epsona. Some of these elements Mr. President if you remember were the same people who failed to convince you with their lies about Epsona in major Achab’s house when you held a brief meeting with them there. Also, you will recall that with much integrity you dismissed fabrications against the Chief Executive in one of your open rallies at plaza in Bolgatanga. These are the very people who kept troubling the MCE just to ensure his removal to pave way for their diabolic plans. Some of the critics of the Chief Executives are also party members who havoc destructive perception that they did not enjoy the support of the MCE when they contested for various positions in the constituency. This to us is highly flabbergasting since the interest of the party remains paramount than personal interest.

Our investigation have also portrayed that some of the wild enemies of the MCE are people aspiring for huge contracts to become rich over night. In one of our contacts with the MCE to ascertain the truth, he admitted that he is faced with extreme pressure from the constituency executives and contractors over award of contracts. According to him, he ensured that every constituency executive member got at least a contract, emphasizing that not even the constituency chairman who was given three separate contracts during his two years in office is still satisfied with his reciprocal gesture.

He lamented that they have continuously given him death threats and keep on harassing and embarrassing him at all times. He personally expressed shocked about the behaviour of the constituency secretary Roland Ayoo whom he contributed immensely on his education and general up-bringing. He revealed that Mr. Ayoo forged signatures to withdraw public money and would have been in prison but for his intervention. He therefore declared him a heartless ungrateful character who forged innocent people’s signatures to write protest letters to the president demanding for his immediate removal and remarked that he is leaving his perpetuators to God to handle.

Some of the schemes they employed in one of their numerous protest letters was to deceive our illiterate party faithful to thumb print and sign letters fooling these innocent people that the president wanted to promote Epsona Ayamga and needed their endorsement before. The people who could not read and write therefore in an excitement mood gave an endorsement without reservation which turned up to be against their wish. What a deliberate display of witch-hunting and sycophancy!

The issues surrounding the dismissal of the honourable municipal chief executive has sparkled tension and division in the party within the municipality at a time the president is preparing to tour the region. If there is a vehicle to carry out the truth of the matter to the knowledge of the president, then it is we the party supporters who know the adverse effects the party will suffer as a result of the dismissal of the MCE, Epsona Ayamga.

It is therefore our anticipation that the presidency which may not be privy to this information would re-investigate the case to properly be informed to reconsider his decision and re-instate Epsona Ayamga or offer him an equally significant portfolio for the benefit of the party.

Thank you,

Long live Mr. Epsona Ayamga

Long live President J.E. Mills

Long live NDC and mother Ghana.

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Supporters Secretary : Mr. Ibrahim Die Hard - 0265888198

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Columnist: Tuokuu, Francis Xavier