An Email To Roland Acquah-Stevens

Thu, 23 May 2013 Source: Thompson, Kofi

Hello Roland,

I do hope you are well.

I wonder if there is any way one could get hold of a copy of the "Jezebel" tape-recording from Raymond Archer's Election Forensics programme, which was aired on Radio Gold FM, during the December 2008 presidential election?

It was broadcast at the time when some of the hardliners in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) - Atta Akyea & Co. - were hastily working out a plan to enable them purloin the December 2008 presidential election.

I am planning to write an article that makes the point that an NPP in the vice-like grip of the same extremist individuals - whom the late Mr. J. B. Da Rocha counselled against challenging Professor Mills' election as President in the law courts, because it was neither in the NPP's interest nor that of Ghana's - must not be trusted by independent-minded and patriotic Ghanaians, because it is capable of anything: including, as the world will soon find out, taking the egregious falsehood that the Electoral Commissioner rigged the December 2012 presidential election in President Mahama's favour, to the Supreme Court, just to try to win power again through the back-door: courtesy legal technicalities, after losing a free and fair election.

It is crucial to remind ordinary Ghanaians that in December 2008, some of the NPP's hardliners were prepared to fabricate the kinds of blatant lies that that Jezebel woman in Germany, was heard on a tape-recording advising a young chap - who kept on referring to her as "Auntie" - to get the party's big-wigs to tell the world.

As you and I both know, those monstrous lies were cooked up, simply to enable that small band of NPP hardliners to steal the presidential election that Professor Mills won.

A political party enthralled to a small group of narcissitic and arrogant extremists, for whom the end justifies the means, simply cannot be trusted - because it is capable of anything.

It would help our nation if Radio Gold played that particular tape-recording again - in addition to the other Election Forensic tape-recordings.

They will help awaken a suffering people easily led up the garden path by ruthless and cynical politicians - because of their short memories.

We must prevent those with a secret agenda - to increase their personal net worth at Mother Ghana's expense - who seek to come to power through the back-door, from succeeding in their aim: and getting away with their abominable chicanery.

Incidentally, when is President Mahama going to publicly publish his assets and those of his wife - to enable him occupy the moral high ground in mainstream Ghanaian politics, and shame the many envious against-Mahama-dissemblers?

Hopefully, when the investigations into alleged corruption at the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency ( GYEEDA) are completed, the President will have all those found culpable, prosecuted swiftly, in the law courts.

That will send a strong signal to all the remaining crooks sheltering in the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Those corrupt individuals are a gift to the NPP's blunderbuss-spin-doctors - and a disgrace to the NDC with their shameful and dubious ways, resulting from the unfathomable greed that seems to drive them.

I do look forward to hearing that Jezebel tape-recording. Thank you - and peace and blessings to you, Roland.

Yours in the service of Ghana,


Email: peakofi.thompson@gmail.com

Columnist: Thompson, Kofi