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An Open Letter To All Christians In Ghana

GHANA THE PROMISED LAND By Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo

Peace be unto you. I bring you glad tidings of peace, joy and hope.

At a recent memorial and thanksgiving service of a fellow soldier, the Lord spoke by word of prophecy to the saints present in a special way. I feel I must share this with the whole church body in Ghana and beyond.

In the prophecy, Jehovah the God of Church and Ghana is calling Christians not only unto diligence with assignments because soon Jesus comes with His reward. He is also exhorting unto righteousness and holiness, true and total surrender to Him, and to readiness of spirit, heart and mind towards work. Again, the Father is calling for a high sense of responsibility, devotion, faithfulness and loyalty to Christ the Son and the country. According to the Lord God Jehovah, GHANA IS A PROMISED LAND for His glory in Africa and the world.

We humbly pray that ministers, clergy and lay-leaders alike and also the CHRISTIAN YOUTH, the special heritage of God in the land take particular notice. Below is the of the word of prophecy from Jehovah to the people of God, citizens of Ghana, the Promised Land at the House of worship Accra, Sunday, 19th August 2009.

‘Beloved of I Jehovah, even the Creator, I am that I am. I am the mysterious God. My ways are mysterious. My works are mysterious. And until I give revelation and understanding, men and spirits will not understand. It takes the simple and humble to come to understanding and to receive of My revelations. I have received My servant back unto Myself. Continue to rejoice and praise and worship Me the Lord God Jehovah. But remember this day, the second coming of My Son soon draweth nigh. Therefore take heed unto yourselves. Walk in righteousness and holiness and fulfill ye My joy.

My beloved ones whom I called and gathered and adopted as My children and love from the depth of my heart, understand that I called you regardless of your status, so dedicate yourselves to I the Lord

alone so that I will encompass you and use you to do what I have purposed for you in order that you will receive your due reward. Jehovah is My name. Let everyone be faithful to his calling. Stand firm as a reliable child because there is a time I have set for everyone. Whether it tarries or not it is all the same.

Awesome signs will appear. Yes wonderful things will be manifested in My house, in the midst of My children. So open your heart, surrender yourself into My hands. Release yourself totally to Me. Do not be lackadaisical. There is no place for partial surrender or lukewarmers in Me. Give Me your heart so that I will take it and use it to do what is just and to glorify My name in Ghana, because I have risen and will do it to glorify My name in Ghana. I am looking for people who are ready to surrender themselves to Me, so that I will work through them to glorify My name in Ghana. It is time for Me to glorify My holy name in Ghana so that Ghana and other countries around her will see that indeed there is a God in Ghana. This is a promised land. Yes, this is a land of promise to glorify My name. Therefore, the Promised Land is prepared, cleansed and sanctified to glorify God for His glory that will appear in her. So I have given you broom, sweep, wake up in the middle of the night and take up your spiritual broom and sweep. Gather the rubbish and it shall be totally burnt beyond recognition and nothing shall be remembered about it’.

The Lord Jehovah’s name be praised now and forever. Amen!

August 24, 2009 immanuelenoch@yahoo.com

Columnist: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel A.